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Transform Gmail into a multi-channel AI helpdesk tool with HiverHQ.
AI Helpdesk Tool
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Transform Gmail into a multi-channel helpdesk with Hiver - the world’s 1st Gmail-based Helpdesk. Bring all communication channels inside Gmail, collaborate as a team, and focus on what matters. Start your free trial today!

What is is a web-based platform that offers a unique helpdesk solution designed to work seamlessly with Gmail. This tool enables users to convert their Gmail accounts into a versatile helpdesk system that can efficiently handle various communication channels, including email, live chat, knowledge base, and voice communication, all within a unified interface.

One of the notable claims of is its distinction as the world's first Gmail-based helpdesk. The platform provides a range of features to enhance productivity and streamline customer service operations. These features include a shared inbox, pre-defined email templates, the ability to create notes and use @mentions for internal communication, approval workflows, rule-based automations to automate repetitive tasks, and in-depth insights for performance analysis.

With a user base exceeding 10,000 teams worldwide, caters to diverse business functions, including customer service, finance operations, people operations, and IT Service Management (ITSM). This widespread adoption speaks to the tool's versatility and effectiveness in addressing the needs of various teams and departments. was co-founded by Niraj Ranjan Rout and Nitesh Nandy, both of whom are alumni of IIT Kharagpur. Their educational background reflects the technical expertise and innovative thinking that have contributed to the development and success of this Gmail-based helpdesk solution.

How much does cost?

As per information available on Hiver's official website, they offer a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Lite plan, starting at $15 per month, provides users with 10 shared labels, 2 shared email inboxes, unlimited tagging capabilities, and other fundamental features. For more advanced requirements, the Pro plan, priced at $39 per month, includes 50 shared labels, 5 shared email inboxes, unlimited user access, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and analytics.

Hiver's Elite plan, available at $59 per month, offers extensive features such as unlimited shared labels and inboxes, custom access control, round-robin assignment for efficient workload distribution, uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) for enhanced reliability, and the dedicated support of a success manager.

For those interested in exploring Hiver's capabilities before committing, they provide the option to request a demo or a free trial of any of their plans.

Additionally, you can find a detailed feature comparison of each plan on this page to help you make an informed decision.

Another source also provides insights into Hiver's pricing and editions, further supplementing the available information.

What are the benefits of offers several notable advantages for users:

  1. Unified Support Management: Hiver enables users to handle various customer support channels, including email, live chat, knowledge base, phone, and WhatsApp, directly from Gmail's left panel. This integration minimizes the need to switch between multiple tools and platforms, streamlining support operations.
  2. AI-Powered Automation: Leveraging Gmail's AI capabilities, Hiver empowers users to automate routine and repetitive tasks within their support workflow. This includes functions like ticket assignment, conversation closure, and the automated dispatching of canned responses, enhancing efficiency.
  3. Seamless Team Collaboration: Hiver fosters collaboration among team members by providing shared inboxes, shared labels, shared drafts, notes, and @mentions—all accessible within Gmail. Additionally, users can request and grant approvals for various requests, whether they originate from customers, vendors, or employees, all within the Gmail environment.
  4. Performance Insights: Hiver offers robust reporting and analytics features that provide deep insights into team performance and customer satisfaction. Users can gain valuable metrics and data-driven insights. Furthermore, Hiver supports integration with other tools such as Slack, Zapier, and Google Workspace, facilitating a more comprehensive workflow.
  5. Cost Efficiency: One notable benefit of Hiver is its cost-effectiveness. Users can anticipate savings ranging from 35% to 50% on their helpdesk expenses compared to alternative solutions. Furthermore, Hiver extends white-glove onboarding and provides 24/7 support across all plans, ensuring users have access to assistance when needed.

What are the limitations of comes with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Restrictions on Reselling and Sharing: Users are prohibited from reselling or sub-licensing Hiver's services to third parties. Additionally, sharing active user accounts with others is not allowed. These terms are in line with the platform's policies to maintain user integrity and security.
  • Compatibility with Gmail and Google Workspace: is specifically designed to work with Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. It does not offer integration options with other email providers or platforms. Users looking for cross-platform compatibility may find this limitation restrictive.
  • Potential Data Loss and Sync Issues: Users should be mindful that temporary data loss or synchronization issues may occur in the event of disruptions in Gmail's service or API. These issues are generally beyond Hiver's control but can impact the user experience.
  • Google Groups Version Compatibility: Depending on whether users are on the free or organizational version of, they may need to switch between different versions of Google Groups to access specific features. This can lead to some variation in functionality depending on the selected plan.
  • Compliance with Terms and Policies: Users are obligated to adhere to both Google's terms of service and privacy policies, as well as's terms of service and data security policies. Compliance with these policies is essential to ensure the smooth and secure operation of the platform while safeguarding user data and privacy.

How does work? operates by enhancing Gmail's functionality, effectively transforming it into a comprehensive multi-channel helpdesk platform. This transformation allows users to efficiently manage various communication channels, including email, live chat, knowledge base, and voice communication, all within the familiar Gmail interface.

The key mechanisms behind this transformation include the integration of features such as shared inboxes, pre-defined email templates, note-taking capabilities, @mentions for internal communication, approval workflows, rule-based task automation, and access to in-depth insights and analytics. These additions enrich Gmail's capabilities, making it a versatile hub for customer support and team collaboration.

Moreover, offers seamless integration with a range of third-party applications such as Asana, JIRA, Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier. This integration simplifies workflows and enhances collaboration by allowing users to connect and leverage these tools directly within the Hiver environment.

One notable advantage of is its cloud-based nature. Users can swiftly get started without the need for installation or complex setup procedures. All that's required is a sign-up using their Google Workspace account, enabling them to harness the power of within minutes. This accessibility and ease of use make it a convenient solution for teams looking to enhance their Gmail-based helpdesk capabilities.

Transform Gmail into a multi-channel AI helpdesk tool with HiverHQ.

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