Master any Youtube tutorial video into an AI-generated assessment quiz with Kwizie, the ultimate Youtube to Quiz AI tool.
Ace your academic game with Learnitive's AI-powered text summarization platform.
PuzzleGeneratorAI is an innovative tool that lets you create captivating, custom jigsaw puzzles using simple text prompts.
An AI grading tool that saves you time and provides insights into student learning.
Effortlessly craft captivating online courses with LearningStudioAI, offering seamless compatibility, enchanting features, and exceptional learning analytics.
Twee: AI English Teacher tool. Simplify lesson planning with instantly generated questions, dialogues, stories, and exercises.
The Ultimate AI Teaching Tool - Simplify your teaching with Fetchy's AI-powered suite of tools.
StoryBee is a platform where users can create stories with the help of AI.
Plan and create activities effortlessly with Teacherbot, an AI teacher tool. Suitable for any level and subject.
Create amazing AI generated teacher lesson plans with the LessonPlans tool.
Generate engaging quizzes with Questen's AI-powered tool. Create Quizzes from Text with AI
Smart & easy test creation process backed by advanced AI algorithms. It helps you create quality exams, quizzes, and tests using an easy-to-use dashboard. With multiple input options.
Craft unique Midjourney prompts using an interactive building blocks tool.
Unlock Curiosity & Empower Growth with Five: The AI Child Communication Tool
Child's personal AI English tutor.
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