Educational AI Tools

Educational based AI tools for students, teachers, professors and anyone in the academic field.

Effortlessly create professional presentations in seconds with SlidesAI, the ultimate Google Slides AI presentation generator tool.
AI Debate Generator: Revolutionize decision-making with Opinionate's innovative platform.
Master any Youtube tutorial video into an AI-generated assessment quiz with Kwizie, the ultimate Youtube to Quiz AI tool.
The ultimate AI Essay Grader. Accurate. Efficient. Transformative.
Enhance your academic writing with this all-in-one AI tool. Title generator, abstract generator, paraphraser, and GPT detector.
Create stunning presentations effortlessly with MagicSlides - an AI powered presentation tool
Ask ChatGPT anything about your documents; Humata - the AI tool for files.
Build an AI chatbot from your knowledge base and convert your documents into a ChatGPT-like chatbot with Embed it on your website or interact with it via API.
Trinka is an AI-powered grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing.
AI-powered offers realistic AI text to speech generator for creating lifelike audio files.
Revolutionize language learning with Talkio AI, the top AI language training app.
Detect plagiarism and guarantee authenticity with Gowinston, the powerful AI plagiarism detector. Uncover copied content instantly.
Revolutionize book engagement with AI - effortlessly chat with your favorite titles. Supports 30+ languages. Discover, discuss, and recommend books!
Transform your text into studio quality voice overs with Murf – the AI human text to speech tool.
Get unstuck in academics with Socratic - the ultimate AI Homework Helper. Capture a photo, get instant answers, explanations, and math solvers.
HeyOctopus is a learning toolbox. It enables you to document your learning progress, share it with others and collaboratively improve.
Generate engaging quiz questions from any text using AI. Create unique questions and answers in seconds.
Conversational language learning made easy with LearnLanguagesAI, the Telegram AI Language Learner.
Accurate and Reliable AI Plagiarism Checker with 129 Language Support
Generate kids coloring pages in seconds. Turn your ideas into coloring pages for your kids to color.
Create any coloring sheet you can imagine, in seconds.
Accurate AI content detector & plagiarism checking tool for serious publishers.
Transform text to lifelike audio with Verbatik's AI Text to Speech Tool.
Generate professional-grade narrated videos and voiceovers effortlessly with Narakeet's exceptional AI tool.
Transform your writing with Smodin, the powerful AI writing assistant platform.
A revolution in content summarization - RecapioGPT: an AI tool that effortlessly generates concise summaries. Customize, save, and share across platforms.
Transform text into captivating images with unlimited styles using OpendreamAI's free AI Art Generator.
Create immersive, AI-powered children's stories effortlessly. StorywizardAI: the ultimate AI educational storytelling tool.
Discover relevant research articles across languages with Keenious - the powerful AI tool revolutionizing AI research article recommendations.
Turn real-life situations into fun stories & illustrations with StoriesForKids. An AI Story & Illustration Generator on your phone.
Create interactive presentations effortlessly with Sendsteps, the ultimate AI presentation maker. Revolutionize your presentations with AI-generated content and stunning visuals.
Generate accurate and high-quality subtitles with EasySub, the revolutionary online AI subtitle generator.
Twee: AI English Teacher tool. Simplify lesson planning with instantly generated questions, dialogues, stories, and exercises.
The AI-powered podcasting platform for studio-quality recording, editing, and exporting.
Create personalized AI bedtime stories in seconds with Bedtimestory. Add family members, genres, art style, moral, and more. AI bedtime story generator.
Master IELTS Writing Task 2 effortlessly with UpscoreAI's AI-powered trainer. Top-quality preparation at your fingertips.
Unleash your creativity with Color Pop AI, the top-rated AI coloring app.
Transform, captivate, and engage with ExemplaryAI: The ultimate AI content generation tool for accurate transcription and AI-assisted editing.
Boost academic integrity with Passed.AI, the accurate and reliable AI plagiarism checker. Detect AI-generated content seamlessly.
Effortlessly transcribe and summarize videos with ScreenApp, the AI screen transcription tool.
Effortlessly create engaging mini-courses and micro-learning materials with AI Mini Course Generator.
LearntAI: Streamline workflow with the ultimate AI educational content generator. 65+ tools and AI sidekicks - save time and money.
Revolutionize Academic Writing with AI Academic Writing Assistant. Save time and enhance the quality of your papers effortlessly.
Revolutionize emotions analysis with Hume AI, the AI emotion analysis tool. Diverse applications to enhance user experience.
Generate high-quality AI recommendation letters with Recommendme - the advanced writing assistant. Elevate your writing skills.
The ultimate AI quiz generator - Create bespoke quizzes in seconds. Integrate effortlessly.
Discover rich literary discussions and personalized book insights with the AI Book Club Tool. Stay informed and connect with fellow readers.
ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo Assistant for WhatsApp - Unlock AI-powered conversations and rapid insights.
Save hours with Scholarcy, the AI article summarizer for schools. Get key facts & sized sections from research.
Transform your notes into interactive quizzes with Yippity, the AI quiz generator. Study smarter with ease.
Retain and learn more with Wisdolia's AI Flashcard Learning Tool for YouTube, articles, and PDFs.
Discover the power of instant learning with Tutorai's AI Learning platform. Enter a topic, get learning options.
Harness the power of AI with Twelve Labs' AI Video Search API, enabling human-like understanding of video content.
Summarize any content effortlessly with Mindgrasp's AI Note Generator. Try today!
Discover deep insights with AI Search Engine that distills scientific research efficiently.
Boost eLearning with Mindsmith, an AI eLearning tool revolutionizing training programs with generative AI technology.
Create captivating and interactive courses with EducUp Studio, the AI educational course creator.
Add English Subtitles to Any Video AI Tool. Subtitle any language video with ease.
Create personalized flashcards effortlessly with StudyCards App. Listen to them being read aloud with the text-to-speech engine.
Transform your classroom with Eduaide.Ai: an AI lesson development tool revolutionizing education.
Remember more with Heyday, the AI memory assistant that effortlessly resurfaces forgotten content.
Revolutionize PDF interactions with Ask Your PDF—an AI interactive PDF tool for efficient and enjoyable learning.
Summarize books efficiently with SummaristAI, an AI book summary generator. Get concise summaries in seconds!
Master job interviews with AI Job Interview Simulator—an innovative tool that uses AI to simulate real interviews, providing instant feedback to refine your performance.
Boost productivity with ChatDOC - the reliable AI document reading tool.
Get AI Homework Assistance from TutorlyAI - Innovation and Expertise Combined!
Revolutionize mentorship with Mimir, the AI mentor tool offering personalized guidance and insightful conversations.
Summarize articles & videos with AI ChatGPT. Try the browser extension, Summary Box, for abstractive summaries.
Learn English effortlessly with Zaplingo's AI English Tutor. Personalized lessons on Telegram or WhatsApp.
Replika: Your AI Chat Companion for iOS, Android & Oculus. Listen, talk & care with this AI friend.
Forget the endless hours of manual research. Let AI light your way into the crypto world!
Transform your knowledge into a thriving online business with Teachr, the AI teaching platform.
Transform your presentations with Glimmerai - the AI presentation tool.
Transform text into crystal-clear audio with SpeechEasy's AI Speech Enhancement. Enhance learning and create captivating podcasts effortlessly.
Plan and create activities effortlessly with Teacherbot, an AI teacher tool. Suitable for any level and subject.
Research faster with Genei. Automate content creation for faster blogs, articles, and reports.
Discover your ideal career with CAREERDEKHO Ai's advanced AI career discovery tool. Get personalized recommendations and a roadmap to your dream job.
Unlock language barriers with Gptionary: AI Thesaurus that automates vocabulary enhancement using GPT-powered language models.
Create captivating, personalized children's stories with Storybooks - the AI Storybook Creator.
AI Code Mentor: Boost your coding skills with the ultimate AI-based tool. Optimize, review, and refactor code effortlessly.
Revolutionize parenting with this AI assistant. Get personalized guidance for child behavior & growth. Try now!
Level up your online presence with Suitmeup - AI-generated avatars in stylish suits.
Transform ideas into captivating narratives effortlessly with ElaborateAI, the AI narrative and presentation tool.
Personalized book recommendations with AI Book Recommender: Find your next captivating read effortlessly.
Create amazing AI generated teacher lesson plans with the LessonPlans tool.
Discover your path to studying abroad with FutureFinder AI, the AI Study Abroad Consultant. Personalized recommendations and expert support.
Discover captivating segments from podcasts with Synthesis YouTube, the AI video segment search engine.
Fast, helpful AI chat tool | Instantly ask questions and get answers from GPT-4, GPT-3.5-turbo, Claude, and more. AI Chat at its best.
Create captivating courses effortlessly with the AI Course Creation Tool. Revolutionize eLearning now!
Create personalized children's books with our AI Children's Book Writer. Personalize characters, pictures, and story effortlessly.
Instantly transform text into interactive maps with Texttomap: the ultimate AI Text to Maps Tool.
Effortlessly grade exams with OpExams | AI exam grading tool for teachers to save time and effort
Transform online content into engaging lessons with Roshi AI - the ultimate AI learning material creator.
Transform your learning with Quetab, the AI learning and earning platform
Unleash your trivia prowess with Trivai, the AI Trivia Generator!
Introducing Adaptiv Academy: an AI-powered career upskilling tool. Boost your career with micro courses and NFT profile.
Create captivating web and mobile slides with PrezoAI, the AI copilot for stunning presentations. Join the AI era now!
Create and share AI-powered quizzes effortlessly with ConkerAI - the ultimate AI Quiz Creator.
Discover insights effortlessly with Elicit - the AI research assistant revolutionizing workflows.
Access essential information with Ask2End, the AI-powered question answering tool. AI Question Answering Tool with language support.
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