AI Music Tools & Generators

AI music tools to help you master, create and optimize music faster with artificial intelligence.

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Learn the meaning of songs via AI.
AI assisted music tools. Use AI to compose original music and lyrics.
Music search, tagging and categorization engine driven by AI.
Create generative music with the power of Boomy AI.
AI music generator that leverages the power of AI to create royalty free background music.
Find a name for your band by providing the genre of music.
Create Spotify and Apple Music playlists with AI in seconds.
AI generative music as a collab between AI and human artists. Meet boundless music with AI.
Create unlimited royalty-free music via AI in minutes. Choose a mood, genre and length and AI will handle the rest.
Make your songs sound as good as your favorite artists via AI mastering.
AI album art image generator for musicians.


Compose emotional soundtrack music with AI.
The AI music co-writer for musicians and lyricists.
Royalty free AI music generator.
AI driven software engine that generates music.
Manipulate music with ease via this AI app.
Virtually created AI generated soundscapes. Perfect for working, spa facilities, pools, hotels and more.
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