AI Virtual Agent Platform

Revolutionize operations with Moveo's AI Virtual Agent Platform - empower agents, automate support, increase efficiency.
AI Virtual Agent Platform
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Moveo AI Virtual Agent Platform revolutionizes companies' operations and elevates customer experience (CX) with its cutting-edge conversational AI capabilities. By observing human agents and assimilating knowledge bases, Moveo AI trains virtual agents that replicate real human behavior. This unique combination of conversational AI and open-domain chatbots empowers users to effortlessly automate over 80% of customer support operations by uploading data in any format. Môveo AI stands out with its user-friendly, no-code platform that allows for the seamless creation of virtual agents using a drag-and-drop interface. Its exceptional Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms enable virtual agents to comprehend human communication in any language, proficiently identifying errors and slang. Through continuous integration with users, these virtual agents autonomously adapt to customer needs using advanced Deep Learning algorithms. Moreover, Moveo AI offers seamless integration with backend systems, automating tasks such as personalized inquiries, appointment bookings, and payments handling. Trusted by industry leaders, Moveo AI has consistently demonstrated its ability to increase efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction. This versatile platform generates leads, enhances customer experience, streamlines operations, and automates mundane processes. Moveo AI boasts a comprehensive suite of features, including a user-friendly interface, omnichannel support, robust analytics for data-driven decision-making, and a built-in human chat module for smooth handover to human agents if needed. Discover the power of the Môveo AI Virtual Agent Platform for optimal business performance.

What is

Moveo.AI is a conversational AI platform designed to assist businesses in automating their customer service operations and enhancing customer experiences. This platform leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies to develop and oversee AI virtual agents capable of addressing a wide range of requests across various channels and languages. In addition to its virtual agent capabilities, Moveo.AI offers analytical tools and insights, aiding businesses in refining their performance and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. To gather more information about Moveo.AI, you can visit their official website or explore their about page. Additionally, you may find customer reviews on platforms such as Capterra and Crunchbase, and there is also a news article available discussing the company's Greek founders.

How does work?

Moveo.AI is a conversational AI platform that aims to streamline businesses' customer service processes and enhance overall customer experiences. This platform harnesses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to construct and manage AI virtual agents capable of handling diverse requests across multiple communication channels and languages. Moreover, Moveo.AI offers analytics and insights to assist businesses in enhancing their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The end-to-end operational flow of Moveo.AI, as outlined in their documentation, involves the following steps:

  • End users initiate communication through various channels like Webchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more.
  • The virtual assistant receives and processes the incoming messages using its NLP Engine, facilitating various interactions, such as engaging in conversations, scheduling appointments, conducting sales, managing refunds, addressing staff inquiries, and more.

Moveo.AI boasts two prominent features:

  • Collections: This feature empowers businesses to automate a significant portion of their customer service operations, leveraging finely tuned LLMs (Language Model Models). Users can securely upload data in various formats and rely on a dependable 24/7 virtual customer support agent.
  • Auto Builder: Moveo.AI's Auto Builder enables businesses to accelerate the automation of their processes tenfold, using Moveo's in-house LLMs. Users can describe their requirements and create custom ChatGPT chatbots tailored to their specific business needs.

Moveo.AI claims to possess state-of-the-art NLP technology capable of facilitating seamless communication in 21 languages, ensuring a global reach. Their statistical models have the ability to identify errors ranging from spelling and syntax to complex behavioral patterns. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes its infinite scalability and self-learning capabilities.

For further information about Moveo.AI, you can visit their official website or explore their about page. Additionally, user reviews can be found on platforms like Capterra and Crunchbase, and there is also a news article available that discusses the company's Greek founders.

How secure is Moveo.AI?

Moveo.AI is a conversational AI platform that emphasizes its commitment to user data security and privacy. As outlined in their privacy policy, they employ a range of measures, including contractual, technical, and organizational safeguards, to protect both physical and digital security of personal data. They assert compliance with EU Data Protection Law and GDPR, and actively scrutinize any public authority requests for data that may conflict with these regulations. Additionally, Moveo.AI offers encryption, anonymization, and pseudonymization options to bolster data protection and confidentiality. Nonetheless, like any online service, there are inherent risks, including data breaches, cyberattacks, or unauthorized access. It is advisable for users to thoroughly review Moveo.AI's terms and conditions and exercise responsible and ethical use of their platform.

How does Moveo.AI ensure data protection?

Moveo.AI prioritizes data protection through several key measures:

  • Compliance: Moveo.AI adheres to the EU Data Protection Law and GDPR, actively challenging any requests for data from public authorities that do not align with these regulations.
  • Data Security Options: They offer customers the ability to utilize encryption, anonymization, and pseudonymization to safeguard data and maintain confidentiality.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Moveo.AI utilizes certified secure cloud services and data centers compliant with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and PCI DSS standards.
  • Ongoing Security Assessments: Regular security audits and penetration tests are conducted to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Incident Response: The platform has established procedures for data breach notifications and incident response.

For more detailed information on Moveo.AI's security and privacy practices, you can refer to their privacy policy and security page. If you have any inquiries or concerns, you can reach out to them at

How does Moveo.AI ensure compliance with GDPR?

Moveo.AI, as a conversational AI platform, asserts its commitment to GDPR compliance through a series of structured actions:

  • Legal Basis: The platform establishes a legitimate legal basis for processing personal data. This includes obtaining consent from data subjects, fulfilling contractual obligations, or pursuing legitimate interests.
  • Data Management: Moveo.AI maintains a secure, accurate, and relevant database, respecting the rights and preferences of data subjects while ensuring data is used for the permitted purpose.
  • Data Minimization: The platform minimizes data by collecting and processing only necessary and proportionate information, and it deletes or anonymizes data when it is no longer required.
  • Retention Period: Moveo.AI defines data retention periods that align with the permitted purpose, data subjects' expectations, and legal requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement: The platform conducts regular data protection impact assessments, audits, and reviews. It also implements technical and organizational measures to uphold data quality and security.
  • AI Model Safeguards: Moveo.AI addresses risks associated with AI models by ensuring transparency, fairness, and explicability of algorithms. Human oversight and intervention mechanisms are provided.

For further details on Moveo.AI's GDPR compliance, you can refer to their data processing agreement, security page, or blog post. Additionally, you may find general information about making AI GDPR compliant from various sources.

Revolutionize operations with Moveo's AI Virtual Agent Platform - empower agents, automate support, increase efficiency.

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