Student AI Tools

AI tools for Students. Become the best student with the help of AI with these student AI tools.

Effortlessly create professional presentations in seconds with SlidesAI, the ultimate Google Slides AI presentation generator tool.
Master any Youtube tutorial video into an AI-generated assessment quiz with Kwizie, the ultimate Youtube to Quiz AI tool.
Enhance your academic writing with this all-in-one AI tool. Title generator, abstract generator, paraphraser, and GPT detector.
The ultimate AI Essay Grader. Accurate. Efficient. Transformative.
Try new Hairstyles with AI. Use HairstyleAI to check out how you'd look with different hairstyles.
Trinka is an AI-powered grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing.
Improve your writing with Linguix, the AI writing assistant that enhances grammar and punctuation.
Create AI-generated Powerpoint presentations with GPT-PPT. Customize and edit professional slides effortlessly.
Discover endless outfit possibilities with AI. Try on any outfit with OutfitsAI.
Transform text effortlessly with the free AI paraphrasing tool for perfect words.
Summarize YouTube videos instantly with Eightify - the AI YouTube Summary Tool. Decide if a video is worth watching with 8 key ideas.
Discover your next favorite movie or TV show effortlessly with WatchNow AI's AI-powered recommendations. Find personalized suggestions. AI movie and TV show suggestions.
AI powered writing editor for writing papers faster.
The ultimate AI question and answer tool - get answers instantly.
Jumpstart notes on new topics effortlessly with Recall - the AI recall tool. Subscribe to topics, access data offline, and enjoy lightning-fast page loads.
Generate engaging quiz questions from any text using AI. Create unique questions and answers in seconds.
Enhance Google results with ChatGPT: Add ChatGPT to Google search effortlessly with our extension.
Accurate and Reliable AI Plagiarism Checker with 129 Language Support
Transform your writing with WritelyAI, the AI Writing Assistant that improves your skills & provides advanced writing tools.
Enhance your writing with ParagraphAI, the top AI writing app for grammar, spelling, and style.
Discover and comprehend research articles with SciteAI, the AI research article citator. Find credible sources and evaluate support for your research.
AI-powered tool for personalized dating profiles. Stand out from the crowd with DatingbyAI's innovative and high-quality approach. AI Dating Profile Generator.
Discover relevant research articles across languages with Keenious - the powerful AI tool revolutionizing AI research article recommendations.
Effortlessly manage customer inquiries with AskRobi, the AI WhatsApp chat assistant.
Accelerate your novel or screenplay with Sudowrite, the best AI writing tool. Bust through writer's block and get AI-powered help today!
Boost academic integrity with Passed.AI, the accurate and reliable AI plagiarism checker. Detect AI-generated content seamlessly.
Streamline your writing with PenelopeAI's powerful AI markdown editor, complete with auto-completion.
Create stunning presentations effortlessly with Presentations.AI. Idea to deck in an instant, powered by AI.
Never forget a moment with RewindAI: AI Memory Rewind tool for instant access, mind-boggling compression & searchable storage.
A revolutionary AI Stealth Content Generator - Craft genuine text undetectable by algorithms!
Detect AI-generated text with ease using GPTKit, the powerful AI Text Detection Tool.
Revolutionize job interviews with Huru AI's powerful coaching tool. Practice unlimited interviews and receive immediate AI feedback.
Learn languages faster with AI. Lingostar- the ultimate AI language learning tool for fluency.
Transform your notes into interactive quizzes with Yippity, the AI quiz generator. Study smarter with ease.
Uminal: Supercharge your web search with AI-powered chat assistance
Retain and learn more with Wisdolia's AI Flashcard Learning Tool for YouTube, articles, and PDFs.
Chatbot that creates AI personas for cricket, movies & OTT platforms. AI Persona Chatbot Creator.
Discover deep insights with AI Search Engine that distills scientific research efficiently.
Summarize any content effortlessly with Mindgrasp's AI Note Generator. Try today!
Save hours with Scholarcy, the AI article summarizer for schools. Get key facts & sized sections from research.
Boost eLearning with Mindsmith, an AI eLearning tool revolutionizing training programs with generative AI technology.
Detect plagiarism effortlessly with Crossplag - the lightning-fast AI plagiarism checker. Verify authenticity and ensure originality.
Summarize Documents with AI - Free yourself from info overload with TLDRthis, the tool that summarizes anything in a click.
The AI Note Organizer - Save, organize, and remember everything effortlessly with Mymind.
Revolutionize PDF interactions with Ask Your PDF—an AI interactive PDF tool for efficient and enjoyable learning.
Ellie, the super fast AI email assistant that learns how you email and helps you be more productive.
Boost your productivity with MobileGPT, the AI personal assistant for WhatsApp. Take your communication to the next level!
Remember more with Heyday, the AI memory assistant that effortlessly resurfaces forgotten content.
Boost productivity with ChatDOC - the reliable AI document reading tool.
Create personalized digital versions of yourself with PersonalAI. Unlock the potential of AI for a personalized touch.
Generate delicious recipes effortlessly with our AI Recipe Generator. Create meals using ingredients in your kitchen.
Code 10x faster with Blackbox, an AI powered coding assistant. Extract code from videos and autocomplete.
An AI tool for prompt engineers: track, debug, and replay completions via OpenAI API requests. Platform for Prompt Engineers.
Language barriers vanish with YousAI, the AI translation messenger. Effortlessly communicate across cultures with advanced audio/video calls and built-in translator.
Immersive language learning app with AI Avatars. Practice English conversation skills like ChatGPT. AI Language Learning App.
DocuChat - AI Data Chatbot Tool for fast and easy document-based answers.
Effortlessly summarize scientific articles using our AI-powered tool.
Summarize articles & videos with AI ChatGPT. Try the browser extension, Summary Box, for abstractive summaries.
Improve your writing skills with WriteRightAI, the AI writing coach providing instant feedback on grammar and sentence structure.
Discover your ideal career with CAREERDEKHO Ai's advanced AI career discovery tool. Get personalized recommendations and a roadmap to your dream job.
Personalized book recommendations with AI Book Recommender: Find your next captivating read effortlessly.
Research faster with Genei. Automate content creation for faster blogs, articles, and reports.
Boost productivity & streamline content creation with's AI capabilities integrated into web pages. AI-assisted writing for faster Notion page creation.
Get motivated & stay organized with Dewey, your AI accountability partner. AI motivation reminders at your fingertips.
Convert voice memos to text and receive transcriptions via email in minutes with this AI-powered tool.
Short description: A simple AI content writing tool to write faster and better.
Create amazing AI generated teacher lesson plans with the LessonPlans tool.
Discover, listen & read your favorite podcasts seamlessly with Steno. Unleash the power of AI podcast transcription search engine.
Generate stunning presentations effortlessly with AutoSlideAI - the AI powered presentation generator. Ideal for personal use.
Introducing Adaptiv Academy: an AI-powered career upskilling tool. Boost your career with micro courses and NFT profile.
Use GPTHotline to bring AI for WhatsApp. Have instant convos, search and share past convos, and use power commands.
Chat with historical figures from the past with our AI-powered Historical Figure AI Chatbot.
Discover your path to studying abroad with FutureFinder AI, the AI Study Abroad Consultant. Personalized recommendations and expert support.
Analyze code runtime complexity effortlessly with AI. Optimize performance.
Craft the perfect cover letter with AI. AI Cover Letter Creator: Simplify your job application process. Revolutionize your research with this AI document question answering tool
Your personal AI powered reading companion.
Say goodbye to frustrating coding with Spellbox, your VS Code AI Coding Assistant. Get quick and easy solutions with AI.
Discover insights effortlessly with Elicit - the AI research assistant revolutionizing workflows.
Create captivating web and mobile slides with PrezoAI, the AI copilot for stunning presentations. Join the AI era now!
Glarity Summary: AI summarization tool for YouTube and Google - Get concise insights instantly!
Transform your learning with Quetab, the AI learning and earning platform
Generate high-quality essays effortlessly with CharleyAI, the world's most advanced AI Essay Writer.
AI-driven database query generator and optimization tool for faster results and improved database skills.
Generate high-quality essays effortlessly with an AI essay writer for students.
Revolutionary AI Reading Extension for Super Fast Comprehension.
The AI-powered text editor for generating drafts, transforming text, and getting writing assistance. AI-powered document editor.
Maximize your time and understanding with Scrivvy: the AI video summarizer transforming YouTube with concise insights.
Instant Answer AI Tool: Teach Anything - Get comprehensive answers in seconds for any question, with over 1 million responses.
Kodezi: AI code autocorrect and commenting tool for developers
Effortlessly capture and organize meeting notes with Sembly, the AI Transcription Assistant.
Transform lecture slides into concise cheat sheets effortlessly with FGenEds, the AI-powered study tool. Revolutionize your studying experience.
Accelerate productivity & innovation with Broadn's AI tools. Create apps in minutes & unlock new possibilities.
Boost confidence & improve speaking skills with YoodliAI's personalized communication coaching. AI-powered drills for AI Communication Coaching.
Revolutionize document analysis with MapDeduce - the ultimate AI tool for enhanced insights.
Supercharge your online experience with Sider - the AI online sidekick tool.
Improve student support with IvyAI AI Chatbots. Pre-trained with millions of Q&As for accurate responses. Simplify communications, get a free trial.
Transform your photos into dreamlike perfection with AI Powered Profile Pictures by ThedreamAI.
Master any language effortlessly with Soofy, the AI language practice app | Enhance your language skills easily and confidently.
Perfect your communication with LanguageTool, the AI-powered grammar checker and paraphraser. Fix punctuation, enhance style, and find precise words effortlessly.
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