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Discover and comprehend research articles with SciteAI, the AI research article citator. Find credible sources and evaluate support for your research.
AI Research Article Citator
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Serving as an AI research article citator, scite revolutionizes the way researchers discover and comprehend research articles by showcasing their citations. By employing Smart Citations, scite offers a comprehensive overview of each citation, along with the ability to determine whether it supports or contradicts the cited claim. With a vast database of over 1.2 billion Smart Citations at their disposal, researchers can easily locate expert analyses and opinions on any given topic. This tool proves invaluable when it comes to finding credible sources for language models, identifying suitable references and data for academic papers, and evaluating the support for research within specific fields. Trusted by esteemed institutions, publishers, and multinational corporations worldwide, it empowers researchers, students, and evaluators to effortlessly find relevant and well-supported results, while effectively gauging the context and credibility of the articles they cite. Furthermore, scite enables users to delve into related articles, evaluate groups of articles in one convenient location, and visually explore the interconnectedness of these articles through interactive scite visualizations.

What is is a website leveraging artificial intelligence to aid users in discovering and assessing scientific articles. It offers Smart Citations, which reveal how a publication has been referenced by other papers, aiding in the evaluation of reliability and impact. Additionally, its AI-powered Assistant assists with research-related tasks, from answering questions to sourcing evidence. Trusted by universities, publishers, and corporations worldwide, has analyzed over 1.2 billion citation statements from 186 million scholarly sources, earning recognition for its dedication to enhancing scientific transparency and reproducibility.

How can I use for my research? is a valuable research tool that offers a range of functionalities to assist in discovering, evaluating, and composing scientific papers. Here are several ways in which can enhance your research:

  • Advanced Search: Utilize scite's Advanced Search feature to efficiently locate pertinent papers by searching through titles, abstracts, and other metadata. You can further refine your results by filtering citations based on their nature, such as supporting or contrasting, and identify any editorial notices like retractions or corrections.
  • Citation Statement Search: Employ scite's Citation Statement Search to delve into the content of papers, enabling you to focus on specific topics and gain insights into how authors discuss them. This feature provides context and classification for each citation statement and offers the opportunity to explore related articles.
  • Assistant Tool: Leverage scite's Assistant tool to pose straightforward questions and obtain reliable answers extracted from millions of research articles. Additionally, the Assistant aids in various writing tasks, including source identification, evidence gathering, summary generation, and exploring controversies and arguments.
  • Reports: Evaluate research papers effectively with scite's Reports feature, which presents essential information about a paper. This includes details like the number of citations, supporting citations, contrasting citations, and editorial notices. Visualize citation networks interactively and access a citation statement table for in-depth analysis.

By utilizing these features, empowers researchers in their academic pursuits. For further inquiries or feedback, feel free to contact scite at

How does ensure the quality of its data? maintains the integrity of its data through a dual approach involving artificial intelligence (AI) and human validation. The platform employs a deep learning model designed to automatically categorize citation statements into one of three classes: supporting, contrasting, or mentioning. This AI model undergoes training using an extensive dataset comprising manually annotated citation statements derived from diverse fields and sources.

Furthermore,'s AI model assigns a confidence score to each classification, indicating the level of certainty in its prediction. This score offers users insight into the reliability of the categorization.

In addition to AI, has established a network of researchers who actively contribute to the platform's data accuracy. Researchers are invited to join scite, where they can earn incentives for verifying citation statements and have the opportunity to report inaccuracies or propose enhancements to the scite team. This collaborative effort ensures ongoing refinement of the database. is committed to maintaining the freshness and accuracy of its database by routinely incorporating new and revised citation statements, as well as taking into account user and publisher feedback. This combination of artificial intelligence and human oversight underscores's dedication to providing a comprehensive and transparent citation index for the scientific research community.

What are some limitations of, while offering valuable insights, does have certain limitations:

  • Full-Text Accessibility and Quality: The tool's effectiveness depends on the availability and quality of full-text articles it can access and analyze. In some cases, publishers or sources may not offer full-text access, or the provided documents may have suboptimal scans or formats, making it challenging for the model to extract and categorize citation statements.
  • Model Accuracy: relies on a deep learning model that has been trained on a substantial dataset of manually annotated citation statements. However, it is not infallible and may occasionally make errors or misclassifications. The accompanying confidence score for each classification aims to convey the model's level of certainty, but this score may not always accurately reflect the reliability of the prediction.
  • Human Verification and Feedback: The platform includes a network of researchers who contribute to verifying citation statements. While this human involvement is crucial for improving accuracy, the process may be subject to delays or may not cover all aspects comprehensively. Additionally, incorporates feedback from users and publishers, but its effectiveness relies on the willingness and awareness of these stakeholders.
  • Development and Coverage: is a relatively new tool with only two years in operation, leaving room for further development and enhancement. It may not encompass the entirety of scientific literature or all academic disciplines, potentially lacking certain features or functionalities that users may desire. As with any technology, may encounter occasional bugs or glitches that could impact its performance or usability.

Awareness of these limitations is important for users to make informed decisions when utilizing for their research needs.

What are the benefits of offers a range of compelling benefits:

  • Scientific Article Assessment: The platform employs artificial intelligence to aid in the discovery and evaluation of scientific articles. Users can delve into how a publication has been cited by other papers, assessing whether these citations offer supporting or contrasting evidence for the claims made in the original work. Moreover, users can gain insights into the context of the citation and the specific section where it is located, facilitating the evaluation of a publication's reliability and impact.
  • AI-Powered Research Partner (Assistant): features an AI-powered research companion named Assistant. This tool is designed to assist users with a variety of research-related tasks, including answering basic queries, aiding in writing assignments, and locating sources and evidence to support their claims. Users can seek assistance from Assistant on diverse research aspects, such as summaries, controversies, arguments, and more.
  • Extensive Database: The platform boasts a comprehensive database encompassing over 1.2 billion citation statements derived from a vast array of sources, including 186 million articles, book chapters, preprints, and datasets. Users can efficiently explore this expansive database using advanced search features and various filters, enhancing their research capabilities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: provides an interactive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to access summary information, citation network visualizations, and citation statement tables for any given publication. Additionally, users have the convenience of directly accessing the full-text articles from within the platform.
  • Trusted and Recognized: Trusted by numerous universities, publishers, and corporations worldwide, has garnered support from esteemed organizations such as the U.S. National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health. The platform's innovative approach has earned it several prestigious awards, highlighting its potential to enhance the transparency and reproducibility of scientific research.

These benefits collectively make a valuable resource for researchers seeking to streamline their scientific literature exploration, assessment, and research-related tasks.0

Discover and comprehend research articles with SciteAI, the AI research article citator. Find credible sources and evaluate support for your research.

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