AI Sales Team Analysis Tool

Improve sales with Traq, the AI sales team analysis tool.
AI Sales Team Analysis Tool
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AI powered sales team analysis tool.

What is is a conversation intelligence platform specifically designed for sales teams. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it offers a range of features to enhance sales call analysis and effectiveness. The platform records and transcribes sales calls, while also generating insightful notes and observations regarding buyer preferences, competitive landscape, and obstacles encountered.

One of the key capabilities of is its ability to provide objective and unbiased scores for each call. These scores are based on the potential and interest exhibited by the buyer, enabling sales teams to gauge the effectiveness of their interactions. By leveraging this feedback, sales leaders can better coach their teams and drive them towards exceptional achievements.

Adam Rubenstein, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned sales leader, is one of the co-founders of His expertise and experience contribute to the platform's focus on addressing the specific needs of sales professionals. aims to demystify buyer behavior and shed light on opportunities and risks in the sales process. With its AI-driven approach and comprehensive features, the platform empowers sales teams to optimize their strategies and improve overall performance.

Can I integrate with my CRM system?

Certainly! offers seamless integration with popular CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho. By integrating with your CRM, you gain convenient access to meeting notes and insights directly within your CRM interface. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, allowing you to conveniently leverage the valuable information provided by during your sales processes.

Integrating an AI for Sales tool like with your CRM system brings several benefits. It simplifies sales processes by streamlining the flow of critical information, ensuring that important details are readily available at your fingertips. Additionally, it facilitates the adoption of the AI for Sales tool by seamlessly incorporating it into your existing CRM workflow.

By integrating with your CRM system, you can enhance your sales operations, improve efficiency, and leverage the power of AI-driven insights to drive better sales outcomes.

What are some other features of offers a range of valuable features that enhance sales processes and enable more effective communication with buyers. Some of these features include:

  1. Call recording and transcription: allows you to record and transcribe online meetings and softphone calls at any time. It also integrates with popular calendar tools to automatically capture scheduled calls, ensuring comprehensive documentation.
  2. AI note-taking: During calls, takes notes on your behalf, freeing you to focus on engaging with the buyer. These notes are then imported into your CRM system, saving you time and effort in manual data entry.
  3. Instant summaries: After each meeting, generates a summary of the transcript, providing a convenient overview. This feature facilitates preparation for future calls and allows you to stay updated on the status of each sale.
  4. Pipeline visibility: offers insights into pipeline health, team performance, and skill gaps. With this visibility, you can make informed strategic decisions, optimize performance, and provide effective coaching to your sales team.
  5. Sales enablement: supports sales professionals in building stronger buyer relationships. It helps uncover opportunities and risks, identify objections and competitors, and facilitates follow-up tasks and action items.
  6. Objective call scores: employs an objective and unbiased system to score your calls based on the potential and interest displayed by the buyer. Additionally, it tracks buyer sentiment throughout the sales cycle, enabling you to adapt your approach as necessary.

With these diverse features, empowers sales teams to streamline their processes, improve customer interactions, and drive success throughout the sales cycle.

What is the pricing model of offers four distinct pricing plans tailored to the needs of different users:

  • Free Plan: Designed for individual sales professionals who want to explore, this plan includes 1 user, 5 hours of transcription and AI analysis per month, and access to core Traq AI features. The Free Plan is provided at no cost.
  • Individual Plan: Also aimed at individual sales professionals, the Individual Plan offers expanded transcription and AI analysis capabilities. It includes 1 user, 25 hours of transcription and AI analysis per month, core Traq AI features, and access to live helpdesk support. The Individual Plan is priced at $30 per month.
  • Professional Plan: Geared towards power users and small to medium-sized teams, the Professional Plan provides enhanced features and resources. It covers 1 to 500 users and includes 50 hours of transcription and AI analysis per month per user, core Traq AI features, live helpdesk support, live onboarding tutorials, and user activity reports. The Professional Plan is available at a rate of $60 per user per month. A free 14-day trial is also offered for this plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: Catering to larger teams with specific requirements, the Enterprise Plan offers a customized AI instance. It provides unlimited users, 75 hours of transcription and AI analysis per month per user, custom Traq AI features, live helpdesk support, live onboarding tutorials, and user activity reports. The pricing for the Enterprise Plan is custom and necessitates contacting the sales team.

These pricing plans allow users to choose the option that best aligns with their needs and budget, ensuring flexibility and scalability as they leverage the capabilities of

How does ensure data privacy? prioritizes data privacy through the following practices:

  • Compliance with applicable laws: ensures compliance with relevant data privacy laws and regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This commitment helps protect user data and privacy rights.
  • Consent for call recordings: requires users to provide explicit and irrevocable consent for call recordings. Users are also responsible for obtaining consent from other participants in the calls they make and/or record using's services. This approach ensures transparency and accountability in data recording practices.
  • Limited use and disclosure of data: restricts the use and disclosure of user data to the intended purposes. The data is utilized for providing and improving services, communication, legal compliance, safeguarding rights and interests, and facilitating transactions. This practice ensures that data is not shared or utilized beyond its intended scope.
  • Implementation of security measures: employs reasonable security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. These measures may include encryption, firewalls, access controls, and other safeguards. By implementing robust security protocols, safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of user data.
  • Respect for user choices and rights: respects user choices and rights regarding their data. Users have the option to opt out of certain communications, access, correct, update, delete, or transfer their data, and withdraw consent for its use or disclosure. This user-centric approach empowers individuals to maintain control over their personal information.

By adhering to these practices, prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that user information is handled with care and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Improve sales with Traq, the AI sales team analysis tool.

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