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Create personalized digital versions of yourself with PersonalAI. Unlock the potential of AI for a personalized touch.
AI Personalized Avatar Prototype
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Discover AI tools that create personalized digital versions of yourself. Experience the future of AI and unlock its potential for a personalized touch. Explore the top companies in the industry on our directory.

What is offers a comprehensive platform for creating AI versions of individuals or brands based on personalized data, including facts, opinions, and personal traits. Its core features include the ability to train AI models using various data formats like text, images, audio, or video, with options for customizing personality, voice, and appearance. Users can engage in text or voice-based conversations with their personal AI models, exploring their responses to queries and comments, as well as interact with other models created by different users or brands. Additionally, users can discover and engage with a variety of personal AI models on the platform, rating, reviewing, and following their favorites. aims to provide an entertaining and interactive experience, applicable across entertainment, education, marketing, and self-expression, while also offering insights into oneself and others through AI models.

How much does cost?

The pricing structure of varies depending on the chosen tier, with four options available:

  1. Free Tier: Priced at $0 per month, offering limited features and storage for memories.
  2. Starter Tier: Available at $15 per month, providing access to additional features and memory storage.
  3. Premium Tier: Priced at $40 per month, offering unlimited access to features and memory storage.
  4. Elevate Tier: Pricing is tailored and requires contacting the provider for details. This tier offers customized AI training and support.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits:

  1. Creative Expression: Users can engage in fun and creative self-expression by creating AI versions of themselves or their brand.

  2. Self-Discovery: Through interactions with their personal AI model and exploring other models on the platform, users can gain insights into themselves and others, fostering personal growth and understanding.

  3. Time and Energy Savings: Users can delegate tasks such as scheduling, reminders, follow-ups, and updates to their personal AI, streamlining productivity and freeing up time for other activities.

  4. Building Trust and Rapport: By sending personalized and engaging messages that reflect their authentic voice and values, users can establish trust and rapport with their contacts, enhancing communication effectiveness.

  5. Enhanced Security and Privacy: The platform offers AI-powered user authentication, leveraging unique behavioral patterns and biometric data analysis to enhance security and privacy for users.

What are the limitations of presents several limitations:

  1. Data Quality and Privacy Concerns: Users must supply their own data, including text, images, audio, or video, to create a personal AI model. Ensuring high-quality and sufficient quantity of data is essential for optimal model performance. However, this raises privacy and security concerns as users entrust the platform with their data, necessitating confidence in its proper handling and protection against unauthorized access or misuse.

  2. Ethical and Social Implications: The creation of personal AI models carries ethical and social considerations, such as potential biases, deception, manipulation, or identity theft. For instance, personal AI models may reflect the creator's viewpoints, which might not accurately represent others' perspectives. Moreover, there's a risk of someone using a personal AI model to impersonate or influence individuals without consent, posing ethical dilemmas and social risks.

  3. Technical Challenges and Costs: Developing a personal AI model demands substantial computational power and resources, which can incur significant expenses and maintenance challenges. Additionally, personal AI models are prone to errors and may struggle to comprehend complex situations or contexts accurately. Consequently, users must continually monitor and update their models to uphold reliability and accuracy.

How to sign up for

To register for, adhere to these steps:

  1. Navigate to the website and locate the Sign Up button situated at the top right corner.
  2. Provide your name, email address, and password, and consent to the terms and conditions.
  3. Confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link dispatched to your inbox.
  4. Download either the desktop application or the mobile application, and access it using your login credentials.
  5. Commence the process of creating and training your personal AI model by uploading your data and engaging in conversations with your AI. Alternatively, you can also register for by accepting an email invitation to participate in a lounge or converse with a personal AI model.
Create personalized digital versions of yourself with PersonalAI. Unlock the potential of AI for a personalized touch.

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