AI Music Tools & Generators

AI music tools to help you master, create and optimize music faster with artificial intelligence.

Separate voices from music effortlessly. The ultimate AI voice separator for music.
Extract vocals, accompaniments, and instruments with LalalAI, an AI music splitting tool.
Create AI-generated music vocals, voice-overs, and raps effortlessly with Uberduck. #AIvocals for music.
Unleash limitless creativity with ExtendMusic.AI - the ultimate AI music enhancer.
Create karaoke tracks or instrumentals in seconds with our AI-powered Vocal Remover. Remove AI Vocal Remover.
Discover distinctive band names with AI based on your favorite music genres. Create a Band Name with AI.
Create calming and immersive environments with Getsound's AI generated soundscapes. Perfect for hospitality settings.
Discover your perfect playlist: Spotalike's AI Spotify Playlist Generator creates personalized music selections based on your favorite tracks and artists.
Introducing SongDonkey: the AI audio splitter revolutionizing music production. Remove vocals & isolate instruments effortlessly.
Create infinite music possibilities with Mubert's AI Generative Music Creator.
Create unique song lyrics effortlessly with songR's AI Song Lyric Generator for musicians and aspiring artists.
Revolutionize rap with DeepBeat, the ultimate AI rap lyric generator.
Effortlessly create custom playlists with our AI Mixtape Generator - a natural language-based tool.
The AI music manipulation tool for effortless music editing.
Elevate your songwriting with Staccato, the AI MIDI music co-writer for musicians and lyricists.
Unleash your musical potential with Kits AI, the ultimate AI vocal toolkit for musicians.
Create AI covers with your favorite voices in seconds - the #1 AI Covers Creator on the market!
Discover, remix, and generate audio with, the AI audio search engine.
AI tool generates unique rap punchlines - create rap songs effortlessly.
Create royalty free AI music for videos & podcasts with Beatoven, the ultimate YouTube AI Music Generator.
Compose emotional soundtrack music with Aiva, the AI Emotional Soundtrack Music Generator.
Create captivating generative music with the innovative power of Boomy AI.
Easily remove or isolate vocals with the top AI Audiostrip Tool for professional-quality audio.
Discover AI-powered royalty-free music library with HookSounds. 5000+ tracks, 8000+ sound effects, and exclusive in-house creations!
Transform your voice with Musicfy's AI-powered technology. Create an AI clone of your voice and sing any song you love.
Generate original drum loops easily with DRUMLOOPAI's neural audio network. Find beat inspiration and turn your drum loop sample into a song.
Elevate your music with AI mastering. Master your Music with ai for professional-quality sound.
FineShare Singify is a free online AI Song Cover Generator.
Compose original music effortlessly with Splash, the AI music creating tool.
AI music categorization service for advanced music search and tagging.
Unleash your creativity with Soundraw—AI generated royalty-free music in minutes.
Databass AI: Revolutionizing Music Production with AI Music Production Tools.
Generate original lyrics effortlessly with an AI Song Lyrics Generator. Express your creativity and find inspiration for any topic or mood.
Generate images, audio, video, and 3D objects from text with Snowpixel. AI custom model training tool.
Effortlessly generate AI-curated playlists for Spotify and Apple Music with PlaylistAI.
Turn your words into music with AI.
Generate stunning AI album art for musicians with DaftArt's powerful image generator.
Discover the Perfect AI Music Playlists with Playlistable - Unleash the Power of AI!
Generate infinite royalty free drum loops with Audialab, the AI-powered drum loop generator.
Never miss a beat at a concert with our AI Setlist Predictor. Get real-time predictions for concerts and a Spotify playlist of potential songs.
Generate royalty free background music easily with Soundful, an AI music generator. Say goodbye to licensing issues and create original tracks with a click.
Optimize your ChatGPT results with What A Prompt's AI tools for business success.
Unlock your songwriting potential with Chorus, the AI songwriting assistant.
AI Musical Intelligence: Become the composer and performer with Aibstract, the virtual composer powered by cutting-edge AI technology.
Unlock the art of the future with Magenta's AI tool - transform music & art with machine learning.
Revolutionize music creation and distribution with LANDR's AI-driven tool. Streamline your process, master tracks, collaborate, and promote effortlessly.
Discover your perfect playlist with MOODPlaylist's AI-powered music recommendations. Enhance your mood and boost productivity.
Create music like a pro with Wavtool - the AI music assistant that guides you from start to finish!
Revolutionize music transcription with AnthemScore - the ultimate AI music transcription software. Effortlessly convert audio to sheet music.
Instantly compose music from text with Riffusion's AI-powered tool. A remarkable AI music generation tool.
AI Music Production Tool: Enhance your videos with copyright-protected soundtracks in just 1 minute.
Discover a world of similar songs with Songs Like X. The ultimate AI music discovery tool.
Discover your perfect playlist with Muze: the AI personalized music playlist generator. Tailored to your mood, interests, and desires.
Unlock Musical Creativity with HookGen: The Ultimate AI Song Generator
AI Lyric Generator for Unique Song Ideas, banish writer's block, find suggestions based on topics and style.
Cosonify: The AI Music Collaboration Tool Revolutionizing Music Projects.
Discover and sample unlimited music genres with SampletteIO's AI Music Discovery Tool. Unleash your creativity now!
Create incredible music with TuneFlow, the cutting-edge AI music creation platform. Unleash your creativity with AI-powered tools.
Revolutionize music creation with CassetteAI - an AI music creator transforming the industry. Effortlessly produce high-quality, unique tracks.
Discover AI developer resources to explore, learn, and maximize the use of OpenAI Platform. Check text authenticity.
Unleash your creativity with Harmonai - the AI Sound Library Generator. Let artists take back the power!
Enhance focus and relaxation with the AI tool scientifically designed to optimize performance.
Unlock new creative possibilities with Orb Plugins - AI Music Plugins for Music Composers, Producers & DJs.
Dalle-2: OpenAI's pioneering AI research, revolutionizing work and creativity. Access real-world data with ChatGPT Plugins API.
Transform audio like never before with our AI Audio Imitator. Unleash the power of neural networks for mesmerizing sound.
Get personalized Spotify playlists created just for you by ChatjamsAI. AI Playlist Creator crafts customized playlists based on your preferences.
Master the piano with Genie's AI Piano Training Tool.
Discover Evoke Music: the AI music library transforming content creation. Experience copyright-free tracks and effortless searches.
Create AI-powered royalty-free music with Ecrett Music, the ultimate AI Music Creator. No music knowledge needed.
Unleash your musical genius with VirtuozyAI, the ultimate AI music production tool. Create masterpieces effortlessly.
Unleash your musical genius with JukeGPT: the ultimate AI music generator.
Discover personalized playlists for any occasion with PlaylistGeniusAI. Effortlessly enjoy AI-curated playlists.
Transform text into unique songs with RIFFIT: the AI text-to-song generator. #AItexttosonggenerator
Transform data into captivating audio experiences with Sonify Audio. AI-driven auditory content for immersive AI audio experiences.
Find the perfect AI sound effects and create customized soundtracks for your videos. Access free SFX downloads and let our AI recommend music with licenses for your projects.
Unleash the Mesmerizing Power of AI Music with AI Music Broadcaster
Transform text into music with our innovative AI Text To Music Converter. Let your creativity soar.
Revolutionize voice control with OpenVoiceOS: the open-source AI voice platform for custom interfaces.
Unleash limitless creativity with WarpsoundAI's AI Music API, shaping the sound of the metaverse.
Experience the Future of Music Videos with PlazmaPunk: The Ultimate AI Music Video Generator
Enhance music production with AudioShake, the AI music tool for seamless stem separation and more.
Amadeus Code: Unleash your creativity with this AI music composition tool. Generate unique melodies and ideas effortlessly.
Unlock your songwriting potential with our AI songwriter. Instantly write and improve lyrics to become a better songwriter.
Experience revolutionary AI Voice Separation and Synthesis with Supertone, the cutting-edge tool for content creation.
Groot Music: The Ultimate AI Music Bot for Discord. Unleash Captivating Music Experience.
Revolutionize music production with Beatsbrew, an AI audio sample generator. Create captivating sounds effortlessly.
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