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Unleash your full potential with WaveAI - the AI coaching tool for personalized professional development.
AI Coaching Tool
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Be your best. Get professional coaching in written form to unleash your full potential, at work and in life. Ride life's waves like a pro with Wave's insightful coaching sessions, tailored workouts, and data-driven progress tracking. Join our waitlist for a free trial.

What is wave.ai?

Wave.ai is a coaching platform designed to provide continuous growth and coaching services for professionals, executives, and managers. The platform utilizes advanced coaching science, technology, and AI, managed by a team of coaching scientists and supervisors. Wave aims to offer users insights to support their professional development and personal growth. Their mission is to democratize access to high-quality coaching through AI, with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their professional and personal goals.

How does wave.ai work?

Wave.ai operates through a comprehensive approach outlined as follows:

  1. Coaching Content and Frameworks: Wave offers a vast array of coaching content and frameworks tailored to individual learning styles. Through thought-provoking questions, personalized self-assessment exercises, and curated content, users engage with topics relevant to their professional development.

  2. Proprietary Coaching Methodology (R.I.D.E):
      - Reflect: Users are prompted to step back and reflect on meaningful goals within their professional and personal contexts.
      - Investigate: Identification of obstacles and formulation of actionable strategies to progress.
      - Do: Application of acquired knowledge in real-life scenarios to enhance performance.

  3. Ethical Excellence: Wave adheres to a Coaching Code of Ethics, maintaining the highest ethical standards as per the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

  4. Maximum Impact, Sustainable Results: Wave prioritizes impactful coaching devoid of gimmicks, catering to individuals irrespective of seniority, gender, or location. With a 4.7/5 client satisfaction rating, 88% goal achievement, and having coached over 1000 executives, Wave demonstrates its efficacy in delivering tangible results.

How much does wave.ai cost?

Wave.ai offers various pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of professionals:

  1. Core Plan:
      - Price: €20.83/month (excluding taxes).
      - Features:
       - Access to an extensive library of coaching content and frameworks.
       - Personalized self-assessment exercises.
       - Thought-provoking questions.
       - Ethical coaching based on the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.
       - Maximum impact and sustainable results, boasting a 4.7/5 client satisfaction rating and 88% goal achievement.
       - Coaching by experienced coaching scientists and supervisors.
       - Forever access.
       - Free trial available.

  2. Other Plans:
      - Waves Creative Access Plugin Subscriptions (for audio professionals):
       - Explore a diverse catalog of pro-quality plugins.
       - Stay updated with the latest plugin versions.
       - Regular addition of new plugins at no extra cost.
       - Includes Waves Stream for remote music collaboration.
       - Developed in collaboration with Grammy-winning producers and mixers.
      - Wave Financial (for financial management):
       - Price: $11/month or $96/year.
      - Waves New Subscription Only Plans (for audio plugins):
       - Price: $24.99/month or $249/year (as of March 26, 2023).

Select the plan that best aligns with your requirements to embark on your journey of professional growth and personal development!

What are the benefits of wave.ai?

Wave.ai, the coaching platform, offers a myriad of benefits tailored to professionals, executives, and managers:

  1. Expert-Designed Coaching: Powered by a team of coaching scientists and supervisors, Wave.ai ensures high-quality coaching content and frameworks designed to suit individual learning styles.

  2. Personalized Approach: The platform dynamically adapts to users' needs, preferences, and learning styles. Through thought-provoking questions, personalized self-assessment exercises, and curated content, users engage with tailored coaching experiences.

  3. Ethical Excellence: Wave.ai adheres to a Coaching Code of Ethics based on the EMCC Global Code of Ethics, prioritizing ethical coaching practices.

  4. Maximum Impact: Boasting a 4.7/5 client satisfaction rating and an 88% goal achievement rate, Wave.ai consistently delivers tangible results.

  5. AI-Powered Insights: Wave's AI assistant offers valuable insights, feedback, and resources to facilitate skill and mindset improvement.

  6. Accessible Pricing: Transparent pricing plans ensure that high-quality coaching remains accessible to all professionals.

  7. Confidential Space: Wave.ai provides a secure and confidential environment, encouraging users to share openly without reservation.

  8. Global Reach: As a fully remote company, Wave.ai operates globally, facilitating connections among professionals from diverse cities and backgrounds.

  9. Shared Purpose: Committed to making a positive impact, the Wave team endeavors to help clients thrive in their personal and professional lives.

  10. Riding Together: Guided by core values such as "Watch the horizon," "Ride BIG," and "Vibe together," Wave.ai fosters collaboration, resilience, and thoughtful growth toward a better world.

What are the limitations of wave.ai?

While Wave.ai offers personalized coaching and numerous benefits, it also presents certain limitations:

  1. Cost: The service may not be affordable for everyone, as pricing plans could serve as a barrier for some users.

  2. Commitment: Users must commit to regular coaching sessions and assignments, which may not align with everyone's schedule or motivation level.

  3. Specific Issues: Wave.ai may not adequately address specific issues or challenges requiring specialized expertise or therapy, distinguishing coaching from other forms of support.

  4. Topic Versatility: While Wave covers various coaching topics, its versatility may be limited compared to specialized coaching services.

  5. Real-Time Interaction: The platform relies on automated responses rather than real-time interaction with human coaches.

  6. Language Support: Although Wave's AI-powered coach speaks multiple languages, there may be limitations in language availability.

  7. Confidentiality Concerns: Despite efforts to provide a safe and confidential space, some users may still harbor concerns about privacy and confidentiality.

  8. Algorithm Reliance: Wave heavily depends on algorithms for personalized coaching experiences, which, while effective, may not fully replicate the depth of human interaction.

It's important to acknowledge that individual experiences with Wave.ai may vary, and evaluating coaching platforms should consider individual needs and preferences.

Unleash your full potential with WaveAI - the AI coaching tool for personalized professional development.

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