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Superhuman AI email tool: Delightful, stress-free, and unbelievably fast. Regain 3 hours every week.
Superhuman AI EmAIl Tool
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Transform your email experience with Superhuman. Delightful, stress-free, and unbelievably fast. Regain 3 hours every week. Join now!

What is is a website offering an AI-powered email service tailored for both teams and individuals. It emphasizes its claim of delivering the fastest email experience available, boasting features like keyboard shortcuts, read status indicators, undo send functionality, and insights gleaned from social networks, among others. The website asserts that using can enable users to reclaim approximately 4 hours of their weekly time, as it purportedly facilitates processing emails at twice the speed they were previously able to achieve. To access this service, users must download the Superhuman app, available for Mac and Chrome platforms.

It is important to note that should not be confused with the documentary film titled ""SUPERHUMAN."" This film delves into the exploration of human consciousness and the intricate relationship between the human mind and the physical world. It features various scientific experiments and demonstrations that aim to illustrate how individuals can exert control over their physical reality and ultimately craft a more enriching human experience.

How much does cost?

As stated on the official Superhuman website, the email application is priced at a fixed rate of $30 per user per month. This pricing applies uniformly to both individual users and teams. However, Superhuman offers various pricing plans tailored to different levels of features and support. For instance, the Growth plan includes features like team read statuses, team reply indicators, and private group productivity coaching. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan provides customization options to meet specific compliance requirements, dedicated customer success support, and scaled dedicated success planning.

What are the benefits of

According to information found on the website, offers several notable benefits:

  • Enhanced Email Efficiency: Users can expect to process their emails at twice the speed they were able to achieve previously, resulting in significant time savings amounting to hours every week.
  • Increased Responsiveness: facilitates improved responsiveness to priority matters, ultimately helping users eliminate email-related anxiety.
  • Collaboration Efficiency: Whether users are utilizing Gmail or Outlook, the platform aids in enhancing teamwork and collaboration within a team or organization.
  • Time Reclamation: assists users in regaining valuable time, allowing them to allocate it to their highest-priority tasks and activities.

How does work? operates by harnessing artificial intelligence and a streamlined user interface to elevate the email experience, exclusively tailored for Gmail and Outlook users. It asserts several notable advantages, including swift responsiveness with features like keyboard shortcuts and instant search, alongside AI-powered tools for faster email composition, conversation summaries, and improved writing quality. The platform's minimalist design prioritizes email content, complemented by features like read statuses, undo send functionality, and social network insights, enhancing interactivity and engagement. further distinguishes itself by offering a personalized onboarding process and ongoing support through the Superhuman team. However, it's essential to recognize that serves as an overlay for Gmail or Outlook and necessitates downloading the Superhuman app, available on Mac and Chrome. Furthermore, access to is invite-only, with a substantial waiting list as of June 2020, and it is priced at $30 per month, which some users may find comparatively expensive for an email application.

What are the limitations of has several limitations worth noting:

  • Limited Email Provider Compatibility: is exclusively compatible with Gmail and Outlook email accounts. Users with email accounts from other providers are not supported.
  • Limited Platform Availability: The application is available on macOS, iPhone, and iPad, as well as through a Chrome browser extension. However, there is no dedicated Android client, limiting its accessibility for Android users.
  • High Cost: The service comes at a relatively high price point, charging $30 per user per month. This cost is notably higher compared to many other email clients and productivity applications available on the market.
  • Lack of Unique Features: offers few distinctive features that set it apart from other popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook. Many of its features, such as keyboard shortcuts, follow-up reminders, scheduled messages, and read statuses, are also available in these widely-used alternatives.
  • Unsubscribe Process: The platform's method for unsubscribing from emails involves reaching out to customer service, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming for users seeking to manage their email subscriptions.
Superhuman AI email tool: Delightful, stress-free, and unbelievably fast. Regain 3 hours every week.

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