AI Text to Maps Tool

Instantly transform text into interactive maps with Texttomap: the ultimate AI Text to Maps Tool.
AI Text to Maps Tool
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Turn text into interactive maps.

What is textomap.com?

Textomap.com is a web-based tool that swiftly transforms text into interactive maps. Users can utilize the platform to generate maps from textual sources that include various locations, places of interest, and addresses. The tool is optimized for natural language processing, providing efficient results. Additionally, users have the option to share their created maps on social media, through links, or embed them into their content for easy distribution.

How does Textomap.com work?

Textomap.com employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze text and extract geographic information. This automated process enables the platform to create maps based on the provided text. Users can simply copy and paste their text into the interface, and the tool will generate the corresponding map.

Additionally, Textomap.com offers various editing features, allowing users to modify text sources, assign, re-assign, and remove locations on the map. The platform facilitates exporting maps to Google Maps, embedding them on websites and supported platforms, and saving the maps for later access. Furthermore, users can export map data as a CSV file, delete and rename maps, and seamlessly navigate the created maps. Moreover, users have the option to leverage ChatGPT for generating maps from prompts and questions.

How much does textomap.com cost?

Textomap.com offers two pricing plans: Free and Pro. The Free plan allows users to create an unlimited number of maps but comes with certain limitations. These include a monthly cap of 100 shared map views, a limit of 10 question maps per month, and a restriction of 1000 characters per map. Additionally, occasional ads may appear, and customer support is provided at a basic level.

On the other hand, the Pro plan, priced at $7 per month or $70 per year, provides full access to all features without any ads. Users under the Pro plan enjoy unlimited shared map views, can create an unlimited number of question maps, and are allotted up to 10,000 characters per map. Moreover, Pro plan users receive priority chat and email support for their inquiries.

For those with specific requirements, Textomap.com offers the option to request a custom plan. This allows users to access custom features, APIs, and obtain personalized quotes based on their individual needs.

Textomap.com utilizes Stripe for billing, a secure payment provider trusted by many companies. Users also have the flexibility to pay with PayPal if they prefer that payment method.

What are the benefits of textomap.com?

Textomap.com offers several benefits that cater to users across various domains:

  • Time Savings: The tool's advanced algorithms enable the rapid generation of maps in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need for manual data input and formatting, resulting in significant time savings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Textomap.com boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and straightforward to use, even for beginners. Users can effortlessly create maps from text sources containing locations, places of interest, and addresses. Moreover, ChatGPT integration allows the creation of maps from prompts and questions.
  • Professional-Looking Maps: The platform delivers professional-looking maps suitable for both personal and business applications. Users have the flexibility to customize map styles, incorporate photos and Wikipedia links, and export maps to Google Maps or CSV format.
  • Enhanced Business Efficiency: Textomap.com facilitates data visualization and geographical trend analysis, benefiting businesses in areas like market analysis, customer segmentation, and competitor research. By embedding maps on websites or sharing them on social media, businesses can boost engagement and conversions.
  • Versatile Applications: The tool caters to a wide range of users, including content creators, bloggers, travel agents, operators, educational institutions, news and media outlets, and more. Maps can be utilized to augment content, provide insights, narrate stories, and educate audiences effectively.

In summary, Textomap.com offers time-saving, user-friendly map generation capabilities with customization options, aiding businesses in improving efficiency and engaging diverse user groups across various industries.

What are the limitations of textomap.com?

Textomap.com is a powerful and innovative tool with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limited Knowledge: Textomap.com's functionality relies on ChatGPT, an AI model trained on data up to 2021. Consequently, the tool may not be able to provide accurate information or create maps about recent events or up-to-date information.
  • Ambiguous Locations: In some cases, Textomap.com may identify locations in unintended places, especially when the text lacks context or specificity. For instance, if the text mentions ""Paris,"" the tool may map it to either Paris, France, or Paris, Texas. Users can mitigate this issue by editing text sources or manually assigning locations.
  • Language Support: While Textomap.com supports multiple languages, it does not cover all languages. Currently, the tool can create maps from text in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. For users employing other languages, Textomap.com might not be able to generate maps or may produce inaccurate results.
  • Pricing Plan Restrictions: Textomap.com offers a free plan with the benefit of creating unlimited maps. However, this plan entails certain limitations such as restricted shared map views, question maps, and characters per map. Additionally, users may encounter occasional ads. To access all features without ads, users can upgrade to the Pro plan, priced at $7 per month or $70 per year.

In conclusion, while Textomap.com presents itself as a powerful tool, potential users should be mindful of its limitations in terms of knowledge scope, potential ambiguous location identification, language support, and the specific constraints associated with its pricing plans.

Instantly transform text into interactive maps with Texttomap: the ultimate AI Text to Maps Tool.

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