AI Grading Tool

An AI grading tool that saves you time and provides insights into student learning.
AI Grading Tool
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Save time grading paper-based assignments and gain insights into student learning. Grade in half the time and for free. Log in or create an account to deliver and grade assessments anywhere. Autograder, manual grading, and support for all subjects.

What is serves as a web platform designed to facilitate the grading and feedback process for a diverse range of assignments, encompassing exams, homework, code assessments, and bubble sheets. For educators, the platform offers features including the ability to scan and evaluate student submissions using a versatile rubric, as well as options for grade transmission and export. Moreover, instructors can effectively handle regrade appeals through the system. On the student front, provides the convenience of online submission, enabling students to upload their work digitally or via a mobile application. This interface also grants students access to their feedback and the opportunity to request reevaluation. In broader scope, the platform's primary objectives encompass time efficiency, academic integrity by curbing cheating, and the enhancement of educational outcomes.

How much does cost?

Based on available web search results, the pricing structure of is not readily transparent on their official website. Nevertheless, a source indicates that they do offer a foundational plan, the specifics of which necessitate direct engagement with the vendor to ascertain the associated pricing details.

What are the benefits of functions as an online platform designed to streamline grading and assessment processes for both instructors and students. The tool offers several advantageous features, including:

  • Time and Effort Savings: Through the utilization of handwriting recognition, dynamic rubrics, and answer grouping capabilities, the platform contributes to the efficiency of grading tasks, minimizing the time and effort required for evaluation.
  • Enhanced Feedback Quality: Instructors benefit from the ability to annotate and provide feedback on student submissions. Moreover, the system facilitates the application of rubric changes to all submissions automatically, fostering improved feedback consistency and quality.
  • Assignment Diversity: accommodates a wide range of assignment types, encompassing paper-based, online, programming, bubble sheet, and group assignments, thus catering to diverse educational needs.
  • Performance Insights: The platform furnishes instructors with valuable statistics and insights concerning student performance and learning outcomes, aiding in the assessment of educational effectiveness.

By amalgamating these features, contributes to more efficient and effective grading processes and the promotion of enhanced teaching and learning outcomes.

How does prevent cheating?

Gradescope incorporates a variety of functionalities aimed at mitigating cheating and collusion during remote assessments. Noteworthy among these functionalities are:

  • Time limits: Instructors possess the capability to define a maximum timeframe within which students must complete their assignments. This limitation curtails the window for potential sharing or replication of answers among students.
  • Concealment of questions and responses: Instructors can opt to obscure the questions and responses from students once they have submitted their work or once the assignment's due date has elapsed. This measure effectively prevents access to and distribution of assessment content beyond the intended time frame.
  • Question randomization: Within online assignments, educators have the ability to introduce randomness to the arrangement of questions, answer choices, or both. This strategic randomization complicates the process of comparing or duplicating answers among students, adding a layer of complexity to potential cheating attempts.

What is the accuracy of the plagiarism detection of

Gradescope does not have a plagiarism detection function; instead, it features a code similarity tool designed to display the extent of resemblance among programming submissions. The precision of this tool hinges on diverse factors, including the programming language employed, assignment particulars, the similarity algorithm utilized, and the instructor's configurations. Notably, the tool does not autonomously flag or impose penalties on similar submissions. Rather, it equips instructors with a visual comparison and a similarity score, empowering them to form their own assessments. It is worth emphasizing that the accuracy of Gradescope's code similarity tool is not a fixed metric; rather, it constitutes a relative gauge influenced by the assessment's context and objectives."

An AI grading tool that saves you time and provides insights into student learning.

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