AI Video Translation And Dubbing Tool

AI-powered video translation and voiceover tool.
AI Video Translation And Dubbing Tool
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AI-powered video translation and voiceover tool.

Vidby, the cutting-edge AI video translation and dubbing tool, revolutionizes the way businesses expand into international markets. With proficiency in over 70 languages, Vidby ensures translations and dubbing with up to 100% accuracy, all thanks to its advanced AI technology. Now, businesses can effortlessly localize their videos for diverse regions, enhance accessibility through subtitles, and effortlessly reach international audiences. Vidby is the go-to solution for those looking to transcend language barriers and capture global attention.

How does your vidby?

Vidby is a quick and affordable easy-to-use AI-powered platform for everyone who needs to translate and voiceover their video on the fly without compromising the quality.

Who could benefit most from vidby?

Video content creators, e-learning platforms, media, multinational companies, and enterprises.

What makes vidby better than the competitors?

vidby is a Google Cloud Technical Partner and has the status of YouTube’s Recommended Vendor for content localization.

Enjoy vidby’s unique features:

  • 75 languages and 65 dialects.
  • 2500+ male and female AI voices of different age groups (kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors).
  • Opportunity to manage pronunciation of personal and brand names.
  • Accurate translation and interpretation of terms.
  • Ability to manage word stresses.
  • Professional automatic and manual speed regulation of dubbing.
  • 5 options for working with an audio track.
  • Convenient online order placement in 2-5 minutes 24/7.
  • Teamwork on the project.
  • Possibility to update the content of your voiceovers anytime.
  • Cutting out unnecessary segments of videos (for example, advertising blocks).
  • Translation of the parts you need. Pay only for chosen fragments, not for the entire video’s length

vidby is a budget-friendly solution

  • Transparent pricing - there’s an in-built price calculator
  • An in-build crowdfunding platform to raise money for the translation of the chosen videos to share with followers
  • Donation links to raise money for video translation (replenishing the balance directly on the vidby account)
  • An investment platform - selling stake for content creation and translation
  • Cost reduction opportunity for translation into many languages at one time

Use vidby to make any video content accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world!

What is is a website that provides AI-driven video translation services, offering support for over 70 languages. They also offer a human review option for enhanced translation and dubbing quality. Users have the option to upload their videos and witness Vidby's AI video translation capabilities firsthand. Additionally, offers various quality tiers, services, and features, allowing users to tailor their choices according to their specific requirements and budget constraints. The platform's claims include assisting users in expanding their audience reach, saving time on high-quality translations, boosting customer loyalty, and increasing revenue by translating and dubbing videos.

What are the pricing options for offers three distinct pricing options for its AI-powered video translation and dubbing services:

  1. Free: Designed for users seeking basic features. With this plan, you receive 30 vidby credits per month, access to 70 languages, and your videos will have a watermark.

  2. Starter: Suited for those requiring more extensive standard features. This plan costs $35 per month and includes 300 vidby credits, no watermark on videos, access to 70 languages, templates, video editing capabilities, customization of subtitles, transcription and translation editors, voice cloning, and the option for one-time order correction.

  3. Pro: Geared towards professionals in need of a comprehensive suite of advanced features. For $75 per month, you receive 700 vidby credits, videos without watermarks, access to 70 languages, templates, video editing tools, subtitles customization, transcription and translation editors, voice cloning, and the opportunity for one-time order correction.

Moreover, offers a convenient calculator on their website to help users estimate the cost of their specific order. This calculation takes into account factors such as video length, source and target languages, dubbing options, and translation accuracy. Additionally, users have the option to request a demo to gain a firsthand understanding of how Vidby's services operate.

How does work? follows a straightforward four-step process for its AI-powered video translation and dubbing services:

  1. Upload or Add Link: Begin by uploading your video directly to the platform or providing a link to the video you wish to translate and dub.

  2. Language Selection: Choose the target language in which you want the video to be translated.

  3. Payment and Wait: Complete the payment process, and then allow some time for Vidby's AI-powered system to work its translation and dubbing magic.

  4. Receive Translated Video: Once the process is complete, you will receive your video with the desired translation.

In addition to this streamlined process, offers various quality options, features, and services, allowing users to select the most suitable choices based on their specific requirements and budget constraints.'s primary objectives are to help users expand their global audience reach, save both time and money, and facilitate business growth by translating and dubbing their videos.

For those interested in gaining a better understanding of Vidby's capabilities, a demo is available upon request to provide a hands-on demonstration of how the platform works.

What are the benefits of offers several notable benefits to its users:

  1. Multilingual Capabilities: Users can leverage AI-powered technology to translate and dub their videos in over 70 languages. Additionally, provides a human review option to ensure the highest translation quality.

  2. Global Audience Reach: By translating videos into multiple languages, users can effectively reach audiences around the world in their native language, thereby increasing the potential for global viewership and engagement.

  3. Time and Cost Savings:'s automated service offers fast and accurate translations, helping users save time and reduce translation costs compared to traditional methods.

  4. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Adapting video content to different markets and cultures can foster greater customer loyalty and engagement. By tailoring content to specific demographics, businesses can strengthen their relationships with their target audiences.

  5. Revenue Growth: Translating and dubbing videos can attract new customers, increase website traffic, and enable businesses to scale their operations. This can ultimately contribute to revenue growth and expansion opportunities.

In summary, provides a comprehensive solution for video translation and dubbing, offering benefits such as multilingual support, global audience reach, cost-efficiency, improved customer loyalty, and potential revenue growth.

How does ensure data privacy and security? maintains a robust framework of policies and guidelines to ensure responsible and secure usage of their services:

  1. Privacy Policy: has a detailed privacy policy that outlines how they protect and handle user data when delivering their services. This policy is designed to safeguard user privacy and data security.

  2. Ethical Code: is committed to using AI technology responsibly and preventing the spread of fake news and misinformation through their AI-powered services. Their ethical code underscores their dedication to ethical and responsible AI usage.

  3. Terms of Use:'s terms of use document specifies the rights and obligations of both users and the service provider. It lays out the rules and expectations governing the use of their platform and services.

Users interested in learning more about's data privacy and security practices can refer to their website for comprehensive information. Additionally, for any inquiries or concerns, users can contact at, where their customer support team can address questions and provide assistance.

AI-powered video translation and voiceover tool.

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