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AI Chatbot Tool for seamless business support using ChatGPT-powered chatbots.
AI Chatbot Tool
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ChatGPT powered AI chatbots for business support.

What is

ResolveAI is a website that provides a service for creating chatbots utilizing ChatGPT, a natural language generation model. According to their website, ResolveAI offers several features:

  • Live chat: Users can engage in real-time conversations and request assistance from a human agent when needed.
  • Automated customer support: AI-powered chatbots are available 24/7 to provide automated customer support, which helps to reduce customer service turnaround time.
  • Personalized responses: Chatbot responses can be tailored based on the customer's profile, preferences, and behavior, providing a more customized experience.
  • Document understanding: The chatbots are equipped with the ability to utilize documents to enhance their knowledge and provide answers to complex queries.

Additionally, ResolveAI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with their service. For more detailed information, you can visit their website or check out their blog.

How much does cost?

ResolveAI offers five different plans for their services, as mentioned on a website that compares software pricing. The plans are as follows:

  • Hobby Plan: Priced at $24 per month, this plan includes 1 chatbot, 20 documents, and allows for 500 active chats per month.
  • Starter Plan: Available for $44 per month, the Starter Plan provides 1 chatbot, unlimited documents, and supports up to 1000 active chats per month. It also offers integration with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Plus Plan: Priced at $89 per month, the Plus Plan allows users to have 4 chatbots, unlimited documents, and up to 3000 active chats per month. Similar to the Starter Plan, it includes integration with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Agency Plan: With a cost of $299 per month, the Agency Plan offers 20 chatbots, unlimited documents, and supports up to 6000 active chats per month. Additionally, it provides integration with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, along with the ability to remove branding.
  • White Label Plan: The White Label Plan is priced at $499 per month and provides custom deployment options. It allows users to have their own branding, domain, and API keys. This plan also includes priority support and continuous updates.

For more detailed information on these plans, you can visit ResolveAI's website.

How do I integrate with my website?

To integrate ResolveAI with your website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a knowledge base for your chatbot on the ResolveAI website.
  2. Add the provided script to your website, ensuring that you replace ""CHATBOT_ID"" with your actual chatbot ID:
  3. After adding the script, your chatbot will be ready to use. You can monitor conversations and join live chats as necessary.
  4. Continuously refine and improve your documentation based on the feedback you receive from the chatbot.

If you want to integrate ResolveAI with Facebook Messenger, you can follow these additional steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Access the "Integrations" section.
  3. Select "Facebook Messenger."
  4. Click on "Continue with Facebook" to connect your ResolveAI account with Facebook.
  5. Once connected, you will be able to see your Facebook Pages.
  6. Activate the chatbot for the desired pages.
  7. From the dropdown menu, select the chatbot that you want to respond to messages.

For more information and further details, you can refer to the ResolveAI website and their blog.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  1. Automated Customer Support: With ResolveAI's AI-powered chatbots, businesses can provide 24/7 customer support, reducing response time and improving overall customer satisfaction.
  2. Personalized Responses: ResolveAI's chatbots utilize AI to understand customer inquiries and deliver personalized responses in real-time. This tailored approach enhances the customer experience by addressing their specific needs.
  3. Live Chat: Customers have the option to request human assistance at any time during their interaction with ResolveAI's chatbots. This allows businesses to intervene and join the conversation when necessary, ensuring a smooth customer experience.
  4. Document Understanding: ResolveAI's chatbots can leverage documents to enhance their knowledge base and effectively answer complex queries. This feature enables the chatbots to provide accurate and informative responses to customers.
  5. Multi-language Support (beta): ResolveAI's chatbots are designed to support multiple languages, allowing businesses to cater to customers from different linguistic backgrounds. The chatbots can reply to customers in their preferred language, enhancing communication and accessibility.
  6. Facebook Messenger Integration: ResolveAI offers integration with Facebook Messenger, enabling businesses to expand their customer reach and engage with users on the popular social media platform.

These benefits contribute to improving customer support, streamlining operations, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

What are the limitations of

While offers various benefits, there are a few limitations to consider:

  • Limited Customer Reviews: As a relatively new service, may not have a substantial number of customer reviews or testimonials available to validate its performance. This can make it challenging to gauge the overall user experience and satisfaction levels.
  • Language and Platform Support: may not support all languages or platforms that customers prefer to use. It's important to ensure that the desired language and platform integrations are available before opting for the service.
  • Documentation Refinement: To maintain the accuracy and relevance of the chatbot's responses, may require constant refinement and improvement of its documentation. This ongoing effort is necessary to ensure that the chatbot provides accurate and helpful information to users.
  • Limited Handling of Complex Queries: While's chatbots are designed to handle a range of inquiries, they may face limitations when it comes to complex or ambiguous queries that require human judgment or specialized expertise. In such cases, the chatbots may not be able to provide satisfactory responses and human intervention may be necessary.

Considering these limitations can help businesses make informed decisions about whether aligns with their specific requirements and expectations.

AI Chatbot Tool for seamless business support using ChatGPT-powered chatbots.

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