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Automate workflows seamlessly with N8N – an AI workflow automation platform
AI Workflow Automation Platform
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n8n.io is an exceptional workflow automation tool that not only empowers technical individuals to create intricate automations without grappling with APIs but also promotes a seamless user experience with its intuitive UI. It showcases unparalleled versatility by allowing users to utilize JavaScript whenever necessary. With over 350 native integrations and the capability to interact with any API or service, n8n enables users to design personalized workflows and seamlessly integrate with any application. What sets n8n apart is its support for independent instances in each environment, ensuring hassle-free separation of development and production environments. Additionally, n8n boasts extra features such as bulk operations, effortless debugging, and the flexibility to host on one's own infrastructure. Its wide-ranging applications span customer integrations, SaaS backend prototyping, lead automation, and CRM customization. By harnessing its extensive feature set, n8n optimizes engineering resources, streamlines lead management, and enhances efficiency by automating tasks and integrating various systems. In brief, n8n is not just an AI workflow automation tool; rather, it is an AI workflow automation tool of unprecedented caliber, delivering extraordinary results.

What is n8n.io?

n8n.io is a versatile workflow automation tool designed for robust data integration. It empowers users to construct adaptable workflows with a primary focus on deep data integration. With n8n, you can seamlessly link your applications, automate routine tasks, and craft tailored scenarios. For greater flexibility, n8n supports JavaScript scripting, making it suitable for both advanced and novice users. 

One of the standout features of n8n is its open-source nature, offering transparency and customization options. Users have the freedom to scrutinize, modify, or even create derivative versions of the codebase to align with their specific requirements. Furthermore, n8n provides two hosting options: self-hosting for enhanced privacy and security or cloud hosting for convenience.

n8n boasts an impressive library of over 350 built-in integrations with various apps and services, ensuring seamless connectivity. Additionally, users can develop their own custom nodes using the provided API, enabling tailored integration solutions.

How much does n8n.io cost?

n8n.io offers flexible pricing options depending on whether you opt for self-hosting or the cloud-based version of the tool. If you choose to self-host, you can use n8n at no cost, but you'll be responsible for managing your infrastructure and updates. On the other hand, if you decide to utilize the cloud version, pricing is based on a monthly subscription model, with the following plans available:

  • Starter: Priced at $20 per month, this plan allows for 5 active workflows and up to 2.5k workflow executions.
  • Pro: At $50 per month, the Pro plan provides 20 active workflows and supports up to 25k workflow executions.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan, priced at $120 per month, offers the most extensive features, including 50 active workflows and support for up to 50k workflow executions.

For those interested in exploring the cloud version, n8n.io offers a free 14-day trial. The cloud version of n8n includes an array of features such as forum support, a single-user setup hosted by n8n, an intuitive editor UI, access to all available integrations, streaming and bulk operations, data merging capabilities, workflow templates, workflow history tracking, support for code steps in workflows (JavaScript and Python), custom API request options (HTTP, GraphQL, etc.), cURL command import, webhook-triggered workflows, queue management, the ability to run bash scripts, support for global variables, environments (e.g., dev, staging, prod), version control using Git, custom node creation, API and CLI control of n8n, automatic retry mechanisms, and customizable execution parameters (e.g., maximum execution time, execution count).

Additionally, n8n.io offers advanced features for Pro and Enterprise plans, including audit logging, extended execution log retention, custom actions for handling workflow failures, advanced search capabilities within executions, streaming of logs to external services (e.g., Datadog), encrypted secrets storage, integration with external secret stores, SSO support through SAML and LDAP, multi-user access (1 user for Starter, unlimited for Pro and Enterprise), workflow sharing, credential sharing with other users, email support, dedicated support with SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Enterprise customers, the option to pay by invoice (for Enterprise), and custom contract arrangements (for Enterprise).

For further details and to explore n8n's pricing and features in-depth, you can refer to their official website.

What are the benefits of n8n.io?

n8n.io offers a range of benefits that make it a compelling choice for users seeking workflow automation solutions:

  • Customizable and Flexible: n8n.io allows for extensive customization and flexibility. Users can employ JavaScript for precise control over their workflows, while also benefiting from a user-friendly interface for simpler tasks. Additionally, the tool provides the capability to audit, fine-tune, and create derivative versions of the source code to align with specific requirements.
  • Privacy-Focused and Self-Hostable: One of n8n.io's standout features is its emphasis on data privacy. Users can host n8n on their own infrastructure, ensuring data security and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Convenient and Cost-Effective: n8n.io offers convenient options for users. It can be easily tested using npm or Docker. For those who prefer a hassle-free experience, the Cloud hosting option is available. Users can also save costs by opting for self-hosting, which is free, or by selecting a package suitable for their workflow needs in the cloud.
  • User-Friendly UI and Vibrant Community: n8n.io boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It comes equipped with a rich library of over 600 templates and supports more than 350 native integrations, facilitating speedy workflow creation. Additionally, users can effortlessly share their workflows and tap into the support of a thriving community comprising over 55,000 members.

In summary, n8n.io offers a versatile and user-centric approach to workflow automation, providing customization, privacy, cost-efficiency, and a vibrant community to support users in achieving their automation goals.

How do I install n8n.io on my computer?

Installing n8n on your computer offers flexibility, and there are several common methods to choose from based on your preferences and requirements:

  • Using npm: To install n8n globally, execute the command: `npm install n8n -g`. Once installed, start n8n by running the command: `n8n`. When running n8n locally, access the Editor UI by navigating to `localhost:5678`.
  • Using Docker: Pull the n8n image from Docker Hub using the command: `docker pull n8nio/n8n`. After pulling the image, initiate it with: `docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 n8nio/n8n`. If you're running n8n locally, open the Editor UI by visiting `localhost:5678`.
  • Using Desktop App: Download the n8n desktop app designed for your specific operating system from the official website. After downloading and installing the app, launch it and access the Editor UI through the app menu. The desktop app is freely available and well-suited for local testing and usage.

These methods cater to diverse user preferences, offering options for both command-line enthusiasts and those seeking a graphical interface for ease of use.

How do I create a workflow in n8n.io?

To create a workflow using n8n.io, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access the n8n Editor UI: Open your web browser and access the n8n Editor UI. You can do this through the n8n desktop app, or by connecting to a local or cloud server where n8n has been installed.
  2. Add a Workflow: Within the n8n Editor UI, navigate to the Workflows list and select ""Add Workflow."" This action will open a fresh workflow canvas where you can design and organize your workflow by adding and connecting nodes.
  3. Add Nodes: To include nodes in your workflow, you have several options. You can click the ""+"" button on the canvas or press the ""X"" key on your keyboard. This will present a menu of nodes from which you can search and choose. Alternatively, you can drag and drop nodes directly from the menu onto the canvas.
  4. Configure Nodes: Once nodes are added to the canvas, you can configure them to suit your workflow requirements. To do this, select a node on the canvas and modify its parameters using the panel on the right-hand side. You also have the option to double-click on a node to access its settings in a modal window. Here, you can add credentials, specify operations, and define input and output data for each node.
  5. Connect Nodes: Nodes in your workflow need to interact with one another. To establish these connections, drag the output connection of one node to the input connection of another node. Complex workflows with conditional logic can be constructed by utilizing branches and merges.
  6. Run the Workflow: To execute your workflow, locate the ""Execute Workflow"" button in the top-right corner of the Editor UI and click it. This action will run the workflow once and provide execution data for each node. If needed, you can manually initiate the execution of a specific node by selecting it and pressing ""Ctrl+Enter"" on your keyboard.
  7. Activate Workflow: Should you want your workflow to run automatically based on predefined trigger conditions, use the ""Inactive / Active"" switch found in the top-right corner of the Editor UI. Activating the switch will set the workflow in motion whenever the trigger conditions are met. To halt automatic execution, simply deactivate the workflow by toggling the switch again.

By following these steps, users can efficiently create and manage workflows within the n8n.io platform, enabling streamlined automation and integration of various tasks and processes.

Automate workflows seamlessly with N8N – an AI workflow automation platform

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