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High-performing video ad ideas in a few clicks.
AI Video Ad Idea Generator
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How does Flashfeed work?

Flashfeed allows any brand to write high-performing video ad ideas in just a few clicks. Flashfeed was specifically designed for the generation of viral or high-performing video advertisement ideas.

Flashfeed allows users to import their own videos, or browse high-performing video ads and use them as inspiration for the AI Concept and Script Writer. This allows Flashfeed to deviate from generic results. Users can talk to Flashfeed like a professional ad agency and tell them the things they like or don't like about the video. Flashfeed understands the premise and the audiovisual content inside the video, so it can find ways to fit the original concept to the new brand.

A user on Flashfeed only needs to input a few sentences about their brand and target audience. Flashfeed will then research that demographic and find what premises can be used to appeal to them. It uses this research and video inspiration as the backbone for the AI Writer, so that it can make a perfectly on-brand video, that the target audience will want to watch. The concept and script is fully editable by the user as well.

Flashfeed can also visualize any concept or script given. It storyboards the video using AI so they users can get a good idea of what the video should look like.

Finally, Flashfeed generates a shareable workspace so that users can work with their team, in any context or workflow. Flashfeed also allows users to post their projects to an online marketplace.

What are the primary features of Flashfeed?

Video Ad Library: This feature serves as a comprehensive repository of video advertisements, offering users a vast array of examples to draw inspiration from. Whether looking for ideas, understanding current trends, or analyzing what makes a video ad successful, the library is a valuable resource for creators at any stage of their project.

AI Target Audience Research: Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, this tool conducts in-depth research into the target audience for a video ad. It analyzes demographic data, interests, and online behavior to ensure that the created content resonates with the intended viewers, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the advertisement.

AI Concept Writer: An innovative feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate creative and engaging concepts for video ads. This tool takes into account the brand’s goals, target audience insights, and industry trends to propose unique advertising ideas that stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

AI Script Writer: Building on the concepts generated, the AI Script Writer crafts compelling scripts for video ads. It focuses on storytelling, persuasive language, and key messaging that aligns with the brand's objectives, ensuring the script is both engaging and aligned with audience expectations.

AI Storyboarder: This feature transforms written scripts into visual storyboards, offering a visual blueprint of how the final video will unfold. It allows creators to visualize scene transitions, camera angles, and the overall flow of the narrative, facilitating a more efficient pre-production process.

Workspace Generator (Pre-planned template): To streamline the production process, the Workspace Generator offers pre-planned templates that organize tasks, timelines, and resources needed for video ad creation. It serves as a centralized platform for collaboration, allowing team members to access project details, share feedback, and track progress seamlessly.

AI Video Rater: A tool designed to evaluate the potential success of video ads before they are launched. By analyzing key elements of the content, such as engagement, relevance, and originality, the AI Video Rater provides feedback and scores to help creators refine their ads for maximum impact and viewer response.

Who are some clients that utilize Flashfeed?

Flashfeed's users are primarily marketers and creative writers, and also entrepreneurs or creative agencies/video teams. Flashfeed is ideal for those who want to research and write new video ideas for a brand in a few minutes.

Marketers and Creative writers can leverage the platform to quickly research competitors and find inspiration quickly. The AI Writer research their specific audience segment and craft ads that are both engaging and highly effective.

Creative writers, on the other hand, utilize Flashfeed's AI Concept Writer and Script Writer to efficiently transform initial ideas into brand-tailored videos that have a high likelihood to convert and go viral.

Entrepreneurs can use Flashfeed too, even without a background in video production. This accessibility enables small business owners to compete in the digital advertising space with limited resources.

Creative agencies and video teams utilize Flashfeed as a turnkey solution for proposing new ideas to clients.

Automating the time-consuming tasks of audience research, concept development, and scriptwriting, allows teams to focus more on the creative execution and refinement of their video ads.

High-performing video ad ideas in a few clicks.

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