Slack AI Bots & Summarizers

Slack AI bots and summarization tools that help you work faster wtih Slack.

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Supercharge your calendar and todos with the power of AI.


AI bot connected to Slack and Discord to answer questions for you.
Powerful AI to take care of your daily tasks.
Organize your team and personal information to create your own artificial memory bank powered by AI.


Accelerate your workflow and team with Somi's slack AI assistant. Topic summarization, Q&A assistant and more that is built on top of Slack.
AI meeting notes and summarization tool.
An expert AI assisted deck designer. Save hours on creating pitches and decks with Beautiful.
Automated AI driven weekly updates.
Integrate & automate your favorite apps with AI.
A Slack AI assistant that reviews previous Slack messages to give employees instant and accurate answers.
Easily integrate AI solutions to no code with premade AI components.
Summarize any slack channel or thread with one click.
AI chat support solution for email, apps, video and social.
Personalized sales outreach courtesy of AI.
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