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Easily create custom lead forms and analyze results with MarbleFlows: an AI Lead Generation Tool.
AI Lead Generation Tool
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Create feedback and lead forms with custom design and conditional logic using MarbleFlows. Design engaging journeys, add interactive elements like videos and quizzes, and integrate journeys seamlessly into your website. Analyze the results to better understand and qualify your leads. Convert more qualified leads with MarbleFlows.

What is provides an all-in-one automated and gamified user onboarding and engagement software solution. It enables users to create interactive and personalized flows on their websites to enhance lead conversion, product adoption, and customer retention rates. With, users can design and launch onboarding and engagement campaigns without requiring coding skills. The platform also offers features for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing flow performance. is recognized for its user-friendly interface, versatility, and effectiveness in bolstering online presence and business growth.

How much does cost? offers four distinct plans: Free, Scale, Growth, and Custom. The Free plan is priced at €0/month and permits the creation of up to 10 flows with 100 views/month. For €12.99/month, the Scale plan allows users to develop up to 50 flows with 1,000 views/month. The Growth plan, priced at €59.99/month, facilitates the creation of up to 200 flows with 10,000 views/month. Additionally, enterprise customers can opt for the Custom plan, which offers tailored features and support; pricing is available upon request.

All plans feature a no-code flow builder, analytics dashboard, custom branding, responsive design, and email support. Moreover, the Growth and Custom plans incorporate advanced targeting, A/B testing, webhooks, and priority support.

For those interested in exploring before committing, a 14-day free trial of the Growth plan is available. Furthermore, individuals can request a demo to gain insight into the platform's functionality.

What are the benefits of

Using offers several advantages:

  1. Creation of engaging and personalized flows on your website to effectively guide visitors and users through your product or service.
  2. Enhancement of conversion rates, reduction of churn, and improvement of retention by providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
  3. Integration of interactive elements such as quizzes, games, rewards, and feedback to gamify onboarding and engagement campaigns.
  4. Development and launch of flows without the need for coding, facilitated by a user-friendly and versatile editor.
  5. Monitoring and analysis of flow performance, enabling optimization through A/B testing and webhooks.

What are the limitations of

While offers compelling features, it's important to consider its limitations:

  1. Subscription Requirement: Accessing's features and services necessitates a subscription. Users opting for the free option face limitations in features and views.

  2. Compatibility Dependency:'s functionality is contingent on your website's compatibility with its software. Incompatibility issues may arise if your website operates on a platform or technology not supported by

  3. Use Case Limitations: may not be suitable for every use case or industry. While it excels in product onboarding and feature updates, its utility might be limited in other sectors or purposes.

  4. Customer Support: Compared to similar tools, offers limited customer support. This could pose a challenge for users encountering technical issues or requiring assistance beyond self-resolution.

How secure is my data with prioritizes data security and employs various measures to safeguard user data:

  1. Data Encryption: Utilizes SSL/TLS and AES-256 encryption for both transit and storage of data.
  2. Data Storage: Secures all data in the Ireland region on Amazon Web Services (eu-west-1).
  3. Data Management: Allows for data export, correction, or deletion upon subscriber request.
  4. Data Access: Limits access to authorized personnel who adhere to stringent security protocols.
  5. Data Backup: Conducts regular data backups to facilitate restoration in case of emergencies.
  6. Compliance: Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), ensuring adherence to stringent data privacy laws.

These measures underscore's commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of user data. For further inquiries or concerns, users can contact or refer to their privacy policy for more details.

Easily create custom lead forms and analyze results with MarbleFlows: an AI Lead Generation Tool.

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