AI Text Detection Add-on for Safari, Chrome & Firefox

AI Text Detection browser plugin for Safari, Chrome & Firefox. Spot AI-generated content instantly.
AI Text Detection Add-on for Safari, Chrome & Firefox
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Browser plugin to identify AI generated content on a site.

What is is a browser extension designed to assist users in identifying AI-generated text by providing a highlighting feature on webpages. This tool enables quick detection of fabricated product reviews, comments, and articles. The development of is attributed to computer scientists affiliated with the Berkeley AI Research Lab. To estimate the likelihood of a given text being generated by an AI bot, the extension utilizes the RoBERTa Base OpenAI Detector. The concept behind draws inspiration from the movie Blade Runner, which portrays the struggle of humans in differentiating messages created by their own species from those produced by the tools they have created.

How does work? is a tool that utilizes AI technology to identify text written by the GPT, a powerful language model known for generating realistic content. It employs the RoBERTa Base OpenAI Detector, an AI model capable of estimating the likelihood of a text being produced by a bot. This tool highlights the text on a webpage using a color code and confidence score, providing valuable insights. When the text has a high probability of being generated by a bot, it is underlined with a red color and accompanied by a corresponding confidence label. By hovering over the highlighted text, users can access additional information about the source and the detection method employed.'s primary objective is to assist users in identifying spam, misinformation, and fake accounts across various websites.

How much does cost? is a browser extension that users can freely download and utilize without any cost. This extension is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  • Detection of spam, misinformation, and fake accounts: This tool assists users in identifying and flagging suspicious content on social media platforms and news websites, enabling them to navigate online spaces more securely and responsibly.
  • Identification of AI-generated text in academic settings: aids users in detecting artificially generated text in exams, assignments, and research materials, helping to ensure the integrity and authenticity of academic work by identifying manipulated or plagiarized content.
  • Uncovering fake reviews and fraudulent messages: The tool is designed to recognize and expose fabricated reviews and deceptive direct messages on e-commerce websites, allowing users to make informed decisions and avoid potential scams or misleading information.
  • Detection of misinformation and potential cyber attacks on government websites: assists users in identifying misinformation campaigns, instigation efforts, and early signs of cyber attacks on government websites. This promotes online security and helps safeguard critical information and infrastructure.
  • Enhanced awareness of AI-generated text: By using, users gain a heightened awareness of the prevalence and impact of AI-generated text across the internet. This fosters a more informed and vigilant online community, empowering individuals to discern between genuine and artificially generated content.

Overall, equips users with tools to identify and mitigate the risks associated with spam, misinformation, and AI-generated text in various online environments, promoting a safer and more reliable digital experience.

What are some limitations of has certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limited detection of AI-generated text: The tool specializes in identifying text generated by GPT models, but it may not be able to detect other types of AI-generated text that do not fall within this specific category. Thus, there is a possibility that some AI-generated text may go undetected.
  • Variable detection effectiveness on different webpages: The ability of to detect AI-generated text can depend on factors such as the webpage's format, layout, and the source of the text. In some cases, the tool may encounter difficulties in accurately identifying AI-generated content.
  • Reliance on the RoBERTa Base OpenAI Detector: relies on the RoBERTa Base OpenAI Detector, an AI model used to estimate the probability of text being bot-generated. However, like any model, it is not infallible and may contain errors or biases that could affect its detection accuracy.
  • Lack of addressing broader ethical issues: While focuses on detecting AI-generated text, it does not directly address the wider ethical concerns associated with the use and potential misuse of such text. Ethical considerations like the impact on human dignity, autonomy, and privacy, which arise from the proliferation of AI-generated content, are not within the scope of this tool.

Users should be mindful of these limitations when utilizing and consider them alongside its benefits in evaluating its effectiveness for their specific needs.

AI Text Detection browser plugin for Safari, Chrome & Firefox. Spot AI-generated content instantly.

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