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AI Email plugins, add-ons and tools that make dealing with emails easier.

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Real-time AI sales email coach.
Personalized sales outreach courtesy of AI.
Automatic AI email drafts with no extensions or plugins.
Boost Gmail productivity with the help of AI.
Create email copy and design faster with MateAI. Generate copy, find inspiration and edit or import your template to ESPs.
Write emails faster with AI. Write faster in any language and focus on the content.
Personalize emails faster with AI.
Instantly 10x your leads, meetings and deals by scaling your outreach via the power of AI.
Cold outreach AI from A-Z. Automatically writes the email, handles initial outreach, automates repetitive tasks and uses text-to speech technology with CRM integration.
Become 10x more productive writing with AI.
Your AI Gmail copilot.
Say what you want to write in a few words, VoiceType writes the email for you, instantly through AI.
Warm up your cold email inbox with the power of AI.
Forward an email, receive a summary via AI.
Reply to emails in one click with your voice via AI.
Personalize cold emails with AI.
Write higher converting emails faster with Hoppy Copy. AI email templates to craft the perfect email in seconds.
AI powered investor outreach and management tool.
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