AI Motion Capture Solution

Animate lifelike 3D animations effortlessly with DeepMotion's AI motion capture solution.
AI Motion Capture Solution
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Unleash your creativity with DeepMotion's Animate 3D - the leading AI motion capture solution. Accessible on any device with no suits or hardware required. Create lifelike 3D animations effortlessly, customizable and optimized using cutting-edge technology.

What is is a website offering AI-powered 3D animation solutions, allowing users to create animations from videos, text, or real-time body tracking. It caters to digital creators looking to add realism and expressiveness to their character animations. Notable features include Animate 3D, a web-based service for quick animation generation; MotionGPT, a text-to-animation beta service; and the Real-Time SDK for integrating real-time motion capture into applications. Founded in 2014 by Kevin He, a former senior research scientist at NVIDIA, aims to become the largest AI-generated animation platform for entertainment, social media, and the Metaverse, boasting partnerships with industry leaders like Epic Games, Unity, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and more.

How much does it cost to use

The cost structure of utilizing DeepMotion varies based on the selected plan and the specific features required. As detailed on the DeepMotion website, there are three distinct plans applicable to Animate 3D, the web-based service facilitating 3D animation creation from videos:

  • Freemium: This plan is available at no cost and does not necessitate credit card information. Under this plan, users can generate up to 60 seconds of animations monthly, primarily intended for personal and non-commercial usage.
  • Innovator: Priced at $17 per month when paid annually or $19 per month on a monthly basis, this plan extends the allowance to create up to 600 seconds of animations per month. Additionally, subscribers gain access to advanced functionalities, including face and hand tracking, physics simulation, and motion smoothing. The Innovator plan caters to hobbyists and indie developers seeking enhanced capabilities.
  • Professional: This plan, priced at $39 per month for annual payments or $49 per month for monthly subscriptions, offers unlimited animation creation per month. Subscribers also enjoy the highest job priority and the ability to edit animations using the Rotoscope Pose Editor. The Professional plan is tailored for professionals and studios requiring comprehensive features.

Regarding MotionGPT, the service for converting text into animations, access is available through free sign-up. For the Real-Time SDK, facilitating real-time body tracking through a software development kit, interested parties are encouraged to initiate contact with the sales team for further details and access arrangements.

What are the benefits of offers a range of notable benefits:

  • Rapid 3D Animation Creation: This platform enables the swift generation of 3D animations from any video, directly through a web browser. The process is efficient and does not demand costly hardware or software, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • Diverse Product Portfolio: presents four distinct products tailored to diverse animation needs. These include Animate 3D, Real-Time Body Tracking, Virtual Reality Tracking, and Motion Brain, catering to a variety of creative and technical requirements.
  • Generative AI Animation: leverages Generative AI technology to seamlessly convert text descriptions into dynamic animations. MotionGPT, a beta service, exemplifies this capability and is currently open for sign-ups.
  • Real-Time Motion Capture: The platform facilitates the integration of real-time AI motion capture and body tracking into applications through the Real-Time SDK. This software development kit is adaptable to various platforms and engines, enhancing interactive experiences.
  • Strong Industry Backing: Backed by industry veterans and prominent companies such as NVIDIA, Epic Games, Unity, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and others, benefits from a robust network of support and collaboration.
  • Versatile Application: finds relevance across a spectrum of industries, including 3D animation, virtual reality, digital character creation, entertainment, social media, and the emerging Metaverse. Its versatility accommodates diverse creative and professional pursuits.

What are the limitations of has certain limitations to consider:

  • Account Plan Restrictions: The length and file size of input motion clips are constrained by the chosen account plan. For instance, the freemium plan permits only up to 60 seconds of animations per month, with a single video file upload limit of 20 seconds.
  • Input Quality Impact: The quality of the generated animations is contingent upon the quality of the input video. Factors such as lighting conditions, camera angles, occlusions, and background elements can influence the accuracy and realism of motion capture results.
  • Face and Hand Tracking Challenges: The face and hand tracking features are still in beta and may not perform optimally for all videos or character types. Face tracking necessitates a clear frontal view of the face, while hand tracking requires a clear view of the fingers, which can pose limitations.
  • Physics Simulation Limitations: The physics simulation feature is unavailable for custom characters and may introduce artifacts or glitches in animations. Users can mitigate these issues using the physics filter, which reinforces joint limits and helps prevent unnatural poses.
  • MotionGPT Beta: MotionGPT, the text-to-animation service, is in beta and requires sign-up for access. It may not always precisely match the text input, and there could be limitations concerning vocabulary, grammar, and style in the generated animations.
  • Real-Time SDK Access: The Real-Time SDK is not publicly accessible and necessitates reaching out to the sales team for access. Its performance and compatibility may vary depending on the specific device and platform being used.

How to get started with

To initiate your journey with, adhere to the following steps:

  • Account Creation: Begin by creating a free account on the DeepMotion website. Optionally, you can register for the MotionGPT beta service, which empowers you to generate animations from text inputs.
  • Video Recording: Capture a video containing the specific motion you wish to replicate. Ensuring that your video adheres to recommended capture guidelines is essential for optimal results. DeepMotion also offers a complimentary animation starter package, comprising a collection of video reference files that can be transformed into 3D animations.
  • Upload to Animate 3D: Utilize the Animate 3D cloud service to upload your recorded video. Here, you have the flexibility to choose from various output formats, including FBX, BVH, GLB, and MP4. Customization options abound, allowing you to select your own custom characters or utilize the platform's built-in character creators. Additionally, you can fine-tune settings for advanced features like face and hand tracking, physics simulation, foot locking, and motion smoothing.
  • Result Retrieval: Download your generated animation, and savor the outcome. For those seeking further refinement, the Rotoscope Pose Editor facilitates motion tracing directly over the input video, enabling you to tailor your animation to perfection.
  • Documentation and Tutorials: To delve deeper into the intricacies of DeepMotion's products, consult the documentation and tutorials provided. These resources offer comprehensive instructions and valuable tips to enhance your experience.
  • Real-Time SDK Inquiry: If you aspire to integrate real-time AI motion capture and body tracking into your applications, consider reaching out to the sales team for information and access to the Real-Time SDK, expanding the scope of your creative possibilities.
Animate lifelike 3D animations effortlessly with DeepMotion's AI motion capture solution.

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