AI Voiceover And Narrated Video Generator

Generate professional-grade narrated videos and voiceovers effortlessly with Narakeet's exceptional AI tool.
AI Voiceover And Narrated Video Generator
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Narakeet is an exceptional AI tool, designed to revolutionize the creation of voiceovers and narrated videos through its remarkable text-to-speech technology. With an extensive array of more than 600 voices available in 90 different languages, users can effortlessly craft exceptional audio or video content within mere minutes. By either typing or uploading a script, users have the flexibility to select their desired voice and generate professional-grade audio or video content swiftly. Offering seamless conversion of text to speech in popular file formats like MP3, M4A, and WAV, Narakeet is an invaluable asset for content creators seeking to produce instructional videos, podcasts, and even audiobooks. Furthermore, Narakeet simplifies the entire video production process by automating essential tasks like voice recording, editing, and synchronization, ultimately ensuring that users save both time and effort. On top of these impressive features, Narakeet also provides automatic subtitle generation, slide customization, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with continuous delivery pipelines and automation systems through its API. Ultimately, Narakeet is the ideal solution, catering to the needs of individuals from various domains – be it personal, educational, or professional – guaranteeing an unmatched user experience when it comes to crafting superior-quality narrated videos and voiceovers.

What is is a web-based platform that provides a diverse range of online utilities designed for generating voiceovers and narrated videos via advanced text-to-speech voices. With Narakeet, users have the ability to convert written scripts into seamless voiceovers, seamlessly manipulate videos as if editing text, and effectively compose entire videos using Markdown formatting. Moreover, the platform offers a selection of 90 languages and accents to choose from for narration purposes, while also enabling the utilization of developer APIs and command line tools to streamline the automation of audio and video production tasks. Overall, Narakeet emerges as a user-friendly and potent solution for crafting compelling and educational videos.

How much does cost?

Narakeet provides a range of pricing plans tailored to the specific account type and usage requirements. For individual users, pricing varies from 0.05 USD to 0.25 USD per minute of produced video content, contingent on the volume of usage; those with higher usage benefit from reduced rates. Additionally, alternative pricing options denominated in EUR and GBP are available for individuals located outside of the United States. In the case of organizational users, Narakeet extends two pricing models: subscription-based accounts with a fixed fee based on the number of users, and metered billing corresponding to the duration of generated video or audio content. Furthermore, Narakeet extends discounts to educational institutions and non-profit organizations, rendering their services more accessible and cost-effective.

What are the benefits of

Employing offers several advantages:

  • Versatile Content Creation: The platform facilitates the generation of videos and audio content derived from presentations and scripts through the application of text-to-speech technology available in a wide array of 90 languages. This allows for diverse linguistic options in content production.
  • Streamlined Scripting and Visual Enhancement: Users have the ability to entirely script their videos using Markdown formatting, along with the capability to seamlessly integrate visual elements such as images, screen recordings, and video clips. This enriches the visual and informative aspects of the content.
  • Effortless Video Editing and Real-Time Previews: The tool simplifies the process of video editing, offering an experience akin to manipulating text. Furthermore, users can promptly preview their edits, facilitating real-time assessment of the results.
  • Automation through Developer Tools: offers interfaces like developer APIs and command line tools, which enable users to automate the production of audio and video content. This feature enhances efficiency and scalability in content generation.

Overall, presents itself as a valuable resource for creating diverse, visually enhanced, and efficiently produced videos and audio files.

How does work? operates by employing realistic text-to-speech voices for the generation of voiceovers and narrated videos originating from scripts or slide-based content. The platform provides versatile functionalities catering to distinct needs and preferences. Highlighted below are key features of Narakeet:

  • Slide Conversion and Voice Customization: Narakeet facilitates effortless conversion of PowerPoint (PPT) presentations into videos, along with the creation of dynamic slideshows with accompanying music. Additionally, it allows the transformation of lecture slides into video format. The tool supports various presentation platforms including PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Users have the flexibility to select from diverse video formats and sizes. Voiceovers can be seamlessly added to presentation videos, with the ability to modify the voice language, style, and even incorporate dialogues utilizing multiple voices. Control over pauses and pronunciation is also available. The feature-rich platform permits the preview of voice-over content and offers options for incorporating personal voice recordings or pre-existing audio.
  • Markdown Scripting and Template Utilization: Narakeet integrates Markdown, a user-friendly markup language, for scripting entire videos. Markdown allows text formatting, image, video, audio inclusion, transitions, animations, subtitles, and callouts. It facilitates both the creation of videos from scratch and the modification of existing content as effortlessly as editing text. Narakeet's pre-designed templates expedite the production of videos for various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Text-to-Speech Voice Testing and Customization: Users can conveniently test text-to-speech voices and scripts, ensuring content quality before generating text-to-speech audio. A wide selection of 90 languages and accents is available for narration, complemented by adjustable voice attributes such as pitch, speed, and volume. The platform excels in generating high-quality text-to-speech audio, estimating audio duration, and rapidly producing batches of audio files. It further supports tasks such as converting subtitles to audio, creating closed captions and subtitles for text-to-speech audio, and refining pronunciation using specialized alphabets like IPA and X-SAMPA.
  • Automation through Developer Tools: Narakeet extends developer APIs and command line tools for automating audio and video production. Integration with external applications and workflows is possible, enabling programmatically generated videos. The platform's command line interface (CLI) facilitates its operation directly from terminal environments or scripted processes.

In summary, presents a comprehensive toolset encompassing slide conversion, text-to-speech customization, Markdown scripting, template-driven content creation, and developer-friendly automation, rendering it a versatile solution for video and audio content production.

What are the limitations of

Certain limitations are associated with the usage of

  • Slide Content Restrictions: The platform supports PowerPoint slides in the form of either static images or videos. However, it does not accommodate embedded videos within slides, including partial video integration. Additionally, animations and transitions present in PowerPoint slides are not supported within the platform's functionality.
  • Font Embedding Requirement: To maintain consistent text appearance between the original document and the generated video, it's essential to embed fonts into the document before uploading it to Narakeet. Failure to do so might result in text appearing differently in the video compared to the original PowerPoint content.
  • Limited Voice Customization: While Narakeet offers integration with various voice synthesis services like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Amazon Polly, it does not possess its own selection of custom-branded voices. If users desire a custom branded voice, they are required to establish such a voice through one of the supported services. Subsequently, integration of the custom brand voice into Narakeet entails contacting the platform for a tailored plan.
  • Pricing Structure: Narakeet adopts a pricing model based on the duration of created video or audio content, measured in one-second increments. The cost varies depending on the chosen package, ranging from 0.2 to 0.05 USD per minute. The pricing structure is influenced by the specific plan selected by the user.

In summary, has limitations regarding the handling of PowerPoint content, font embedding prerequisites, voice customization options, and its video/audio creation pricing scheme. Despite these limitations, the platform offers a range of valuable features for content creation and customization.

Generate professional-grade narrated videos and voiceovers effortlessly with Narakeet's exceptional AI tool.

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