App Wireframe Designs by AI

Lightning speed app wireframe designs by AI. Design stunning wireframes effortlessly.
App Wireframe Designs by AI
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App wireframes in lightning speed with AI.

What is is a website providing AI-powered wireframing and design tools specifically designed for individuals without a background in design. With, users can effortlessly create visually impressive software wireframes and prototypes using various starting points such as hand-drawn sketches, app screenshots, built-in templates, and in the near future, text prompts. The platform also offers the capability to leverage Visily's AI technology for tasks such as converting screenshots and sketches into designs, resolving color-related issues, and extracting design systems from images or URLs. has gained the trust of numerous companies and has garnered appreciation from a wide range of professionals, including product managers, founders, developers, and business analysts who have found value in its offerings.

How much does cost?, as stated on their website, currently offers free access to all users without any cost. While they do plan to introduce paid plans in the future, as of now, all features and services provided by are available at no charge. Users can sign up for free without the need to provide credit card information.
With the free version of, users can take advantage of various features, including unlimited viewers and editors, 100 credits for utilizing AI features, access to over 500 templates, rapid prototyping capabilities, quick ideation tools, customizable themes, the ability to switch between low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs seamlessly, team management functionalities, and real-time co-designing capabilities.

What are some AI features of offers several AI-powered features that enhance the wireframing and design experience. These features include:

  • Screenshot to Design: By uploading a screenshot of a web or app interface, Visily's AI generates a high-fidelity wireframe that can be further customized.
  • Sketch to Design: Users can draw a wireframe on paper, and Visily's AI will convert it into a high-fidelity mockup that can be edited and refined.
  • AI Design Assistant: Visily's AI provides valuable feedback and suggestions to improve color choices and address common color issues, assisting users in creating visually appealing designs.
  • Image to Theme: Users have the ability to upload an app screenshot or logo, and Visily's AI extracts a design system that can be applied to wireframes, ensuring consistency and coherence.
  • URL to Theme: By inputting the URL of a website or app, Visily's AI extracts a design system from it, enabling users to incorporate the established visual style into their wireframes.
    These AI features offered by empower users to streamline their design process, transform initial concepts into polished wireframes, and leverage AI assistance for color selection and design system extraction.

How accurate is's AI?'s AI technology demonstrates a high level of accuracy when generating high-fidelity wireframes from diverse sources of inspiration. The website highlights a three-phase analysis conducted by their AI technology to ensure an accurate representation of web and app screenshots. According to, their AI has the potential to significantly reduce the time required for wireframe creation, claiming a time-saving of up to 90%.
Testimonials from users further emphasize the positive impact of their AI capabilities. Lauren Marturano, the founder and CEO of Zinnia, attests to the usefulness of Visily's AI in creating solid mock-ups for sharing with her team and generating new ideas. Tommy Noonan, the head of product and growth at, praises the ability of Visily's AI to empower product managers and engineers to independently produce mockups and prototypes efficiently.
Visily's blog post also highlights the AI's potential in enhancing design accuracy and providing advanced design features, further emphasizing the benefits of their AI technology.
Overall,'s AI technology showcases impressive accuracy in generating high-quality wireframes, contributing to time savings and facilitating effective collaboration and ideation among teams.

What are some limitations of

While offers a range of useful features, there are certain limitations to consider:

  • Limited Features: may not provide all the tools and functions required by professional designers to create intricate or detailed designs. Advanced features such as animations, transitions, interactions, or advanced editing capabilities that are available in other design tools may be lacking.
  • Price: Currently, is available free of charge for all users. However, the introduction of paid plans in the future might impact the tool's accessibility. Depending on the pricing structure and features offered in the paid plans, some users may perceive as expensive or not providing sufficient value compared to alternative design tools or hiring a professional designer.

It's important to consider these limitations when evaluating's suitability for specific design requirements, especially when complex design elements or specialized features are needed, or when weighing the cost-effectiveness of using the tool compared to alternative options.

Lightning speed app wireframe designs by AI. Design stunning wireframes effortlessly.

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