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AI support tools and plugins to help your support team benefit from artificial intelligence.

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Cody is your intelligent AI business assistant to help with support, creative work, troubleshooting and more.
A Slack AI assistant that reviews previous Slack messages to give employees instant and accurate answers.
Integrate your own chatbot with social media and support avenues.
AI chat support solution for email, apps, video and social.
AI writing solution for customer service and sales teams. Sentence prediction, autocorrect and grammar check, smart snippets, translation and more.
Create AI support bots easily for your business.
A complete AI chatbot solution for your business. Automate meetings, suggestions, leads and more with BotDistrikt.


Accelerate your workflow and team with Somi's slack AI assistant. Topic summarization, Q&A assistant and more that is built on top of Slack.


Personalized AI assistant.
Next gen chatbot builder backed by AI.
Create unique review replies in seconds for free. Add the star rating, the user review and name and generate a reply in seconds.
Customer support meets AI. Generative AI automation platform to reduce costs while maintaining support quality.
Create chat and voice assistants faster powered by AI.
Powerful AI to take care of your daily tasks.
ChatGPT powered AI chatbots for business support.


AI assistant that creates courteous and contextual review responses instantly.
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