AI Second Brain Tool

The AI Second Brain Tool that boosts productivity and connects ideas effortlessly.
AI Second Brain Tool
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Never miss another note, idea or connection with the power of AI.

What is

Reflect Notes is a note-taking application that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your thinking process, facilitate organization of thoughts, and establish connections between ideas. With this tool, you can conveniently synchronize your notes across multiple devices, create backlinks within your notes, capture web snippets and Kindle highlights, and effortlessly publish your notes with a single click.

What are the features of

The note-taking app under review offers several notable features to enhance your note-taking experience:

  • AI Integration: The app incorporates advanced AI technologies like GPT-4 and Whisper from OpenAI. These features enable you to improve your writing skills, organize your thoughts effectively, and serve as an intellectual thought partner. Furthermore, the app supports various functionalities such as voice note transcription, generating article outlines, capturing key takeaways and action items, grammar and spelling correction, and customization of prompts.
  • Networked Notes: The app allows you to create a network of interconnected ideas through backlinked notes. This feature facilitates easy searchability and seamless connectivity between related concepts. Additionally, you can publish your notes effortlessly with just a single click.
  • Research and Reading: With this app, you can consolidate web snippets, Kindle highlights, and important links into one centralized location. This makes it convenient to access and retrieve these resources from any device. Furthermore, the app offers browser extensions for Chrome and Safari, enabling you to save web clips and synchronize your Kindle library.
  • End-to-End Encryption: To prioritize the security and confidentiality of your notes, the app employs robust encryption methods. This ensures that only you have access to the contents of your notes. Additionally, the app provides options for exporting your notes or utilizing the API for accessing them.
  • Meeting Management: The app includes features for comprehensive meeting management. You can keep track of all your meetings and easily reference past discussions. Moreover, integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook enable quick importation of events.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): The app incorporates OCR capabilities, allowing you to extract text from screen captures or files. This extracted text can then be seamlessly pasted into other documents for further editing.
  • Ad-Free Experience: The app ensures a distraction-free environment by eliminating any form of external advertising.
  • Portability: With this app, you have the flexibility to use it directly from a USB stick or similar storage device, without the need for prior installation. This portable functionality enhances convenience and accessibility.

How much does cost?

Reflect Notes offers a 14-day free trial period, allowing users to explore and experience the app's features before committing to a subscription. After the trial period, the subscription plan is priced at $10 per month when billed annually. To avail the free trial, interested individuals can sign up through the Reflect Notes website at
For additional guidance and in-depth insights on effectively utilizing the app, users can refer to Reflect Notes' blog and YouTube channel. These platforms provide a wealth of tips, tutorials, and resources to enhance the user's understanding and proficiency with the app.

How do I use the AI integration in Notes?

To utilize the AI integration feature in Reflect Notes, accessing the AI palette is necessary. This palette provides a convenient way to highlight text and apply various transformations. Users can access the AI palette by either pressing ""cmd j"" or clicking on the stars icon after selecting specific text.
Within the AI palette, users are presented with a selection of predefined prompts, including summarization, rephrasing, grammar correction, generating outlines, listing key points and action items, and more. Additionally, users have the option to input their own custom prompts using the provided text field.
The AI palette harnesses the power of GPT-4 and Whisper, two robust models developed by OpenAI. These models possess remarkable capabilities, allowing them to assist users in enhancing their writing, organizing their thoughts, and serving as intellectual thought partners.
For a visual walkthrough of the product, Sam provides a comprehensive demonstration in a video available at the following link:

What are the limitations of

While Reflect Notes offers valuable features, it's important to consider its limitations:

  • Security: Although Reflect Notes implements end-to-end encryption for note security, it's worth noting that when using the AI palette, highlighted text is sent to OpenAI. This process introduces potential privacy risks. To address this, users have the option to utilize their own OpenAI API keys, providing more control over their data.
  • Accuracy: The AI models integrated into Reflect Notes are not flawless and may occasionally produce errors, inaccurate information, or text that is irrelevant to the context. It is advisable to review and edit the output generated by the AI models as needed to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Creativity: The AI models within Reflect Notes rely on existing data and may not possess the ability to generate original or innovative ideas. Users should regard the AI palette as a tool to enhance their own thinking process, rather than a replacement for their own creativity and critical thinking.
  • Cost: It's important to be aware that utilizing the AI palette in Reflect Notes involves utilizing OpenAI's services, which may incur associated fees depending on the user's usage and subscription plan. For detailed information regarding pricing, users can refer to OpenAI's pricing page at

Consideration of these limitations will aid users in making informed decisions and effectively leveraging Reflect Notes' capabilities.

The AI Second Brain Tool that boosts productivity and connects ideas effortlessly.

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