AI Sql Query Optimizer

Boost SQL query performance with EverSQL, the AI SQL optimizer for faster database operations.
AI Sql Query Optimizer
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EverSQL is a user-friendly and powerful AI tool that serves as an SQL query optimizer. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB databases and uses AI technology to automatically optimize SQL queries. With over 100,000 professionals relying on EverSQL, it provides optimal index suggestions to enhance query and database performance. Users have reported an average improvement of 5X in query speed shortly after utilizing the tool. EverSQL ensures data security as it does not access sensitive information. Additionally, it offers ongoing insights on performance and cost reduction recommendations to optimize database efficiency. Users can start optimizing their queries in seconds by selecting their database type and submitting their query for optimization. EverSQL even provides a performance sensor for continuous performance monitoring. Overall, EverSQL proves to be an indispensable AI SQL query optimizer for developers, DBAs, and DevOps engineers.

What is eversql.com?

Eversql.com is a versatile platform designed to enhance SQL query performance for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. It offers automatic query optimization using AI-driven algorithms, ensuring faster and more efficient queries, with a transparent view of the modifications made. The website also provides a free SQL syntax checker and validator, allowing users to spot and correct syntax errors while specifying their database type for accuracy. Additionally, Eversql.com features a text-to-SQL tool for generating queries from natural language descriptions. With additional utilities like SQL formatting and query visualization, Eversql.com is trusted by over 100,000 engineers, claiming to save them an average of 140 weekly hours through automated SQL query optimization.

How much does it cost to use Eversql.com?

Eversql.com provides various pricing and subscription options for their services:

  • Free Plan
      - This plan allows users to optimize one SQL query and monitor one sensor.
      - It includes 0.5GB of data ingested per month.
      - Email support is included.
  • Starter Plan
      - Priced at $79 per month (billed annually).
      - Users can optimize up to 10 SQL queries and monitor one sensor.
      - It includes 1GB of data ingested per month.
      - Email support is included.
  • Plus Plan
      - Priced at $390 per month (billed annually).
      - Users can optimize up to 25 SQL queries and monitor three sensors.
      - It includes 10GB of data ingested per month.
      - Features included: team collaboration, schema optimization, performance incidents alerting, AI-powered anomaly detection, and Slack/Jira integration.
  • Enterprise Plan
      - Custom pricing and features tailored to the user's needs.
      - Includes all the features of the Plus Plan.
      - Additional features: multiple schema structures, 360° indexes analysis, data privacy, optimization API, single sign-on integration, and consulting with DB experts.
      - Users can contact Eversql.com for more details on this plan.

Additionally, Eversql.com offers a free trial for users who want to experience their services before committing to a subscription plan. Users can start optimizing their SQL queries online for free by clicking on the ""Start for Free"" button on their website.

What is a sensor in Eversql.com?

In the context of Eversql.com, a sensor refers to a lightweight and non-intrusive agent that can be readily installed on the user's database server. Its primary purpose is to monitor the server's performance and offer AI-driven insights and optimization suggestions.

It's important to note that this sensor operates without accessing or collecting any sensitive user data. Instead, it focuses on gathering information related to the schema structure, database statistics, and various performance signals. This data is utilized to identify potential performance issues and provide recommendations for optimization.

Installing the sensor is a swift process, typically taking just 60 seconds. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred environment, be it cloud or on-premise, and select their platform, including options such as Linux, Windows, or Docker, during the installation.

Once the sensor is in place, users can conveniently access vital information through the Eversql.com website. This includes monitoring the status of their database server, reviewing the most recent data received, tracking the total active days since installation, and accessing AI-generated insights regarding their database and SQL queries. Additionally, users can set up alerts and integrate the sensor with platforms like Slack or Jira to receive notifications as needed.

How does Eversql.com ensure data privacy?

Eversql.com places a strong emphasis on safeguarding the data privacy of its customers, with several measures in place to ensure security:

  • Website and Server Security
      - Eversql.com employs regular malware scanning and utilizes secure socket layer (SSL) technology to deter unauthorized access to both their website and servers.
  • Data Encryption
      - Sensitive customer information, including credit details, is encrypted. All transactions are processed through a secure gateway provider, with no storage or processing of such data on Eversql.com's servers.
  • Data Collection
      - The company only gathers information voluntarily provided by customers on their website. This data may encompass details such as names, email addresses, IP addresses, passwords, SQL queries, and database schema structures. This information is used to enhance services and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Information Sharing
      - Eversql.com does not engage in the sale, trade, or transfer of customers' personal information to external parties without prior notice. However, they may share generic aggregated demographic data, devoid of any personal identification, with trusted affiliates, business partners, and advertisers for predefined purposes.
  • Sensor Technology
      - Eversql.com employs a lightweight and non-intrusive sensor, which customers can install on their database servers. This sensor is dedicated to monitoring server performance and providing AI-driven insights and optimizations. Crucially, it does not access or collect sensitive customer data but focuses on gathering information related to schema structure, database statistics, and other performance signals.
  • Communication Preferences
      - Customers have the freedom to opt-out of receiving communications from Eversql.com at any time. This can be accomplished by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each email or by contacting the company through their website.
  • Data Protection Compliance
      - Eversql.com is committed to adhering to applicable data protection laws and regulations. They respect their customers' privacy and are available to address any questions or concerns regarding their privacy policy or practices.

Eversql.com's dedication to data privacy is underscored by their comprehensive approach to security and their commitment to complying with privacy regulations. Customers can reach out to the company for any inquiries related to their privacy practices.

Can I use Eversql.com for other database types besides MySQL and PostgreSQL?

Indeed, Eversql.com offers compatibility with a range of database types beyond just MySQL and PostgreSQL. Their support extends to various relational database management systems (RDBMS), including:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Aurora
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Azure DB
  • Percona
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Amazon Redshift

When utilizing Eversql.com's suite of tools and services, such as SQL query optimization, text-to-SQL conversion, syntax checking, and validation, users have the flexibility to select their preferred database type. Eversql.com ensures that the generated queries are tailored to the specific database type and platform chosen by the user. This versatility allows customers to work seamlessly with a wide range of relational database systems, enhancing their overall database management experience.

Boost SQL query performance with EverSQL, the AI SQL optimizer for faster database operations.

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