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Supercharge NLP models with Fine-Tuner AI. Impressive results, minimal data. Experience the power of AI without coding.
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Supercharge your NLP models with's advanced technology. Achieve impressive results in record time, with minimal data. Experience the power of AI without coding.

What is is an innovative AI tool designed to elevate NLP models through advanced fine-tuning technology. It empowers users, regardless of technical proficiency, to construct customized AI agents on a large scale without the need for coding expertise. This platform streamlines the process of AI development, enabling users to concentrate on their specific use cases and creative concepts.

How does work? employs a contrastive learning method to enhance similarity matching by embedding data into models. Here's a breakdown of its functioning:

  1. Building an Embedding Model:
      - Fine-Tuner assesses the architecture of an existing pre-trained model, often referred to as the "backbone."
      - If the model doesn't generate embeddings or its structure isn't conducive to training, Fine-Tuner makes modifications:
       - Removes the default head (final layers of the network).
       - Introduces new projection layers.
       - Applies pooling.
       - Freezes unnecessary layers.
      - The resultant embedding model doesn't predict but produces feature vectors (embeddings) representing input data.

  2. Tuple/Triplet Construction:
      - Fine-Tuner operates with labeled data, typically in CSV files or DocumentArrays.
      - It dynamically generates triplets (anchor, positive, negative):
       - Anchor: Any training example.
       - Positive: A document sharing the same label.
       - Negative: A document with a distinct label.
      - Objective: To draw documents of the same class closer and push apart those of different classes.

  3. Cloud-Based Tuning:
      - Fine-Tuner manages complexity and infrastructure via cloud services.
      - Upon logging into the Jina Ecosystem, Fine-Tuner transfers training data to the Jina AI Cloud.
      - A dedicated computational resource, equipped with memory, CPU, and GPU, is allocated for fine-tuning.
      - Upon completion, the fine-tuned model becomes available for download. streamlines the fine-tuning process, rendering pre-trained models production-ready without extensive labeling or costly hardware requirements.

How can I get started with offers an accessible platform for fine-tuning machine learning models, eliminating the need for coding expertise. Whether you're an experienced data scientist or a novice, here's how you can begin:

Bubble Plugin (No-Code Approach):

  • Utilize's Bubble plugin featuring an intuitive interface:
     - Drag and drop to organize your training data effortlessly.
     - Select a base model for fine-tuning.
     - Adjust model hyperparameters according to your requirements.
     - Train refined AI models tailored to your specifications.
  • With the plugin, you can:
     - Directly integrate your fine-tuned models into Bubble workflows.
     - Add new data samples to your existing training dataset.
     - Access the training data associated with the current fine-tuned model.
    Use Cases:
  • Enhance customer targeting and marketing campaign efficacy for customer acquisition.
  • Utilize predictive analytics to make informed business decisions.
  • Personalize customer experiences for improved satisfaction.
  • Automate repetitive tasks to optimize efficiency.
  • Make informed decisions regarding investments and resource allocation.
  • Provide swift and accurate customer support services.


  • Predicting customer churn.
  • Recommending products based on user preferences.
  • Classifying images.
  • Analyzing sentiment in text.
  • Detecting anomalies in data. (UI Approach):

  • For a more hands-on experience, leverage
     - Access and choose your workspace.
     - Navigate to "Fine-Tuning" on the left-hand side.
     - Create a fine-tuning job by selecting the model for refinement.
     - Monitor the progress of your training and deploy the fine-tuned model upon completion.

OpenAI's Dataset Tool (API Approach):

  • Utilize OpenAI's dataset tool for fine-tuning through their API:
     - Upload your fine-tuning data to the OpenAI dataset tool.
     - Define a fine-tuning task using their API by specifying the model, dataset, and hyperparameters.
     - Monitor the training progress of your model.
     - Deploy or download the fine-tuned model for local use.

Remember, offers AI capabilities at no cost, encouraging exploration, experimentation, and creativity.

How much does cost? presents a range of pricing options tailored to diverse user requirements. Here's a breakdown of the details: Pricing:

  • Starting Price: Paid plans commence from €60 per month.
  • Word Limit: Approximately 75,000 words per month.
  • Credits: Users are allocated 100,000 credits, with pricing adjusted based on credit usage. streamlines the fine-tuning process, offering accessibility without the necessity for coding skills. Users can effortlessly customize AI agents to meet their specific needs.

What are the benefits of offers a plethora of benefits for enhancing AI development and deployment:

Efficiency Enhancement:

  • Fine-tuning optimizes the process, enabling customization of pre-trained models for specific tasks without starting anew.
  • It conserves time and computational resources by leveraging existing knowledge.

Cost Reduction:

  • Avoiding the necessity for extensive labeled data or expensive hardware, fine-tuning achieves superior results with fewer resources.

Augmented Decision-Making:

  • Customized models elevate decision-making accuracy, furnishing insights for strategic planning.

Improved Customer Experiences:

  • Personalized recommendations and swift responses elevate user satisfaction.
  • Fine-tuned models dynamically adapt to user preferences.

Risk Management:

  • Tailoring models to specific contexts via fine-tuning aids in risk mitigation, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Innovation Enablement:

  • Fine-tuned models encourage innovation by catering to unique requirements, fostering creative solutions and novel applications. simplifies AI customization, rendering it accessible across diverse industries and use cases.

Supercharge NLP models with Fine-Tuner AI. Impressive results, minimal data. Experience the power of AI without coding.

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