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The top 224 Freemium AI tools to try in 2023.

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Create images from simple AI prompts.
Supercharge your calendar and todos with the power of AI.
AI powered investor outreach and management tool.
Create your own custom AI driven chatbot in seconds from your own data.
AI proofreading for UX professionals to save time while designing.
Create unique videos from text scrips or pre-existing blog posts with AI realistic voices.
AI chatbot for your data. Get insights, query data and more.
Discover amazing recipes via the power of AI.
Moonbeam is a long form AI writing assistant perfect for blog posts and technical guides.
AI powered photo editor, animator and designer.
Text to speech for personal, commercial and educational use. Convert text, PDF and other formats into spoken audio for your listening pleasure.
Spend less time texting with better AI dating messaging.
Talk to your data with ChatGPT.
Reply to emails in one click with your voice via AI.
Cutting-edge AI models to restore old photos. Restore scratched photos, old photos, colorize and optimize old family photos.


Ultimate content generator powered by AI for iOS, Mac and Android.
Run Stable Diffusion in 90 seconds online.
Create personalized prospecting videos with one video via AI.


AI assistant that creates courteous and contextual review responses instantly.
Paste your code snippet and AI will convert it from one language to another.
Save time with an AI meeting assistant.
Midjourney is the defacto image creation AI model to help create stunning AI generated images.
Create celebrity deepfake videos in seconds with AI.
A better way to sell on LinkedIn with AI.
Simplify your sales process by hiring and training an AI.


A personalized workspace for you powered by AI. Stay organized automatically without organizing your organizer.
AI generated replies for Twitter and LinkedIn
Code improvement tools via cutting-edge AI. Generate unit tests, refactor code, create documentation and more.
Store your prompts, beautifully.
Code faster with the help of AI.
Create amazing Facebook Ads with AI.
AI search engine for your internal data.
Craft the perfect cover letter with AI.
AI powered podcast copywriter.
ChatGPT directly in WhatsApp
Turn short videos into long videos instantly with AI.
Create more content faster with AI. Articles into Twitter threads, case studies into newsletters and much more.
DocuChat is the fastest and easiest way to get answers from your own documents.


Realistic text to speech AI voice generator.
The best way to write SQL, visualize and share via an AI-powered data analytics tool.
AI image tool to remove unwanted objects, defects, peoples and more from images.
AI MMA personal trainer in your pocket.
Supercharge Google sheets with AI. Easily sanitize data, automatically generate text, predict values and much more.
Summarize and timestamp your podcast with AI.
AI photo enhancement tools at your fingertips. Image background removal, photo enhancers & upscalers, AI avatars and background diffusion.
Crate original, plagiarism-free content for your site, emails, advertising faster.
Remove background voices, noises and echo from your calls with AI. Call insights like talk time, meeting insights, call summaries and more.
A truly AI centric Word processor. Grammar corrector, sotry idea generator, paraphraser, text completion and more.
Input Github Repository, learn and analyze the code via AI.
Generate English speech from text with AI.
Add English subtitles to any language video.
Next gen image editor powered by AI.
Automated AI gems from every recorded conversation.
Image enhancing & upscaling via AI.
Review contracts with AI in Microsoft Word.
Master any Youtube tutorial video into an AI generated assessment quiz.
Content optimization through AI. Create SEO optimized articles and posts easily, research competitors and optimize preexisting content faster.
Become a social media genius. Create, auto-generate and schedule social media content faster.
Easily colorize older pictures with AI.
Cut silences and bad takes from Youtube videos with AI.
An AI powered image editor, easily automate repetitive workflows, smarter editing options and easily create scale your image creation.
Voice to text in a simple interface with a variety of customization options, from voices to styles, pitch and much more.
The AI music co-writer for musicians and lyricists.
Say what you want to write in a few words, VoiceType writes the email for you, instantly through AI.
Create amazing art in seconds using AI. Free to use up to 28 images a day.
Free real-time voice changer and soundboard for whoever you want to be. Offers the ability to customize effects for each game.
AI powered writing coach.
Royalty free AI music generator.
Create chat and voice assistants faster powered by AI.
Create AI powered mobile prototypes in seconds.
Manipulate music with ease via this AI app.
AI friend chat companion.
Generate images from text with state of the art AI.
Generate an image for Twitter from your tweet.
AI powered communication coach.


AI writing assistant to help you write high-quality content faster.
Generate AI powered images in a few clicks. Create stock photos, NFTS, art and more.
Instantly generate art from AI via a text prompt.
Generative AI design for architectural planning.
Record, transcribe to text, search and more via AI on iOS and Android.
Create AI generative artwork from preset algorithms.
Browse & generate stock AI imagery with simple prompts.
Create a mini novel in seconds with a single AI prompt. Create a 4-6 chapter novel with stunning artwork included.
AI powered image enhancement tools. Auto caption images, enhance low light images, auto image handling, inpaint, background modification and more.
Create high quality artwork in seconds with AI.
An advanced AI essay writer trained on millions of articles.
Leverage the top AI tools to automate content creation for your site, online store and more.


Accelerate your workflow and team with Somi's slack AI assistant. Topic summarization, Q&A assistant and more that is built on top of Slack.
QuillBot provides helpful text tools. Rewrite text, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, cowriter assistant, summarizer and citation generator.
Quickly generate images with AI. Photorealistic and other diffusion models. Browse previously created images and more.
AI generative music as a collab between AI and human artists. Meet boundless music with AI.
Document entire codebases via a powerful AI API.
Compose better content faster with the help of AI powered sentence completions.


AI driven search and discovery. Better search results through smarter neaural site search.
Change any text based on expressions such as tone, style, perfect words and more.
Optimize your sites conversions using A/B testing backed by AI.
Create unlimited royalty-free music via AI in minutes. Choose a mood, genre and length and AI will handle the rest.
Discover, plan and cherish your relationship. Learn about your loved one, plan fun trips and cherish through memories.
AI powered article summarizer.Save hundreds of hours by having your research broken down in sized sections.
Write Google Sheets and Excel formulas faster with AI. Create formulas from text, get explanations of formulas and more.
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