AI Google Chrome Extensions

The top AI Google Chrome Extensions of 2023. Boost Chrome functionality with these artificial intelligence tools.

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Write faster by adding AI to your Mac workflow.
Never miss another note, idea or connection with the power of AI.
Supercharge your calendar and todos with the power of AI.
Moonbeam is a long form AI writing assistant perfect for blog posts and technical guides.
Create blog content from a simple prompt. Supports current events, generate helpful SEO content, copywriting templates and story based templates for lyrics, music and more.
Text to speech for personal, commercial and educational use. Convert text, PDF and other formats into spoken audio for your listening pleasure.
Reply to emails in one click with your voice via AI.


Ultimate content generator powered by AI for iOS, Mac and Android.


AI assistant that creates courteous and contextual review responses instantly.
Save time with an AI meeting assistant.
Add Chat GPT to Google search.
AI generated replies for Twitter and LinkedIn
Store your prompts, beautifully.
AI search engine for your internal data.
Create more content faster with AI. Articles into Twitter threads, case studies into newsletters and much more.
Organize your team and personal information to create your own artificial memory bank powered by AI.
ChatGPT summaries in your browser.
Product descriptions created by AI.
Browser plugin to identify AI generated content on a site.
Generative AI design for architectural planning.
AI powered summaries for Youtube videos. Add the chrome extension and start summarizing Youtube videos in seconds.
Supercharge your content creation with Jasper's content generation AI.
Create optimized SEO blog posts with AI. Plan, write and optimize long-form content 10x faster.
QuillBot provides helpful text tools. Rewrite text, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, cowriter assistant, summarizer and citation generator.
AI powered article summarizer.Save hundreds of hours by having your research broken down in sized sections.
Become 10x more productive writing with AI.
AI reviews and feedback.
Your AI Gmail copilot.
Turn articles, PDFs or emails via podcast apps or browsers.
AI powered grammar and style checker.
AI meeting notes and summarization tool.
Apply to jobs automatically with AI.
AI in your browser via this Chrome extension.
Summarize anything in a click. Documents, text, websites, essays and more.
Turn text into interactive maps.
Speech transcription & analysis engine by AI.
Personalize emails faster with AI.
SEO optimized & plagiarism free AI writing tool.
Integrate & automate your favorite apps with AI.
Marketing, sales and copy written by AI in your browser in seconds.
Boost Gmail productivity with the help of AI.
Your AI team assistant. Transcription, meeting notes and insights into your professional meetings.
Tweets that boost engagement with AI.
Write smarter and faster with Typli's AI content tool.
Write with confidence with AI.
Create SEO optimized content in seconds with AI.
Real-time AI sales email coach.
Powerful AI models to transcribe and understand speech via an easy to use API.
AI generated cover letters for Upwork.
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