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B12's AI website builder: Attract leads, win business, serve clients online. Build your free site today.
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B12's AI website builder is the all-in-one platform for professional services. Attract leads, win business, serve clients online. Build your free site today.

What is b12.io?

B12.io is an online platform designed to assist professional service providers in creating and managing their own websites. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to generate a preliminary website based on the user's specific industry and preferences. It goes further by providing a team of experts who can customize and launch the website according to the user's needs.

In addition to website creation and management, B12.io offers a range of tools aimed at helping users attract, win, and serve clients in the online sphere. These tools encompass features like contact forms, appointment scheduling, email marketing, invoicing, and online payment processing.

B12.io positions itself as a unique solution in the field, claiming to be the sole all-in-one AI website builder tailored to the needs of professional service providers. To obtain more information about B12.io, users can visit the company's official website, log in to their account, or explore the platform through the free website builder and editor provided.

How much does b12.io cost?

Based on information obtained from web search results, B12.io provides a range of pricing options for its services. They offer a free plan, while their paid packages commence at $49.00 per month on a month-to-month basis or $42.00 per month when billed annually.

The paid plans encompass a variety of features and services designed to cater to user needs, including do-it-for-you setup, contact management, email marketing tools, contract creation with eSignatures, invoicing capabilities, and online payment processing, among other offerings.

For a comprehensive view of their available packages and associated pricing details, you can refer to their complete list, which can be found on their website.

What are the benefits of b12.io?

B12.io is a website builder aimed at professional service providers, offering a suite of advantages as follows:

  • AI-Powered Website Creation: B12.io employs artificial intelligence to automatically generate a preliminary website that caters to the specific industry and preferences of the user.
  • Expert Support: The platform assigns a dedicated team of experts to assist users in customizing and launching their websites, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.
  • Client Engagement Tools: B12.io equips users with a set of tools designed to help them attract, engage, and serve clients online. These tools encompass features such as contact forms, appointment scheduling, marketing automation, contact management, email marketing, contract generation, invoicing, and online payment processing.
  • Professional Online Presence: The platform aids users in establishing a credible and professional online presence by offering custom domain integration, email forwarding, branded templates, and industry-relevant imagery.

To explore B12.io, individuals can take advantage of the opportunity to create a free website without the need for a credit card. Additionally, they can familiarize themselves with the platform's website templates and editor to gain a better understanding of how it functions.

Can I use my own domain with B12.io?

Certainly, B12.io offers the option to use your own custom domain, and there are three methods to accomplish this:

  • Connect an Existing Custom Domain: If you already possess a custom domain, you can easily connect it to your B12 website by following the provided instructions.
  • Purchase a Custom Domain: Alternatively, you have the choice to purchase a custom domain from a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Google Domains. After acquiring the domain, you can connect it to your B12 website using the same set of instructions as mentioned earlier.
  • B12 Assisted Domain Purchase: As part of your B12 subscription, you are entitled to one custom domain*. To facilitate this, you can search for available domains on platforms like GoDaddy and then reach out to B12.io via email at hello@b12.io. They will assist in purchasing the domain on your behalf and connecting it to your website.

Utilizing a custom domain is an effective way to establish a professional and trustworthy online presence for your business.

What are the limitations of b12.io?

B12.io has several noteworthy limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limited Mobile Editing: Users cannot edit their websites using a phone or tablet; access to the B12 Editor is restricted to laptops or desktop computers.
  • No Plan Downgrading: Once a user upgrades their subscription plan, they cannot subsequently downgrade it. For example, if you opt for the Advanced or Professional plan, you cannot revert to the Starter or Basic plan.
  • Website Access Linked to Subscription: B12.io exclusively hosts websites for customers with an active subscription. If a user cancels their subscription, their website will be taken offline, and access to the website editor will be forfeited.
  • Email Hosting Restrictions: B12.io does not support the use of custom email hosting services. Instead, it offers email forwarding, which necessitates having another email account for sending and receiving emails from a custom domain.

These limitations should be considered when evaluating the suitability of B12.io for your specific needs and preferences.

B12's AI website builder: Attract leads, win business, serve clients online. Build your free site today.

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