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Boost SEO effortlessly with, the leading AI image alt text generator. Compatible with popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and more.
AI Image Alt Text Generator
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Introducing, a cutting-edge AI image alt text generator that enhances SEO and boosts site accessibility effortlessly. Compatible with popular platforms like WordPress, CMS, Shopify, and the web, this dynamic tool even offers a developer API for customized adaptations. Users can effortlessly upload images and add optional SEO keywords while harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze the visuals, generating precise alt text descriptions in over 130 languages. Seamlessly integrating with various platforms, extends its functionality through a WordPress plugin, Shopify app, and WooCommerce integration for intelligent alt text generation specifically designed for e-commerce products. Moreover, native apps for Contentful and Hygraph ensure effortless integration with headless CMS. Trusted by an array of renowned internet marketing, content, and e-commerce brands, also provides a no-cost, credit card-free trial that allows users to experience the power of this AI image alt text generator with their first 25 images. Discover a new level of convenience, efficiency, and accessibility with

What is is a service leveraging advanced AI and computer vision technology to automatically create alt text for images. Alt text serves as a descriptive element for images, enhancing both the search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility of websites. provides multiple avenues to obtain alt text for images, including a WordPress plugin, a Shopify app, a browser extension, or an API. Additionally, users can utilize the website to generate alt text for individual images or in bulk. Notably, supports over 130 languages for alt text generation, facilitating a wide range of linguistic needs.

How accurate is the alt text generated by

The accuracy of alt text generated by is contingent upon various factors, including image quality and complexity, language nuances, chosen keywords, and desired confidence level. As outlined in their documentation, recommends a confidence threshold of 0.4 for the Image Analysis 3.2 API and 0.0 for the Image Analysis 4.0 API. This threshold ensures the acceptance of captions with a high probability of correctness. Nevertheless, accuracy may differ among users based on individual requirements and preferences. Users have the option to review and edit alt text as needed before integrating it into their websites.

How do I integrate with my website?

There are various integration options available for incorporating into your website, catering to different needs and preferences:

  1. WordPress Plugin: Utilize the plugin from the WordPress repository to automatically generate alt text for new images added to your media library. The plugin also offers a bulk updater feature to address missing or inaccurate alt text for existing images.

  2. Ecommerce Platforms: For Shopify or WooCommerce users, leverage the app or integration to optimize product images for SEO and accessibility. The app intelligently incorporates product names and brands into the generated alt text.

  3. Headless CMS: If you employ a headless CMS like Contentful or Hygraph, integrate's native app or integration to seamlessly incorporate AI-generated alt text into your images within the CMS. Additionally, utilize the Zapier integration for handling other platforms.

  4. Website & Developer API: Generate alt text for individual images or in bulk using the website or developer API. The website allows image uploads, URL inputs, and image scraping from web pages, along with the capability to import/export CSV files with image data. The developer API offers a simple REST interface for adding SEO alt text anywhere within your application.

  5. Browser Extensions: Employ the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox to generate alt text for any image on the web. This extension enables right-click functionality to obtain alt text for copying and pasting, compatible with platforms like Squarespace, Webflow, and other web pages.

  6. Automations: Streamline alt text generation workflows with pre-built automations in Zapier, Pabbly, or Albato. These automations facilitate connections between and hundreds of other supported systems and apps.

How does handle privacy and security?

According to's privacy policy, they uphold privacy and security measures by:

  1. Refraining from selling user data to third parties, except within approved use cases.
  2. Not processing sensitive personal information.
  3. Employing organizational and technical safeguards to safeguard personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  4. Granting users rights to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of their personal information.
  5. Offering secure and convenient options for integrating with websites.

For further details regarding their privacy and security practices, users can refer to's website or contact them directly with any inquiries or concerns.

What is the pricing of provides various pricing options tailored to individual needs and preferences:

  1. Credit Usage: Each generation of alt text using their AI engine consumes 1 credit, while requesting a human review consumes 15 credits. Users receive an initial 25 credits free of charge, without requiring a credit card.

  2. Monthly or Yearly Plans: Users can opt for monthly or yearly plans to acquire additional credits, with the following options:
      - Bronze Plan: 100 credits per month for $5
      - Silver Plan: 500 credits per month for $19
      - Gold Plan: 2000 credits per month for $49
      Unused credits roll over to the next billing period, and users retain the flexibility to cancel recurring plans at any time.

  3. Extra Credit Packs: Additional credit packs are available for purchase at $3 per 50 credits.

  4. Enterprise Pricing: For users requiring larger plans, offers enterprise pricing options upon inquiry.

For more comprehensive pricing details, users can visit's website or utilize their browser extension. This overview aims to assist users in determining whether aligns with their budget and requirements.

Boost SEO effortlessly with, the leading AI image alt text generator. Compatible with popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and more.

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