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Quickly summarize Slack channels or threads with theGist: AI-powered summaries in one click.
Slack AI Summaries with One Click
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Summarize any slack channel or thread with one click.

What is is a comprehensive AI workspace designed to enhance human productivity by streamlining and improving work processes. This platform integrates multiple work applications into a unified environment and offers personalized AI insights, summaries, and notifications. Additionally, it provides generative AI tools capable of producing various content types, including articles, graphics, and code. has gained popularity among numerous high-performing teams globally and has received support from prominent venture capitalists. For more information about, you can visit their official website or explore their blog.

How does simplify work? is a third-party tool that offers a unified AI workspace, streamlining work processes by integrating various work apps into a single platform. This integration allows users to access all their necessary tools and information without the need to switch between different apps or tabs. With personalized AI insights, summaries, and notifications, helps users prioritize and focus on essential tasks, avoiding information overload.

Furthermore, the tool provides generative AI capabilities, enabling users to create diverse content types, including articles, graphics, code, and more. These generative AI tools adapt to the user's specific needs and preferences, enhancing their productivity and creative output.

Overall, aims to empower users by simplifying and enhancing their work experience, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficiency in various tasks.

How much does cost? offers different pricing plans to cater to various user needs, as stated on their website.

  • Free plan: This plan is suitable for individuals who wish to explore and experience its features. It includes access to up to 3 work apps, 10 AI insights per month, 10 AI summaries per month, and 10 AI content creations per month. Users also benefit from unlimited notifications and basic support.
  • Pro plan: Geared towards professionals seeking to maximize their productivity with, this plan provides access to unlimited work apps, AI insights, summaries, and content creations. Additionally, users receive priority notifications and premium support. The cost of the Pro plan is $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year.
  • Team plan: Designed for collaborative use within organizations, the Team plan encompasses all features offered in the Pro plan. It further includes team-specific features like a team dashboard, team insights, team summaries, team content creations, and team chat. The Team plan is priced at $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year per team member.

For more detailed information about the pricing and features, you can visit's official website or read their blog.

How does ensure data privacy? prioritizes data privacy and implements specific principles to safeguard user information, as outlined on their website.

  • Privacy-focused approach: ensures data privacy by refraining from storing any user data, thereby mitigating concerns related to data retention and unauthorized access.
  • Secure integration with external services: When integrating with external platforms like Slack, adheres to stringent API-level authentication requirements and complies with the permissions granted by customers. This approach guarantees a secure and controlled data exchange.
  • Utilization of AWS managed services: exclusively relies on AWS managed services, adhering to industry-leading standards concerning security, reliability, privacy, and encryption provided by AWS.
  • User data control: grants users the ability to maintain control over their data. Users can request, access, or delete their data at any time by simply filling out a form on's website.

For comprehensive details regarding the data privacy practices of, users can visit the official website or explore their blog.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  • Overcoming information overload: tackles the challenge of information overload by delivering personalized and concise summaries of work apps like Slack and Gmail. This feature helps users focus on crucial information without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Boosting productivity: With a focus on personalization, directs users to relevant and important content based on their preferences and behavior. This approach enhances productivity by streamlining access to crucial information.
  • Enhancing creativity: includes generative AI tools that empower users to create diverse types of content, such as articles, graphics, and code. This creative support fosters innovation and allows users to explore their ideas freely.
  • Simplifying work processes: simplifies work routines by integrating all work apps into a single AI-powered workspace. This unified environment enables users to access everything they need without the hassle of switching between different tabs or applications.
  • Improving collaboration and communication: For teams, offers valuable features like team dashboard, team insights, team summaries, team content creations, and team chat. These collaborative tools facilitate effective communication and streamlined teamwork.

Overall, provides a comprehensive solution to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration, while effectively managing information overload.

Quickly summarize Slack channels or threads with theGist: AI-powered summaries in one click.

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