AI Personal Assistant for GTM Teams

AI Personal Assistant for GTM Teams. Accurate, human-like sales call summaries.
AI Personal Assistant for GTM Teams
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Personal AI assistant for GTM teams.

What is is a company specializing in offering emotional intelligence solutions for go-to-market (GTM) teams. Leveraging behavioral AI technology, analyzes video conversations to generate precise and natural call summaries, follow-up emails, and CRM updates. In addition, it provides valuable insights into buyer intent, engagement, sentiment, and winning behaviors. positions itself as the leading AI tool in terms of power and accuracy for customer-facing teams.

How does work? employs a multimodal intelligence engine to thoroughly analyze Zoom calls, enabling it to identify buyer intent. By interpreting body language, voice tone, and speech content during sales calls, the tool generates summaries that resemble human-generated notes, eliminating the need for manual input. Additionally, analyzes buyer emotions and highlights key areas of interest for users to focus on in future conversations. The tool seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as CRM, Slack, and email, delivering accurate and timely insights to users.

What are some benefits of using

Using offers several benefits:

  • Time and Efficiency: By automating tasks like note-taking, follow-up emails, and CRM updates, helps save time and increase overall efficiency.
  • Personalization and Customer Engagement: The tool enables better understanding of buyer emotions, interests, pain points, and next steps, leading to improved personalization and enhanced customer engagement.
  • Win Rates and Forecast Accuracy: provides timely and objective insights into deal progress, buyer intent, and sales performance, contributing to increased win rates and more accurate sales forecasts.
  • Organizational Alignment: By capturing and disseminating the voice of the customer, helps drive alignment across the organization. It influences strategies and decision-making processes, ensuring a customer-centric approach.
  • Coaching and Improvement: Leveraging metrics on buyer engagement and excitement, allows self-coaching and team development by identifying winning behaviors and areas for improvement in sales conversations.

How does ensure data privacy? prioritizes data privacy through the following measures:

  • Customer Data Processing: The tool strictly processes customer data on their behalf, adhering to reasonable instructions provided by the customer.
  • Comprehensive Security Program: implements a robust security program comprising policies, procedures, and controls to safeguard against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, and loss of data.
  • Employee Training and Education: Ongoing training and education programs are provided to employees to ensure they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities in maintaining operational security and protecting client data.
  • Access Controls and Background Checks: Strict access controls are enforced, and background checks are conducted to prevent unauthorized access to systems and information.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Laws: is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

It's important to consider these limitations when evaluating the suitability of for specific use cases and organizational requirements.

AI Personal Assistant for GTM Teams. Accurate, human-like sales call summaries.

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