High converting AI Email Writer

Write higher converting emails faster with HoppyCopy. AI email templates for high-converting content.
High converting AI Email Writer
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Write higher converting emails faster with Hoppy Copy. AI email templates to craft the perfect email in seconds.

What is hoppycopy.co?

Hoppy Copy is an AI-powered platform designed for email marketing copywriting. It offers a range of features to assist users in creating effective email campaigns, newsletters, and other marketing content. With Hoppy Copy, you can quickly generate compelling content for various email scenarios, leverage advanced editing tools to refine your copy, repurpose content from any source, and gain insights into your competitors' email strategies.
The platform provides a free sign-up option that doesn't require a credit card, allowing users to get started without any financial commitment. Additionally, Hoppy Copy's website offers an "about" page where you can learn more about their mission and vision.

How does hoppycopy.co work?

Hoppy Copy is an AI-driven tool that assists in generating impactful content for various email marketing scenarios. It provides users with over 50 email AI templates that utilize scientifically proven formulas to create different types of emails. Additionally, Hoppy Copy offers advanced editor tools that allow users to refine and modify their copy, as well as generate unique campaign ideas, headlines, subject lines, and calls to action.
The platform also includes a Content Converter feature, enabling users to repurpose content from diverse sources such as blogs, tweets, and texts. To ensure email deliverability, Hoppy Copy offers a Spam Check feature, which identifies and suggests alternatives for spam keywords that may trigger email filters.
Furthermore, Hoppy Copy provides a Competitor Monitor feature, granting users access to thousands of newsletters sent by top brands. This feature allows users to gain insights into the strategies employed by these brands and stay informed about industry trends.
Hoppy Copy's capabilities extend beyond email marketing, enabling users to create other types of marketing content such as Facebook ads, Google ads, product descriptions, creative stories, and engaging headlines.
To get started, users can sign up for free without the need for a credit card. Additionally, they can explore reviews from other Hoppy Copy users who have leveraged the tool to enhance their copywriting skills.

How much does hoppycopy.co cost?

Hoppy Copy offers three pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Pro +. You have the option to try any of these plans for free for a period of 7 days without providing your credit card details.
The Starter plan is priced at $23 per month and provides users with features such as generating up to 20,000 words, monitoring up to 10 competitors, and accommodating 1 user.
For more advanced needs, the Pro plan is available at $39 per month. This plan allows users to generate up to 100,000 words, monitor up to 25 competitors, and grants access to up to 3 users.
The Pro + plan, priced at $79 per month, offers the most comprehensive features. With this plan, users can generate up to 300,000 words, monitor up to 50 competitors, and involve up to 5 users.
If your requirements exceed the limits of these plans, you can contact Hoppy Copy for additional users and words.
All pricing plans include access to various features such as 50+ AI templates, Hoppy Copy AI chat, email sequence planner, compose and command features, Google Docs/Notion style editor, spam word checker, Grammarly integration, support for 35+ languages, access to 10,000+ emails, tracking new brands, receiving alerts on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis, auto-save functionality, multiple documents and project folders, team collaboration in workspaces, onboarding assistance, email support, and community access.
To ensure customer satisfaction, Hoppy Copy offers a 100% refund if you decide within 30 days that the tool does not meet your expectations. For more detailed information about Hoppy Copy pricing, you can refer to additional sources.

What are the benefits of hoppycopy.co?

Hoppy Copy offers several benefits to enhance your marketing efforts. It can save you time by using AI to generate powerful content for email campaigns and newsletters. With access to a variety of Email AI Templates, you can drive revenue by creating customized emails. The Advanced Editor Tools allow you to tweak and edit your copy, generating unique ideas for campaigns, headlines, subject lines, and calls to action. The Content Converter feature enables you to repurpose content from different sources. The Spam Check feature helps increase open rates by identifying and replacing spam keywords. With the Competitor Monitor feature, you can track and learn from top brands' email strategies. Hoppy Copy is not limited to emails and supports writing other marketing content like Facebook ads, Google ads, and product descriptions. It also helps improve copywriting skills by learning from effective marketing copy practices. You can try Hoppy Copy for free for 7 days with no credit card required and get a 100% refund if you're not satisfied within 30 days.

What are the limitations of hoppycopy.co?

Hoppy Copy has certain limitations to consider:

  • Word limit restrictions: Depending on your plan, there is a word limit that determines how much copy you can generate. Hitting the limit means you won't be able to generate more until your next billing period or plan upgrade.
  • Potential grammatical errors and inconsistencies: AI technology is not perfect, and the generated copy may contain grammatical errors or inconsistencies. AI may not always fully understand the context or tone of your message.
  • Manual editing and customization required: To align the generated copy with your brand voice, style, and preferences, you may need to edit and tweak it manually. AI may not capture the nuanced emotions or specific nuances of your target audience.
  • Technical issues and platform reliability: As a relatively new platform, Hoppy Copy may experience occasional technical issues or downtime. Support and reliability may still be in the process of improvement.
  • Availability of alternative tools: It's worth exploring other tools in the market that may offer a wider range of features, templates, language support, integrations, or more flexible pricing options.
Write higher converting emails faster with HoppyCopy. AI email templates for high-converting content.

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