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Extract vocals, accompaniments, and instruments with LalalAI, an AI music splitting tool.
AI Music Splitting Tool
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Extract vocals, accompanients and instruments from audio and video.

What is is an advanced tool designed for separating and extracting different components of music tracks with high accuracy and efficiency. With its next-generation technology, offers a fast and easy solution for removing vocals and extracting various stems from audio files. This includes vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks, all while maintaining the original audio quality.
At the core of is a unique neural network called Phoenix. This neural network utilizes an evolutionary approach to signal processing, resulting in exceptional vocal separation quality that surpasses other tools available in the market. The team behind consists of experts specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and digital signal processing. Their combined knowledge and expertise have contributed to the development of this groundbreaking tool.
Notably, is the world's first 10-stem splitter, enabling users to extract up to ten individual components from a single audio file. This versatility makes it a valuable resource for musicians, producers, and audio engineers seeking precise control over their music production process.
Overall, stands out as a state-of-the-art vocal remover and music source separation service, offering a powerful and efficient solution for stem extraction without compromising audio quality.

How can I use offers users two convenient ways to utilize its services: through the website or the desktop app. Each method provides a straightforward process for extracting stems from audio or video files.
When using via the website, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Create an account by signing up.
  3. Choose the desired processing level from the available options: mild, normal, or aggressive.
  4. Upload the audio or video file that you wish to process.
  5. Generate previews of the specific stems you want to extract, such as vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, wind instruments, or string instruments.
  6. Initiate the processing of the file and pay for the duration utilized.
  7. Download the processed file once the extraction is complete.

For those preferring the desktop app, please adhere to the subsequent steps:

  1. Download and install the app compatible with your operating system, be it Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  2. Launch the app and sign in using your account credentials.
  3. Simply drag and drop the audio or video file into the app.
  4. Select the desired stems to be extracted and adjust the processing level as needed.
  5. Initiate the splitting process by clicking the Split button, and patiently await the completion of file processing.
  6. Finally, download the processed file containing the extracted stems.

Both methods provide users with intuitive approaches to utilizing's stem extraction capabilities, allowing for a seamless and efficient experience in separating audio components.

How does work? employs advanced artificial intelligence techniques, specifically natural language processing and machine learning, to facilitate human interaction and deliver responsive outcomes. Additionally, it leverages a specialized neural network known as Phoenix to handle stereo sound from diverse input audio formats, transforming them into distinct stems.
The Phoenix neural network plays a crucial role by analyzing the input audio and generating a data fragment that outlines the arrangement of vocal and instrumental components within the original signal. To achieve this, the network has been trained on an extensive dataset comprising hundreds of thousands of songs. Importantly,'s neural network continuously learns from newly uploaded songs, enriching its capabilities and adaptability.
Notably,'s vocal separation quality is regarded as top-notch in the industry, primarily due to its employment of an evolutionary approach to signal processing. This approach enables the tool to provide exceptional results in separating vocals from other elements within a music track.
In summary, harnesses artificial intelligence, incorporating natural language processing and machine learning, to facilitate user interaction. The neural network, Phoenix, processes stereo sound, generating data fragments that describe the placement of vocal and instrumental parts within the original audio. With continuous learning and an evolutionary signal processing approach, establishes itself as a leader in delivering superior vocal separation quality.

What is the accuracy of

The accuracy of is influenced by various factors, including the quality of the source file, complexity of the vocal melody, and the chosen processing level. Reviews suggest that delivers the highest vocal separation quality available in the market, demonstrating exceptional accuracy in isolating most musical elements from songs. However, it is important to note that not all audio tracks yield the same level of accuracy due to factors like background noise, distortion, or overlapping frequencies. These complexities can pose challenges to the separation process. employs an evolutionary approach to signal processing, continuously enhancing its accuracy with each newly uploaded song. This adaptive mechanism enables the tool to learn from user inputs and improve its performance over time. Consequently,'s accuracy is not fixed but rather evolves as it encounters diverse musical compositions.
In summary, the accuracy of depends on factors such as source file quality, vocal melody complexity, and user-selected processing level. While it is regarded as providing the best vocal separation quality in the market, the accuracy may vary depending on the characteristics of the audio track.'s evolutionary approach to signal processing ensures an ongoing improvement in accuracy as users upload new songs, indicating a commitment to refining and enhancing the tool's performance.

What are the limitations of does have certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limitations on audio/video duration: The availability for splitting audio/video files is contingent upon the user's chosen package. The free plan, for example, allows up to 10 minutes of audio and a maximum of 3 tracks.
  • Individual stem separation: currently only supports the removal of individual stems one at a time during the separation process. This can be time-consuming and potentially inconvenient for users seeking simultaneous extraction of multiple stems.
  • Challenges with certain audio tracks: While strives to deliver accurate separation, it cannot guarantee flawless results for all audio tracks. Some songs may present difficulties due to factors such as background noise, distortion, or overlapping frequencies. These complexities can hinder the effectiveness of the separation process.
  • Limited customer support options: exclusively provides customer support through email communication. While this may suffice for many users, those requiring additional assistance or prompt feedback may find this support channel somewhat restrictive.

It is essential to consider these limitations when evaluating the suitability of for specific needs. However,'s strengths in vocal separation and music source extraction should also be taken into account, as they contribute to its overall value and utility.

Extract vocals, accompaniments, and instruments with LalalAI, an AI music splitting tool.

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