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August 13, 2023

New listing design, adding upvotes, tons of new AI tools and much more

It's been busy over here at We've added a ton of new AI tools to our directory, we're currently at over 5,000+ AI tools in our directory. Here's some recent changes:

Revamped listing pages

We're always continuing to improve our site and take feedback into consideration. As we continue to add new information to AI listing tools we needed a better way to organize that information. We've revamped the listing pages and started to make some changes to allow for additional information. We'll be continuing to add more and more content about every AI tool listed on our site, and we hope that you like the changes we made.

Prominent verified tools section

We love tools that take the time to verify their profiles and information and we love rewarding those AI tools with prominent exposure. We've added a verified tools section to every listing page for those tools that have been verified. The verified tools will show up on all listing pages for categories that they are listed in.

Upvotes and voting

You can now upvote and vote for your favorite AI tools. We've added this to every AI listing page and will start to roll this out sitewide soon.

We've got a lot more coming soon. If your AI tool is listed on you'll want to make sure that you verify your listing. Verified listings receive access to new features first and we've got some pretty cool stuff planned.

July 18, 2023

AI affiliate program list and more

We've been very busy behind the scenes over the last couple of months. Here's a quick breakdown of what's new on

New AI Affiliate programs list

We want to make it easy for creators to promote AI tools and services that we feature. We recently created a list of AI tools with affiliate programs. Find the complete list of AI affiliate programs and start making money promoting AI tools.

Added AI tool descriptions and information

As requested from AI tools and services that we've talked to we now offer additional information about tools and services. This is the first step towards creating a better listing page, we've got even more lined up that we'll be rolling out soon.

June 13, 2023 Verification Process

Over the last few weeks we've been making improvements to, we're happy to announce our latest feature, verified listings.

We've been listening to feedback from AI companies and our user base and we've rolled out a new verification process for all AI tools. This ensures that AI tool companies are able to ensure that the information found on their listing pages are up to date and as accurate as possible.

Our verification process also allows us to help guide users to find the best AI products and tools available on the market.

How to verify on

Companies that already have their tools featured on will be able to visit their tool page, and then click on Verify listing to verify their listing. This will start the process of verifying yoru listing and we'll send you an email with additional information on how to verify your listing.

Verifying your listing on is free

Benefits of verifying your AI tool on

  • Verified listings receive a verified badge visible throughout's website
  • Verified listings remove the ability to claim a page/listing page
  • Verified listings are able to provide up to date information about their product and services
  • We have many more features planned for companies that have verified their listings, companies with verified listings will have initial access to these features and programs

We're building a ton of new features for and we're happy to have such an amazing user base and AI tools that we can feature.

March 27, 2023

Updates to ChatGPT Plugin Directory

Added category pages to make browsing by category easier. This includes some modifications to our search & filtering capabilities.

March 24, 2023

ChatGPT Plugin Directory is brining you the first public ChatGPT plugin directory. We've just added the first round of ChatGPT plugins and will begin adding more as they become available. This is currently in beta and we'll be adding additional search and filtering options as we begin to test and receive more information about the capabilities of ChatGPT plugins.

3:55 PM

Updated plugins to indicate the status of the plugins based on a user recommendation. We'll be continually monitoring these and update the status as private plugins go live.

4:30 PM

Categories for ChatGPT plugins are now live.

5:05 PM

We've got search and filtering live.

5:15 PM

The ability to like and bookmark different ChatGPT plugins is now live!

February 24, 2023

Improved site copy

Made minor enhancements to the site copy.

AI Domains

February 20, 2023

Added changelog

We just added a new change log feature to Stay up to date with changes and what's new with