Database AI Tools

Database AI tools to help you manage databases, data and have a helping hand courtesy of AI.

Boost SQL query performance with EverSQL, the AI SQL optimizer for faster database operations.
Generate SQL in seconds with AI. Text to SQL with AI.
Simplify schema management with the powerful Prisma Editor AI - a top-tier database schema visualization and editing tool.
AI-powered SQL query generator for Snowflake databases. Automate query generation with high accuracy.
Generate error-free MySQL queries with AI Query in seconds. Never worry about errors again.
Pump: AI-driven AWS cost optimization for businesses - save up to 60%!
Write SQL queries in seconds, not hours.
Discover Nuclia, the personal AI search engine for your data. Indexing unstructured data from any source.
Automate data exploration with Channel - an AI data chatbot for databases. Ask natural language questions and get instant insights.
Effortlessly generate SQL queries with this groundbreaking AI tool. Say goodbye to complex syntax and write queries in natural language.
RawQuery - AI Chatbot for SQL Database, Get Insights & Query Data
No SQL, Connect your database and chat with your data in ChatGPT.
Supercharge your SQL skills with our AI-powered Free SQL Query Generator. Say goodbye to endless googling and unlock your full SQL potential. Build powerful SQL queries effortlessly.
Experience the power of Blaze SQL, an innovative AI-powered SQL query generator. Generate SQL queries using English input.
Simply the Fastest Vector Database for AI. Period.
Comprehensive AI tool for effortless database management and modeling.
Operational AI layer for data prediction. Accelerate ML AI analysis with our advanced operational ML AI analysis layer.
Experience the power of Census GPT: the AI Census Database Search Tool that effortlessly transforms plain language inputs into valuable insights. Find Answers to Your Demographic Queries. Revolutionize data querying with this AI tool. Effortlessly ask complex questions in plain English. Transform data analysis for all.
Transform your business with Amnet Digital's premier AI data analytics services.
AI-driven database query generator and optimization tool for faster results and improved database skills.
Accelerate OSS understanding with OSS Insight, the GPT-powered AI insight tool for GitHub live data exploration.
OtterTune: The AI Database Optimizer for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
Generate efficient, error-free SQL queries instantly with AI2sql's AI-powered SQL query builder.
Revolutionize project management with - the AI-powered tool for all your needs. Gantt charts, calendars, Kanban boards, and more.
Create, test, deploy, and scale AI Apps effortlessly with AirOps Studio. Build exceptional workflows, tools, and chat agents that impress your users and team.
Revolutionary AI tool for effortless data exploration and collaboration. No SQL expertise required.
Introducing SDF: The AI SQL development tool for 10X faster development speed.
Accelerate decision-making with Hebbia's AI workflows for AI workflow optimization.
Effortlessly craft SQL queries with our AI-powered tool. Generate SQL queries with ease.
Effortlessly communicate with your personal AI assistant in a seamless AI Database GUI.
AI Sql Assistant for Metabase. Get SQL queries written, edited, and understood faster with Avanty, the intelligent Copilot for data analysts.
An AI web data extractor revolutionizing information retrieval and processing. AI Web Data Extractor in one click!
Unlock valuable insights and simplify data analysis with InsightBase AI. Gain actionable data insights in seconds without SQL queries.
Streamline data analysis with SkillsAI: The cutting-edge AI data analytics tool.
Introducing IntellibizzAI: AI Business Solutions revolutionizing operations with intelligent modules.
Effortlessly integrate AI into your database with MindsDB—a powerful AI database integration tool.
Revolutionize database interaction with TabletalkAI's AI-powered natural language interface. Seamlessly get answers to FAQs.
Automate operations, monitor fraud & risk, and orchestrate growth with LogicLoop's AI-powered tools.
Centralize AI governance with MonitaurAI. Govern the entire AI lifecycle, mitigate risks, and turn intentions into action.
Keychain is an AI-powered platform that matches food and beverage brands with vetted CPG manufacturers.
Effortlessly retrieve and translate data with DataLang, the AI database querying tool.
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