AI Meeting Transcription Tool

Noty Workplace AI Assistant saves up to 1 hour per call on meeting routines such as note-taking, follow-ups, tasks, and call summarization.
AI Meeting Transcription Tool
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AI-powered meeting transcription software for Google Meet and Zoom. Stay engaged in conversations while takes care of transcription, note-taking, and follow-up drafting. Try it now!

What is is a workplace AI assistant designed to enhance productivity by expediting task completion. The tool facilitates the creation, tracking, and management of work-related to-dos, streamlines meeting notes through automation, enables one-click generation of email follow-ups, and provides AI-generated summaries and action items. Compatible with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, Slack, and Zapier, is utilized by a user base exceeding 30,000 individuals and has garnered favorable reviews from numerous professionals.

How much does it cost? offers diverse pricing plans tailored to meet varying user needs and preferences. The available plans are:

  1. Free Plan:
    • Suited for individuals and occasional meetings.
    • Allows transcription and summarization of up to 20 meetings per month in 20 languages.
    • Enables the creation of to-do lists and summaries.
    • Provides access to your data for 60 days.
    • This plan is offered free of charge.
  2. Pro Plan:
    • Ideal for busy individuals and small teams.
    • Permits transcription and summarization of up to 80 meetings per month in 20 languages.
    • Facilitates the creation of collaborative to-dos.
    • Allows data export to Google Docs and PDF.
    • Grants access to AI follow-ups from both the platform and Gmail.
    • Priced at $10.00 USD per user per year or $14.99 USD per user per month.
  3. Business Plan:
    • Tailored for teams and enterprise requirements.
    • Offers unlimited transcription and summarization of meetings in 20 languages.
    • Provides the ability to create unlimited private and collaborative folders.
    • Includes advanced security and compliance controls.
    • Allows customization of languages and models.
    • The pricing for this plan is customized, and interested users can request a quote by booking a demo.

What are some features of encompasses a range of features designed to enhance meeting efficiency and collaboration:

  1. Real-time Transcription:
    • Record and transcribe meetings in 20 languages.
    • Access transcriptions conveniently from the dashboard or email.
  2. AI Summaries:
    • Generate concise summaries of meetings, highlighting key points, decisions, and action items.
  3. AI Follow-ups:
    • Automatically extract and track follow-up actions from meetings.
    • Send follow-ups to your email or preferred platform.
  4. AI To-Do Lists:
    • Create and update to-do lists based on meeting discussions.
    • Assign tasks to yourself or team members.
  5. Collaboration Tools:
    • Share meeting notes, summaries, and to-dos with your team.
    • Collaborate on documents in real-time.
  6. Integration with Various Platforms:
    • Seamless integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, Slack, Zapier, and more.
      To explore these features further, you can visit the website or refer to user reviews for additional insights.

Can I use for personal tasks?

Certainly, extends its utility beyond professional tasks to encompass personal activities as well. Users can leverage to:

  1. Organize Daily Activities:
    • Efficiently manage and organize personal daily tasks.
  2. Manage Personal Projects:
    • Facilitate the organization and tracking of personal projects.
  3. Track Personal Goals:
    • Utilize's features to keep track of and work towards personal goals.
  4. To-Do Lists for Personal Tasks:
    • Employ's to-do lists to enhance the efficiency of personal tasks.
  5. AI Summaries for Personal Use:
    • Generate AI summaries to distill key information from personal discussions or activities.
  6. AI Follow-ups for Personal Efficiency:
    • Automate the extraction and tracking of follow-up actions for personal tasks.
  7. Integration with Personal Platforms:
    • Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Gmail, Slack, and Zapier for a unified experience.

How can I manage personal projects with Noty?

To maximize personal efficiency using, consider implementing the following strategies and features:

  1. Organize Daily Tasks:
    • Utilize's to-do lists to organize and prioritize daily tasks.
    • Categorize tasks based on urgency and importance to enhance task management.
  2. Set and Track Personal Goals:
    • Leverage to set and track personal goals.
    • Create action items and follow-ups to ensure progress towards your objectives.
  3. Automate Follow-ups for Personal Tasks:
    • Enable AI follow-ups to automatically extract and track follow-up actions for personal tasks.
    • Receive reminders and notifications to stay on top of commitments.
  4. Generate AI Summaries for Personal Discussions:
    • Use the AI summaries feature to distill key points from personal discussions or meetings.
    • Save time by quickly reviewing summarized information rather than revisiting entire conversations.
  5. Collaborate with Others:
    • Share meeting notes, summaries, or to-do lists with family members or friends.
    • Collaborate in real-time on personal projects or shared activities.
  6. Integrate with Personal Platforms:
    • Integrate with personal communication platforms like Gmail, Slack, or Zapier.
    • Ensure a seamless workflow by centralizing personal tasks and information in one location.
  7. Customize for Personal Preferences:
    • Customize according to personal preferences and workflow.
    • Adjust language models, categories, and security controls to align with individual needs.
  8. Utilize Transcription for Personal Conversations:
    • Record and transcribe personal conversations or brainstorming sessions.
    • Easily refer back to transcriptions to capture important details.
Noty Workplace AI Assistant saves up to 1 hour per call on meeting routines such as note-taking, follow-ups, tasks, and call summarization.

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