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Create karaoke tracks or instrumentals in seconds with our AI-powered Vocal Remover. Remove AI Vocal Remover.
Remove AI Vocal Remover
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Remove vocals from any music track with Vocal Remover. Create backing tracks or karaoke by leaving only the background music. Easily remove vocals from your favorite song in just 1 minute using our machine learning algorithm.

What is vocalremover.com?

Vocalremover.com is an online platform that provides a service specializing in the removal of vocals from songs. This service leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to effectively separate vocals from instrumental elements in music tracks. Upon using the service, users are presented with two distinct output options: a karaoke version of the song, which contains no vocals, and an acapella version, which exclusively features the isolated vocals. Users have the flexibility to either upload their own songs for processing or select from a pre-existing library of songs available on the website.

How much does vocalremover.com cost?

The pricing structure for vocalremover.com is based on the number of songs you intend to process and your preferred sound quality. There are three distinct plans available:

  • Small Plan:
      - Price: $7.99
      - Allows processing of 3 songs
      - Features lossless sound quality
      - Offers ultra-fast conversion
      - Cost per song: $2.66
  • Regular Plan:
      - Price: $19.99
      - Permits processing of 10 songs
      - Provides lossless sound quality
      - Includes ultra-fast conversion
      - Cost per song: $1.99
  • Premium Plan:
      - Price: $59.99
      - Enables processing of 50 songs
      - Delivers lossless sound quality
      - Ensures ultra-fast conversion
      - Cost per song: $1.19

It's important to note that all these plans are one-time payments and do not involve subscription commitments. Additionally, they come with the benefit of instant customer support. Users also have the option to apply coupon codes to receive discounts on their purchases. Payment methods accepted include credit cards and PayPal.

What are the benefits of vocalremover.com?

Vocalremover.com offers several notable advantages:

  • Advanced Technology: The platform utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to swiftly generate high-quality outcomes.
  • Cloud-Based Processing: Users are not required to install any software since the service processes files in the cloud, enhancing convenience.
  • Flexible Pricing: Vocalremover.com caters to diverse needs with its range of pricing plans, starting at $7.99 for 3 songs and extending to $59.99 for 50 songs.
  • Dual Output: It furnishes users with both instrumental and vocal tracks, which can be easily downloaded or shared with others.
  • Audio Format Support: The service is compatible with various audio formats, including mp3, flac, and wav, ensuring versatility in file handling.

How does vocalremover.com remove vocals?

As per vocalremover.com's official website, the platform employs artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to effectively eliminate vocals from a wide array of songs. The process involves uploading the chosen song to their server, where a machine learning algorithm takes charge of dissecting the vocals from the instrumental elements. This algorithm has undergone training using a substantial dataset comprising songs spanning diverse genres, languages, and vocal styles. Through this training, it has acquired the ability to discern and separate vocal frequencies from musical frequencies.

The website asserts that their algorithm is distinguished as one of the premier vocal removers available online, touting its capability to generate top-notch karaoke and acapella versions for virtually any song.

What are the limitations of vocalremover.com?

Vocalremover.com does come with certain limitations to consider:

  • Limited Audio Formats: The platform is compatible with a restricted set of audio formats, namely mp3, flac, and wav.
  • Free Version Constraints: The free version imposes restrictions, such as a file size limit of 50 MB and a maximum duration of 10 minutes for processed songs.
  • Variable Vocal Removal: While vocalremover.com strives to remove vocals effectively, it does not guarantee complete vocal removal from every song, implying that results may vary.
  • Internet Connection and Subscription: Utilizing the service requires both an internet connection and a subscription, indicating that it is not entirely accessible without an active internet connection or paid membership."

Create karaoke tracks or instrumentals in seconds with our AI-powered Vocal Remover. Remove AI Vocal Remover.

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