AI Firefox Extensions & Add-ons

The top AI Firefox Extensions & Add-ons of 2023. Boost Firefox functionality with these artificial intelligence tools.

All-in-one AI assistant for supercharged productivity.
AI Written Articles Generator: Create unique, SEO optimized articles in minutes with Article Fiesta. Just provide a keyword.
AI Text Detection browser plugin for Safari, Chrome & Firefox. Spot AI-generated content instantly.
Ace your academic game with Learnitive's AI-powered text summarization platform.
AI-driven translator converts and preserves the speaker's voice, ensuring clear understanding in any language for everyone.
Trinka is an AI-powered grammar checker and language enhancement writing assistant designed for academic and technical writing.
Transform your architectural planning with Maket: AI's powerful generative design tool.
Transform your copywriting with GravityWrite - the AI ad copywriting tool that supercharges your content creation.
Enhance Google results with ChatGPT: Add ChatGPT to Google search effortlessly with our extension.
Boost productivity and unleash creativity with Copilotly, your AI personal copilot tool for enhanced workflows.
Transform customer service with Kommunicate's AI Chatbot Solution
From customer interview to project meeting, TMate transforms your conversation into Actionable Insights in Minutes via the power of AI.
Revolutionize your Google reviews with Reviewly AI, the ultimate AI-powered review management tool.
Highly efficient AI lead generation tool: OptinMagic converts visitors into customers with customizable designs and unlimited campaigns. Boost your mailing lists and drive sales.
Summarize Documents with AI - Free yourself from info overload with TLDRthis, the tool that summarizes anything in a click.
Improve products and boost sales with Gleap's AI customer feedback tool.
Boost team productivity with Ayanza's AI Collaborative Project Management Software.
Elevate your writing with Typli's AI tool for Smarter SEO Writing.
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