AI Speech to Text & Analysis Tool

Turn audio and video into insights with SpeakAI - an AI speech to text and analysis tool.
AI Speech to Text & Analysis Tool
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Speech transcription & analysis engine by AI.

What is speakai.co?

Speakai.co is a website that provides a range of tools and software aimed at assisting users in transforming their language data into valuable insights. Through their platform, users have the ability to upload various file formats such as audio, video, and text, and utilize automated transcription, analysis, visualization, and sharing features. Additionally, Speakai.co offers an AI engine known as Speak Magic Prompts, enabling users to ask questions and receive meaningful responses.

How accurate is transcription of speakai.co?

Speakai.co asserts on their website that they achieve a transcription accuracy of 99% when working with high-quality audio. They also provide professional transcription services that promise complete accuracy, along with fast turnaround times and features for redacting personally identifiable information. However, it is worth noting that there are no available independent reviews or benchmarks to substantiate these claims regarding accuracy. If you are interested in evaluating the transcription quality firsthand, you have the option to avail of their free 14-day trial.

How does speakai.co work?

Speakai.co utilizes a combination of machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques to facilitate the transcription and analysis of audio, video, and text data. To begin the process, users have the option to upload their files directly, record within the application, or employ embeddable recorders for data capture. Through its speech recognition and natural language processing engine, Speakai.co automatically transcribes and analyzes the data, revealing significant keywords, topics, key phrases, sentiment, and other relevant insights. To interact with the system, users can leverage Speak Magic Prompts, enabling them to ask questions and receive meaningful responses from Speak's AI engine. Furthermore, the platform allows users to share their findings and enhance decision-making through robust research repositories that encompass features like data visualization, deep search capabilities, media playback, and more. For guidance on utilizing Speakai.co effectively, video tutorials are available on their website.

How secure is my data on Speakai.co?

Speakai.co has a privacy policy in place that ensures the protection of personal information in compliance with legal requirements. They implement both physical and electronic safeguards to securely store user data and prevent unauthorized access. Confidential personal details such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security or social insurance numbers are not solicited by Speakai.co. Furthermore, the platform incorporates PII redaction features to safeguard sensitive information during transcription. In their efforts to enhance security and identify potential cyber threats, they employ data collection practices. However, it is important to note that Speakai.co acknowledges the inherent limitations of data transmission security and cannot guarantee the complete security of transmitted information. Users are advised to exercise caution and transmit data at their own risk. For a comprehensive understanding of their privacy practices, the full privacy policy is available on the Speakai.co website.

How much does speakai.co cost?

Speakai.co provides a range of pricing plans tailored to the needs and usage of individuals and teams. Their pay-as-you-go plan offers automated transcription at a rate of $0.10 per audio minute and charges $0.01 per character for Magic Prompts. Additionally, they offer a starter plan, priced at $57 per month when billed annually, which includes 15 hours of automated transcription, 500,000 Magic Prompt characters, and one premium add-on. Speakai.co also offers a custom plan, allowing users to mix and match features and benefit from volume discounts for larger transcription orders.
For professional transcription services, they charge $1.50 per audio minute and provide fast turnaround times along with PII redaction features. All plans, regardless of the chosen pricing tier, encompass unlimited storage, advanced analysis capabilities, data visualization tools, a transcript editor, shareable media player, project folders, export options, native integrations, and Zapier templates.
To obtain more details or commence a free 14-day trial, interested users can visit Speakai.co's pricing page.

Turn audio and video into insights with SpeakAI - an AI speech to text and analysis tool.

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