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The ultimate AI Chatbot Builder - Create personalized chatbots easily from your own data & branding. No coding.
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Introducing InsertChatGPT, your all-inclusive AI chatbot builder. With a user-friendly interface that requires no coding, you can easily create your own personalized chatbot using your own data and branding. Simply upload documents or add links to construct your chatbot, which can be seamlessly integrated into your website as a window or bubble, enhancing user engagement. Enjoy a plethora of unique features, including white-labeling and theming options for customizable interfaces, cloud training for real-time adjustments to your chatbot's behavior and smartness, access to chat history for complete control over customer interactions, and the ability to define specific tasks for your chatbot. Powered by the latest publicly available OpenAI model, InsertChatGPT also allows easy integration of multiple existing tools into the chat widget for added functionality. Choose from various affordable pricing plans tailored to your needs, and don't forget to explore the free plan. Our support is readily available through a chat bubble and our vibrant Discord community. With support for multiple languages, InsertChatGPT ensures a personalized user experience. Say hello to the comprehensive AI chatbot builder that effortlessly combines customizable branding, seamless integration, and powerful features for a multitude of applications, from customer service to content generation.

What is is a website that offers the capability to embed the ChatGPT chatbot into any webpage. ChatGPT utilizes the GPT-4 model to produce natural and engaging conversational responses. The website provides customization options for the chatbot's behavior, appearance, and personality. For instance, users can activate the code interpreter feature, enabling the chatbot to execute code snippets in multiple programming languages.

How does work? is a web platform that facilitates the integration of the ChatGPT chatbot into any web page. ChatGPT is an AI-driven conversational platform leveraging the GPT-4 model to generate natural and engaging responses. The website offers a range of customization options for the chatbot's behavior, appearance, and personality. For instance, users can enable the code interpreter feature, allowing the chatbot to execute code snippets in various programming languages.

To utilize, you must register for an account and create a chatbot project. You have the choice of starting from different templates or building from the ground up. Subsequently, you can tailor the chatbot's settings, including its name, avatar, language, tone, and domain. Further customization is possible through the addition of custom commands, intents, and responses, enhancing the chatbot's interactivity and relevance to your website's content. After configuring these settings, you can generate a code snippet that can be easily incorporated into your website's HTML code. This enables the chatbot to seamlessly appear on your website and engage with your visitors.

How much does it cost to use offers a range of pricing plans, each with its own features and pricing structure. There are four plans available: Starter, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Starter Plan:
      - This plan is free of charge.
      - It allows you to create one chatbot project.
      - You can engage in up to 500 chats per month.
  • Basic Plan:
      - The Basic plan is priced at $19 per month.
      - It permits the creation of three chatbot projects.
      - You can have up to 2,000 chats per month.
  • Pro Plan:
      - The Pro plan is priced at $39 per month.
      - It enables you to create 10 chatbot projects.
      - You can engage in up to 10,000 chats per month.
  • Enterprise Plan:
      - The Enterprise plan is customizable to meet your specific needs.
      - It offers unlimited chatbot projects and chats per month.

Additionally, there is a 14-day free trial available for any of the paid plans, allowing users to explore the features and functionality of before committing to a subscription.

What are the benefits of is a platform that provides users with access to an advanced artificial intelligence model known as GPT-4. This website offers several benefits:

  • Engaging Conversations: Users can engage in entertaining and interactive conversations with the AI on a wide range of topics, including sports, movies, music, games, and more.
  • Content Generation: The AI can be tasked with generating creative and original content across various formats, such as poems, stories, code snippets, essays, songs, celebrity parodies, and more.
  • Document Interpretation: Users have the option to upload their own documents to the website, allowing the AI to interpret them. For instance, users can upload a Python script and receive the executed output or upload a text document for summarization or rewriting in a different style.
  • Exploring AI Capabilities: serves as a platform for users to explore the capabilities and limitations of the AI, providing an opportunity to gain insights into how it functions and what it can accomplish.

For those seeking guidance on how to utilize effectively, a tutorial is available for reference. It is a valuable resource for users looking to maximize their experience while interacting with the AI. Enjoy your conversations with the AI on!

What are the limitations of is a website that employs the GPT-4 artificial intelligence model to engage in conversations with users and generate various forms of content. Nevertheless, like any technological tool, it comes with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: may occasionally produce inaccurate or misleading information as GPT-4 is trained on extensive internet data without fact-checking. Consequently, outputs may contain false, outdated, incomplete, or contradictory information. It is advisable to independently verify the reliability and validity of information generated by the AI.
  • Context and Intent Understanding: GPT-4 lacks common sense and reasoning abilities, which means it may struggle with complex, ambiguous, or knowledge-dependent prompts. Users are encouraged to be clear and specific in their interactions with GPT-4, avoiding slang, idioms, metaphors, or humor that the AI may not comprehend.
  • Ethical and Social Considerations: GPT-4 operates without awareness of human moral and cultural values, and it lacks accountability for its outputs. Consequently, it may generate offensive, inappropriate, harmful, or illegal content. Users are urged to exercise caution and respect when communicating with the AI, refraining from requesting actions or statements that may infringe upon personal or societal rights and dignity.
  • Technical and Operational Issues: GPT-4's extensive computational demands can lead to technical issues, such as errors, delays, or performance failures. Users should remain patient and understanding during interactions with the AI and report any identified bugs or glitches to the website administrators. Rate limits may also apply, meaning that GPT-4 may not handle a high volume of requests simultaneously.

These limitations should be considered when using However, they do not diminish the value and potential of GPT-4 as a valuable tool for communication and creative purposes. Users can still engage in enjoyable and meaningful conversations with GPT-4, request the generation of original content, and explore the AI's capabilities and constraints. Ultimately, GPT-4 offers opportunities for engaging interactions and innovative applications. Enjoy your interactions with GPT-4!

The ultimate AI Chatbot Builder - Create personalized chatbots easily from your own data & branding. No coding.

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