AI Meeting & Summarization Tool

Efficiently summarize meetings with Tactiq, the AI meeting & summarization tool.
AI Meeting & Summarization Tool
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AI meeting notes and summarization tool.

What is tactiq.io?

Tactiq.io is a web-based platform that provides a Chrome extension designed to facilitate real-time transcription of meetings conducted on popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams. Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Tactiq.io generates meeting summaries, action items, and the agenda for the next meeting. Additionally, the platform offers seamless integration with various collaboration tools including Slack, Google Docs, and Notion, allowing users to easily share the transcriptions and summaries with their teams. Tactiq.io has gained substantial traction with a user base of over 250,000 individuals across 10,000 organizations. Notably, it has been acknowledged as a partner of Google Cloud.

What are the benefits of using tactiq.io?

Tactiq offers several noteworthy benefits for users:
Enhanced Focus and Engagement: By utilizing Tactiq, individuals can actively participate in meetings without the need to take extensive notes or worry about missing crucial details. This allows for improved focus and engagement during discussions.
Accurate Speaker Identification: Tactiq's advanced functionality ensures accurate identification of speakers within the meeting transcription. This feature contributes to maintaining a comprehensive record of important conversations and discussions.
Seamless Integration with Existing Tools: Tactiq facilitates the sharing of meeting summaries generated using OpenAI GPT-3 across various widely-used collaboration platforms, including Slack, Google Docs, and Notion. This integration enables users to seamlessly incorporate the generated content into their existing workflows.
Robust Privacy and Security Measures: Tactiq prioritizes the privacy and security of user conversations. With high-grade encryption and privacy settings in place, users can have confidence in the confidentiality of their discussions.
Language Translation and Content Summarization: Through integration with Notion AI, Tactiq offers the ability to translate meeting content into different languages. Additionally, users can leverage the AI capabilities to generate summaries of any content, providing efficient access to key information.
By leveraging Tactiq, users can experience improved focus, accurate speaker identification, streamlined collaboration, enhanced privacy, and convenient language translation and content summarization capabilities.

How much does tactiq.io cost?

According to the website1, Tactiq.io has three pricing plans:
Free: $0 per month, 10 meetings per month, 5 AI credits, basic features
Pro: $8 per month (billed annually), unlimited meetings, 10 AI credits per month, screenshots, video add-on, auto-highlights
Team: $16 per month (billed annually), all in Pro plan, 200 AI GPT-3 credits per month (up to 1000 AI credits), team folders, centralized billing, collaborative workspace, membership admin, advanced collaboration, bulk export, team engagement
There is also an Enterprise plan for 100+ seats that requires contacting the company. Teachers and students can also get Tactiq for Education plan by leaving a message to the company.

How does tactiq.io work?

Tactiq.io is a third-party tool that leverages AI technology to transcribe and summarize various types of meetings, calls, interviews, and more. It offers a browser extension that automatically saves live captions and chat from Google Meet and Zoom to popular platforms like Google Drive, Quip, Notion, and others.
To generate meeting summaries, action items, and the next meeting agenda, Tactiq.io utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT, which is a large language model capable of generating natural language texts based on contextual information.
Additionally, Tactiq.io employs AI capabilities to provide analytics and recommendations aimed at enhancing meeting summaries and improving overall engagement.
Overall, Tactiq.io provides users with the ability to effortlessly transcribe and summarize meetings while offering features like integration with popular platforms, AI-generated meeting insights, and helpful analytics.

What are the limitations of tactiq.io?

Tactiq.io, while a useful tool, does have certain limitations that should be considered:
1. Language Support: Tactiq.io currently supports transcription in English and a limited set of 10 other languages. Other languages may not be fully supported.
2. Audio Recording: The tool only allows audio recordings unless users subscribe to the Pro or Team plan, which may limit the available features for certain users.
3. Accuracy Challenges: Tactiq.io may encounter difficulties accurately capturing certain words or accents, potentially altering the intended meaning of sentences. This limitation can affect the overall quality of transcriptions.
4. Audio Quality and Background Noise: The tool's performance may be compromised when dealing with low-quality audio recordings or situations with significant background noise. These conditions can hinder accurate transcription results.
5. Complex Conversations: Tactiq.io may struggle to generate accurate summaries or action items for conversations that are complex or contain vague information. The tool's effectiveness in such scenarios may be limited.
Considering these limitations, it is important for users to assess whether Tactiq.io aligns with their specific language requirements, audio recording needs, and the complexity of their conversations.

Efficiently summarize meetings with Tactiq, the AI meeting & summarization tool.

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