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Intellimize: Revolutionize your conversions with the ultimate AI Website Optimization Tool.
AI Website Optimization Tool
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Intellimize is the ultimate AI website optimization tool, designed to revolutionize the way marketers convert traffic. It offers a wide array of features, including AI-driven optimization, A/B testing, rules-based personalization, and unparalleled 1:1 personalized experiences for every visitor. With Intellimize, marketers can quickly bring new ideas to life, receive invaluable copy suggestions, and continually iterate on their campaigns. The tool delivers measurable results, allowing for faster experimentation, 100% personalization for both known and anonymous visitors, and impressive improvements in website goals. In addition, Intellimize provides a dedicated customer success team, unparalleled support via Slack, email, and phone, as well as guided onboarding and professional services. Leading brands have praised the tool's effectiveness in delivering significant lifts in key metrics such as new account sign-ups and digital transactions. Ultimately, Intellimize empowers marketers to optimize their websites and provide personalized experiences that drive higher conversions.

What is represents Intellimize, a firm providing an AI-powered website personalization and conversion rate optimization platform. Intellimize aids marketers in crafting and assessing diverse website versions tailored to various audiences and objectives, thereby delivering personalized encounters to each visitor. The company asserts its capability to attain superior outcomes swiftly compared to traditional methods, citing successful collaborations with prominent brands like Drift, Mercari, and Dermalogica to bolster conversions.

How does work?

Intellimize operates as an AI-driven website personalization and conversion rate optimization platform, empowering marketers to enhance traffic conversion. Its toolset comprises:

  1. A/B Testing: Facilitates unlimited variations and expedites results with Generative AI, which suggests copy during writer's block episodes. Playbooks streamline iteration on fresh ideas.

  2. Rules-based Personalization: Enables 1:1 personalization by dynamically displaying unique website versions to each visitor, powered by AI Optimize. No first or third-party data is necessary.

  3. Continuous Conversion™ Technology: Offers clear insights into experiment impact across segments, showcasing conversion results directly within the Google Analytics dashboard.

Intellimize asserts superior speed and efficacy compared to conventional solutions, citing collaborations with renowned brands like Drift, Mercari, and Dermalogica to boost conversions. For those interested in observing its functionality, demos and testimonials are available for review.

How does protect user data?

Intellimize prioritizes user data protection and compliance with privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The company offers a technology platform aimed at enhancing website relevance and productivity for both consumer and business visitors. Through its technology service, Intellimize empowers customers to manage their digital data in accordance with their own privacy policies.

Personal information concerning current, prospective, and former customers, users, visitors, and guests is collected by Intellimize and utilized for purposes such as service provision, product enhancement, research, and communication.

Intellimize upholds information security standards aligned with globally recognized protocols, encompassing stringent access controls, encryption measures, and secure coding standards. The company also maintains Privacy Shield compliance and has undergone AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 third-party attestation, focusing on trust services criteria related to security, availability, and confidentiality.

For comprehensive details regarding their data privacy policies and practices, individuals can refer to Intellimize's privacy and security pages.

How much does cost? presents diverse pricing plans tailored to varied needs and objectives. As outlined on their website:

  1. Starter Plan: Priced at $416.66 per month, this plan encompasses 1 seat, accommodates up to 500K annual page views, offers unlimited goals, supports up to 5 experiences concurrently, and adheres to standard terms of service.

  2. Standard Plan: Available at $2,000 per month, the Standard plan extends the offerings of the Starter plan by including an additional seat, accommodating up to 5M annual page views, and offering unlimited experiences.

  3. Plus Plan: Priced at $2,900 monthly, the Plus plan enhances the features of the Standard plan by adding 4 more seats, supporting up to 10M annual page views, offering custom events, offline conversion events, and behavioral targeting.

  4. Premium Plan: This plan is customized and offers unlimited seats, unlimited page views, custom attribute targeting, coded audiences, the provision of an assigned or dedicated customer success manager, access to the AI Content Studio, and single sign-on functionality.

For further details regarding their pricing, individuals can refer to additional sources.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to users:

  1. Unlimited Variations: Users can run unlimited variations and achieve results more rapidly compared to traditional solutions.

  2. 1:1 Personalization: Intellimize provides personalized experiences to every visitor, irrespective of their data or device.

  3. Seamless Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with existing analytics, CRM, and marketing tools, enhancing operational efficiency.

  4. Dedicated Customer Support: Intellimize offers a dedicated customer success team and professional services to assist users in achieving their goals effectively.

  5. Data Protection and Privacy Compliance: Intellimize prioritizes user data protection and complies with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring user privacy and regulatory adherence.

Intellimize: Revolutionize your conversions with the ultimate AI Website Optimization Tool.

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