Generative AI Music Tool

Create captivating generative music with the innovative power of Boomy AI.
Generative AI Music Tool
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Create generative music with the power of Boomy AI.

What is is an online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to enable users to generate music. With Boomy, individuals can effortlessly produce original songs within seconds, regardless of their prior musical experience. Additionally, users have the opportunity to submit their creations to streaming platforms, allowing them to earn revenue whenever listeners engage with their music. Boomy also offers a vibrant global community of artists who are inspired and empowered by the potential of generative music. To access the features provided by Boomy, interested individuals are required to create an account and select a membership option tailored to their specific requirements.

How does use AI to create music?

Boomy employs artificial intelligence technology to produce music by examining multiple musical components, including rhythm, melody, and harmony. By considering the user's preferences, Boomy generates unique compositions in a swift manner. Users have the flexibility to select from a diverse range of genres and styles, allowing the AI system to promptly determine the key, chords, and melody of the track. Furthermore, Boomy provides a set of tools that enable users to edit, remix, and enhance their songs, providing additional creative control and flexibility in the music-making process.

How much does it cost to join

Boomy presents users with three membership choices: Boomy Free, Boomy Premium, and Boomy Pro. While Boomy Free is a no-cost option, it does come with certain limitations on the number of songs that can be created and distributed. For users seeking enhanced features and benefits, Boomy Premium is available at a price of $35.88 per year, whereas Boomy Pro is priced at $119.88 per year. Both Boomy Premium and Boomy Pro memberships are billed annually to align with streaming networks' quarterly royalty cycles. These premium options offer additional advantages such as the ability to create an unlimited number of songs, access to custom artwork, and higher royalties.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  • Instant Music Creation: Even without prior musical experience, Boomy allows you to generate music using artificial intelligence in a matter of seconds.
  • Seamless Distribution: With Boomy, you can easily submit your songs directly to streaming platforms and social networks. This enables you to earn revenue when listeners engage with your music or incorporate it into their videos.
  • Thriving Artist Community: Boomy provides access to a vibrant global community of artists who are inspired and empowered by the possibilities of generative music. By joining this community, you can connect with fellow musicians and collaborate on creative endeavors.
  • Song Refinement Tools: Boomy offers a range of tools that enable you to edit, remix, and refine your songs. These features provide flexibility and control, allowing you to fine-tune your compositions according to your artistic vision.
  • Genre and Style Selection: When using Boomy, you have the freedom to choose from various genres and styles. The AI system then generates music that aligns with your preferences, ensuring that the compositions are tailored to your desired sound.

Overall, offers a user-friendly platform with AI-powered music creation, distribution capabilities, community engagement, and robust editing tools, catering to both novice and experienced musicians alike.

What are the limitations of does have certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Restrictions for Free Users: Users of Boomy's free version may encounter limitations on the number of songs they can create, download, and distribute. These restrictions may impact the overall experience and output for users who opt for the free membership.
  • AI Music Matching: While Boomy's AI technology generates music based on user preferences, there is a possibility that the resulting compositions may not always align perfectly with the user's expectations or preferences. In such cases, additional editing or remixing may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Commercial Usage Considerations: For users who intend to commercially utilize the songs created on Boomy's platform, additional licensing or approval from the Boomy team may be required. The specific requirements for licensing or approval depend on the nature and extent of the commercial use.

It is important for users to consider these limitations and assess whether they align with their individual needs and goals when utilizing as a music creation tool.

Create captivating generative music with the innovative power of Boomy AI.

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