AI Text to Speech (TTS) Generator

Generate realistic AI voices in seconds with Listnr's text-to-speech technology. Choose from 600+ voices in 80+ languages. Export in MP3/WAV.
AI Text to Speech (TTS) Generator
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Realistic text to speech using AI voice generators.

What is is an AI-powered Text to Speech Generator, providing users with the ability to create lifelike Text to Speech (TTS) audio. This tool offers a wide selection of high-quality AI voices to convert text into speech, which can be conveniently downloaded in either MP3 or WAV formats. In addition to its core functionality, offers podcasting features and boasts an extensive library of over 900 voices covering more than 145 languages and dialects.

How does work? is a powerful tool that employs speech synthesis technology to transform written text into audible speech. By leveraging advanced deep learning algorithms, analyzes extensive datasets of human speech, enabling it to generate remarkably natural-sounding voices that closely resemble human speech patterns. With, you can easily convert a range of written content such as blog posts or ebooks into audio format, facilitating easy sharing across multiple platforms. Moreover, offers the flexibility to customize various aspects of the audio output, including voice selection, language, speed, and tone, ensuring a tailored listening experience according to individual preferences.

What are the benefits of using offers several benefits to its users. One of the key advantages is its ability to save time and effort by swiftly converting written content into audio. This conversion process takes just a few minutes, allowing users to quickly access audio versions of their written materials. Additionally, provides a solution for reducing eye strain and fatigue. By offering the option to listen to content instead of reading it, users can give their eyes a break while still consuming the desired information.
Another benefit of is its focus on enhancing comprehension and retention. The platform utilizes natural-sounding voices that closely mimic human speech patterns, resulting in a more engaging and immersive audio experience. This approach has been shown to improve comprehension and aid in retaining information.
Furthermore, promotes accessibility and inclusivity by providing a wide range of voices. With over 900 voices available in more than 145 languages and dialects, the tool caters to diverse linguistic needs. This diversity ensures that individuals from various backgrounds can access and engage with the content in their preferred language. also serves as a valuable resource for content creators. It allows users to generate audio for commercial purposes, such as audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos, e-learning materials, and sales and social media content. By providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for creating audio content, supports content creators in reaching a broader audience and expanding their creative endeavors.
Lastly, integrates seamlessly with various platforms and devices. This feature enables users to conveniently access and share their audio creations from anywhere. The tool's compatibility across multiple platforms ensures a smooth user experience and facilitates easy distribution of audio content.
Overall, offers a range of benefits including time savings, reduced eye strain, improved comprehension, enhanced accessibility, commercial usability, and versatile integration.

How do I create a podcast with

To create a podcast using, you can follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the website and log in to your account. If you're new to, you can easily create an account.
2. Once you're logged in, navigate to the dashboard where you'll find the "Start a Podcast" button. Click on this button to begin the podcast creation process.
3. Provide essential information about your podcast, such as its name, description, and any other relevant details that will help listeners understand what your podcast is about.
4. After filling in the necessary details, click on the "Create Podcast" button to initiate the creation of your podcast.
5. At this point, your podcast has been successfully created, and you can start uploading your episodes. offers two options for generating audio content. You can either utilize their speech synthesis engine to transform your text into high-quality audio or upload pre-recorded audio files that you have already produced.
6. Once you have uploaded your podcast episodes, you may want to distribute your content to various podcast directories and platforms. To achieve this, you will need to generate an RSS feed URL using This feed URL acts as a syndication link that contains all your podcast episodes. You can then submit this URL to the desired podcast directories or platforms to make your podcast accessible to a wider audience.
By following these steps, you can easily create and publish your podcast using The platform provides a convenient solution for transforming your text-based content into audio and facilitates the distribution of your podcast across different platforms through the use of an RSS feed URL.

How much does cost? offers three pricing editions to accommodate different user needs. Each edition is priced differently, ranging from $19 to $99 per month. Additionally, provides a free trial option for users to explore the tool's capabilities. Here are the details of each pricing edition:

  • Free Edition:
       - This edition is available free of charge and can be used indefinitely.
       - Users on the Free Edition have a monthly limit of 1,000 words for text-to-audio conversion.
       - It allows for 20 downloads or exports of the generated audio files.
       - Users have 1GB of storage available for their content.
       - The Free Edition provides access to all 600+ voices offered by
       - However, audio embeds are not supported in this edition.
  • Individual Edition:
       - The Individual Edition is priced at $19 per month or $190 per year (annual billing).
       - Users on this edition have a higher monthly limit of 20,000 words for text-to-audio conversion.
       - There is no limit on the number of downloads or exports of audio files.
       - Users are allocated 25GB of storage space.
       - The Individual Edition provides access to the full range of 600+ voices available.
       - Audio embeds are supported without any restrictions.
  • Startup Edition:
       - The Startup Edition is priced at $39 per month or $390 per year (annual billing).
       - Users on this edition enjoy a monthly limit of 50,000 words for text-to-audio conversion.
       - Like the Individual Edition, there is no restriction on the number of downloads or exports.
       - Users are provided with 50GB of storage space.
       - The Startup Edition grants access to the complete selection of 600+ voices.
       - Audio embeds are fully supported without limitations.
  • Agency Edition:
       - The Agency Edition is the highest tier, priced at $99 per month or $990 per year (annual billing).
       - Users on this edition have a substantial monthly limit of 200,000 words for text-to-audio conversion.
       - There are no restrictions on the number of downloads or exports.
       - Users receive 200GB of storage space.
       - The Agency Edition includes access to the entire range of 600+ voices.
       - Audio embeds are fully supported without any constraints.

These pricing editions cater to a range of user requirements and budgets, allowing individuals, startups, and agencies to choose a plan that aligns with their specific needs.

Generate realistic AI voices in seconds with Listnr's text-to-speech technology. Choose from 600+ voices in 80+ languages. Export in MP3/WAV.

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