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Research faster with Genei. Automate content creation for faster blogs, articles, and reports.
Blog & Article AI Summarizer
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Research faster with Genei. Automatically summarise background reading and create blogs, articles and reports faster.

What is is an AI-driven research tool designed to enhance the efficiency of summarizing articles, analyzing research, and retrieving key information swiftly. It offers support for qualitative research and aids in managing citations. is affiliated with Y-Combinator, a prominent US startup accelerator, and has garnered multiple accolades and acknowledgments for its innovative approach.

How does work? utilizes advanced AI technology to assist users in saving time on reading and research tasks. By employing Natural Language Processing (NLP), the tool extracts text from uploaded documents, comprehends sentences and paragraphs, and generates informative content based on the provided information. offers a range of key features:

  • Summarization: The tool automatically breaks down documents into individual sections and key bullet points. These summaries are hyperlinked to the original source. Users have the flexibility to edit the summaries and choose different algorithms for varying levels of detail and complexity. With the Pro plan, multi-document summarization is also available by entering a keyword or topic.
  • Keywords: can extract the top keywords from uploaded documents and rank them based on relevance or frequency. Users can click on these keywords to locate their occurrences within a document or instantly add them to their notes.
  • Search & Question Mode: Users can search within and across documents and ask questions about the contents using the various search and question modes offered by The ability to search on the project level ensures faster results and a more efficient discovery experience.
  • Note-taking: provides a note-taking feature where users can augment their writing experience with the assistance of AI. Users can link their notes to specific passages within their documents, facilitating the development of a comprehensive knowledge base while maintaining contextual relevance. With the Pro plan, AI-powered paraphrasing, rephrasing, and summarization of notes are also available.

For more detailed information about's features, you can watch their videos or explore their blog posts.

What are the advantages of using offers several advantages for users:

  • Faster Research: automates the process of summarizing background reading, enabling users to generate blogs, articles, and reports more quickly.
  • Enhanced Research Quality and Efficiency: Through its custom AI algorithm, facilitates article summarization, research analysis, and rapid identification of key information, thereby improving the overall quality and efficiency of research tasks.
  • Organizational Support: provides a document management and file storage system that helps users stay organized. They can track their progress, mark files as read or unread, and maintain an orderly workflow.
  • Accelerated Reading Speed: By providing an overview of reading material, including summaries, keywords, document outlines, graphs, tables, figures, images, links, and references, assists users in reading faster and comprehending content more effectively.
  • Literature Compilation: allows users to upload PDFs or webpages, as well as search for new literature using keywords or references, facilitating the collection and organization of relevant reading material.
  • Advanced Search and Questioning: offers various search and question modes within and across documents, enabling users to ask specific questions and find answers efficiently.
  • Note-taking Assistance: With the support of AI, enhances the note-taking experience by providing features such as summarization, paraphrasing, and rephrasing. Users can link their notes to specific passages within documents and generate automatic citations.
  • Cost Savings: offers a 14-day free trial and affordable plans for both basic and pro features, providing users with an opportunity to explore the tool's capabilities without financial commitment.

By leveraging these advantages, aims to streamline research processes, boost productivity, and optimize the user experience.

How do I sign up for

To sign up for, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Click on the "Start your 14 day free trial" button located on the website.
  3. Select the plan that suits your requirements and budget. offers both Basic and Pro plans.
  4. Provide your email address and create a password for your account.
  5. Complete the account confirmation process by clicking on the verification link sent to your email.
  6. Once your account is confirmed, you can start using for your research needs.

By following these steps, you can easily sign up for and begin utilizing its features for your research tasks.

What are the differences between basic and pro plans of

The main differences between the basic and pro plans of are as follows:

  • Pricing: The basic plan is available at a cost of £9.99 per month or £7.99 per month if paid annually, whereas the pro plan is priced at £29.99 per month or £24.99 per month if paid annually.
  • File Upload Limit: The basic plan allows a maximum individual file upload size of 5GB, while the pro plan offers unlimited file uploads.
  • Features Included in the Basic Plan: The basic plan encompasses several features, including AI-generated keywords, AI-powered summaries, cloud-based notes and annotations, note linking, extraction of graphs, figures, and tables, access to Genei walkthroughs and knowledge base, reference generation and management, email support, chatbot support, and export functionality.
  • Additional Features in the Pro Plan: In addition to all the features available in the basic plan, the pro plan provides 70% higher quality AI capabilities, access to GPT3 (the world's most advanced language-based AI), multi-document summarization, search and question answering functionalities, rephrasing and paraphrasing functionality, and priority server access.

By comparing the basic and pro plans of, users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and preferences, considering factors such as pricing, file upload requirements, and the specific features they require for their research and analysis tasks.

Research faster with Genei. Automate content creation for faster blogs, articles, and reports.

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