AI Podcast And Video Recording Tool

Revolutionize podcasting with RiversideFM's AI recording tool for exceptional studio quality. Record, edit, and share seamlessly.
AI Podcast And Video Recording Tool
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Riverside.fm revolutionizes the podcasting and video recording experience with its advanced AI podcast and video recording tool. Designed specifically for podcasters and media companies, it offers seamless remote interviews with exceptional studio quality. This comprehensive tool boasts features like local recording in stunning 4K video resolution and uncompressed, crystal clear audio, guaranteeing smooth recordings even in areas with limited internet connectivity. Moreover, Riverside.fm ensures recordings are never lost by continuously uploading files, automatically saving them in the event of computer crashes or reloads. With separate audio and video tracks for each participant, users gain complete control during post-production. The tool goes further by providing AI transcriptions with astonishing 99% accuracy, simplifying the search for highlights and quotes. By simply editing the text, the audio and video can also be modified, speeding up the post-production process. With the ability to create clips for social media, users can easily repurpose their content and expand their audience reach. Offering accessibility through browsers and mobile apps, supporting over 100 languages, and additional features like livestreaming, scheduling and inviting guests, audience link sharing, producer mode, control, and screen share recording, Riverside.fm is the all-in-one platform for podcasters and media companies to effortlessly record, edit, and share their high-quality conversations.

What is riverside.fm?

Riverside.fm is a versatile platform designed for remote podcast and video recording, offering professional studio-quality output. The platform is equipped with an AI-driven feature called ""magic clips,"" enabling users to transcribe, clip, and edit their content swiftly. A range of pricing options is available to cater to varying needs, alongside a free plan for entry-level users. User recordings and settings can be conveniently managed through the accessible dashboard. Notably, Riverside.fm has gained the trust of notable individuals and businesses, including Michelle Obama, Tim Ferriss, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook.

How does riverside.fm work?

To effectively utilize Riverside.fm, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Sign Up: Begin by creating an account on Riverside.fm. The platform offers a selection of pricing plans to cater to your specific requirements.
  • Schedule Session: Once registered, schedule a recording session involving your guests or co-hosts. This will generate a unique link that you can distribute among your participants.
  • Join Session: Access the recording session using the provided link. For laptops or desktops, you can use Chrome or Edge browsers. Alternatively, if you're using iPhones or Android devices, utilize the Riverside.fm app.
  • Recording: During the session, you and your participants will be able to see and hear each other, facilitating real-time interaction. Additionally, the platform offers features for chat and file sharing.
  • Completion and Download: Upon concluding the recording, you have the option to download the recording. Riverside.fm allows you to download the recorded content as individual tracks or as a unified video. Moreover, the magic clips feature, which is AI-driven, empowers you to edit your content as needed.

What is the cost of Riverside.fm?

Below are the key features and pricing details for each Riverside.fm plan:

  • Free Plan: This option provides an introductory experience of Riverside.fm, granting access to essential functionalities. With this plan, you can record an unlimited amount of single track audio and video content. However, for separate tracks, there's a limit of 2 hours in total. Video quality reaches up to 720p, and the audio quality stands at 44.1 kHz. Exported files carry a watermark, and there is limited storage space.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $15 per month (billed annually at $180), the Standard plan is tailored for creators seeking an elevated content production experience. It allows for recording unlimited separate track audio and video content, up to 5 hours monthly. Video quality is enhanced to a maximum of 1080p, and the audio quality remains at 44.1 or 48 kHz. Exported files are devoid of watermarks, and storage space is unlimited. This plan also unlocks screen sharing and live streaming capabilities.
  • Pro Plan: Geared towards proficient creators or those seeking advanced features, the Pro plan is priced at $24 per month (billed annually at $288). It offers extensive functionality. Users can record unlimited separate track audio and video content, with a monthly cap of 15 hours. Video quality is taken up a notch, supporting up to 4K resolution, while audio quality remains at 44.1 or 48 kHz. Exported files are watermark-free, and storage space is unlimited. In addition to the features available in the Standard plan, the Pro plan includes screen sharing, live streaming, live call-ins, transcriptions, second camera usage, and integration with Adobe Premiere.

These pricing plans are designed to cater to various user needs, offering a range of capabilities to accommodate both beginners and experienced creators.

What are the benefits of riverside.fm?

Riverside.fm presents numerous advantages for podcasters and video creators, encompassing the following key features:

  • High-Quality Recording: The platform ensures top-tier audio quality by capturing individual audio files for each participant in the session. These locally recorded files maintain an uncompressed, 24-bit/48KHz WAV format. The video recording quality is consistently 4K, regardless of network conditions.
  • Reliable Connection: Riverside.fm employs a stable connection mechanism, significantly minimizing the likelihood of disruptions or glitches during recording sessions. Additionally, the platform incorporates a fail-safe backup recording function that automatically safeguards your files in case of unexpected interruptions.
  • iOS App Integration: Riverside.fm has recently introduced an iOS app, allowing podcast recording with guests from virtually anywhere. While smartphone recording quality may not match studio levels, the availability of capable podcasting microphones for phones can enhance the experience.
  • Magic Clips: A noteworthy feature called 'Clips' has been integrated, facilitating the easy creation of concise, AI-assisted short-form clips. These clips can be tailored in size and style, effortlessly shared across various social media platforms.
  • Enhanced Features: Riverside.fm offers additional tools to elevate the podcasting and video production process. Features like screen sharing amplify interaction, while social live streaming to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn broadens reach. The built-in editor streamlines tasks such as transcription, clipping, and editing, all achievable within seconds.

These functionalities collectively contribute to Riverside.fm's appeal, making it an advantageous platform for content creators seeking to produce professional-quality podcasts and videos.

What are the limitations of riverside.fm?

Based on the information gathered from web search results, several limitations of riverside.fm have been identified:

  • Browser Compatibility: The platform exclusively functions with Chrome and Edge browsers on laptops or desktops. Mobile browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Edge are not supported, potentially restricting usage on certain devices.
  • Device and Internet Requirements: Utilizing riverside.fm necessitates a minimum of 5 GB of available space on the device and a dependable internet connection with an upload speed surpassing 5 Mbps. Meeting these prerequisites ensures smooth performance and recording quality.
  • Session Stream Limit: The tool imposes a cap of 8 streams per session, meaning that simultaneous recording can involve a maximum of 1 host and 7 guests. This limit might impact larger group collaborations.
  • Recording Duration and Tracks: The free plan permits separate track recordings for up to 2 hours. Beyond this duration, the recording is consolidated into a single track. This limitation might affect content organization and editing flexibility.
  • Watermark on Free Plan: On the free plan, recordings generated using riverside.fm are marked with a watermark. This watermark can only be removed by upgrading to a paid plan, potentially influencing the professional appearance of content.

These identified limitations provide crucial insights into the practical usage of riverside.fm, enabling users to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Revolutionize podcasting with RiversideFM's AI recording tool for exceptional studio quality. Record, edit, and share seamlessly.

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