AI Legal Assistant Tools

AI legal tools and assistants. Understand legal terminology in plain english with AI.

Ask ChatGPT anything about your documents; Humata - the AI tool for files.
Review, draft, and create contracts faster in Microsoft Word with AI-powered Spellbook, the ultimate AI Contract Creator.
Get expert legal help with confusing legal texts, all powered by AI. The ultimate legal tool.
Generate customizable Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions in seconds with AI Legal Policies Generator - Termify.
Accurate legal research made easy with AI-powered solutions from Alexi.
Unboxfame: AI Brand Name Generator powerfully captures attention, boosting your brand's identity.
Chat with your company's knowledge base using this cutting-edge AI Knowledgebase Chatbot. Stay ahead of regulatory changes.
Revolutionize team collaboration with Stork: the ultimate ChatGPT for businesses. Simplify meetings, transcribe discussions, and boost productivity.
Amto AI: Effortlessly draft contracts and legal documents with tailored recommendations. Enhance efficiency with this AI legal drafting tool.
Discover Casetext's AI Legal Assistant, revolutionizing the legal industry with faster, accurate research.
Get virtual AI Ruth Bader Ginsburg's perspective with Ask RBG, the ultimate AI chatbot.
Turbocharge legal research with Paralegal AI tool: AI-powered summaries and legal insights.
Get free legal advice within minutes from Ask AI Lawyer! Our advanced AI technology provides answers to your legal questions instantly. Consult with our AI platform and save time on legal research. However, always consult with a qualified legal professional for accurate advice.
World's first semantic patent search and generative patent literature software for everyone built on custom large language model (LLM).‍
The AI Robot Lawyer: Your ally to fight corporations and beat bureaucracy.
Legal AI that simplifies legal language.
Introducing Drafter AI: The Revolutionary All-In-One AI Platform for Businesses. Automate, optimize, and excel with ease. All In One AI Platform For Businesses
AI Legal Translation Tool - Decode complex legalese into plain English instantly. Simplify legal documents effortlessly. Canada-based.
Streamline your legal processes with AI-enabled legal technology from DISCO. Achieve better outcomes with our cloud-native ediscovery software.
Effortlessly automate patent writing with PatentPal's generative AI. The ultimate AI patent writing tool.
Introducing Legal Robot: AI Contract Analysis Tool for instant and accurate legal document analysis.
Start your business online with BetterLegal - the AI business formation service trusted by thousands.
Discover high-value legal cases with Darrow's AI Legal Case Discovery Tool.
Detangle: AI Summarizer delivers concise summaries of videos, audios, and texts effortlessly. Enhance productivity and save time.
Stay alert & safe with Activazon's AI Safety Monitoring platform. Get crime notifications & activity updates for peace of mind.
Instantly analyze contracts and generate insights with ZuvaAI - the easiest way to implement Contracts AI into your apps.
Revolutionize contract management with LinkSquares: The AI contract management tool.
ClearGPT AI: Enterprise AI Platform with Enhanced Security and Customization. Improve productivity and safeguard sensitive data with our powerful AI tool.
AI-powered legal services for internet and intellectual property law. Experience superior client outcomes with Traverse Legal.
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